SOLO-US Press Release: "What's Happened to Americans?"

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SOLO-US Press Release: What's Happened to Americans?
SOLO - US 10/12/2007

"Out of humanity's totalitarian cesspool of absolute monarchy and the 'divine right of kings,' a vicious hangover from the aptly titled 'Dark Ages,' came the birth of a nation based largely on the philosophy of John Locke," says SOLO-US Coordinator Michael Vardoulis. "Locke's radical philosophy gave the notion of sovereignty, once confined to royal families, to individuals. Thomas Jefferson and Thomas Paine in particular gave solidification to Locke's philosophy as the United States of America fought its way into existence, establishing the primacy of the individual even as the country was taking its first steps. Thomas Paine writes in a letter to Thomas Jefferson from 1789, 'Suppose 20 persons, strangers to each other, to meet in a country not before inhabited, each would be a Sovereign in his own natural right.' The very thought of an individual being a 'Sovereign' was revolutionary in that day, and all but forgotten today."

"Frederick Douglass, William Lloyd Garrison and the Abolitionists took the Lockian concept of individual sovereignty to the essential inclusion of former slaves," Vardoulis continues. "With the suffragist movement expanding individual sovereignty to include the women of the United States, the 'land of the free' was appearing to live up to its title, in spite of areas of government-supported institutional racism. The ideas Paine and Jefferson believed in so passionately and unconditionally at one time still seemed to be alive and even expanding in America. In Atlas Shrugged, published 50 years ago today, Ayn Rand took the concept of rights a significant step further, grounding it in man's nature rather than a 'Creator.'

"The 'average American,' however, as best as I can tell today," adds Vardoulis, "is owned by his government in almost every way that matters, and whatever 'Sovereignty' she enjoys is only at the range-of-the-moment whim of his political leadership. Individual Sovereignty is surrendered to an army of monstrous hydras rising up from their own slimy ooze of local, state and national governmental 'alphabet' agencies, simultaneously sucking the life from each and every 'subject' in their multiple-headed guises. The individual has been systematically eliminated by the successive power grabs and favor trades from the Oval Office all the way down.

"I can only hope my fellow-Americans are today reaching some kind of 'boiling point' wherein we rediscover our value as Sovereign Individuals, and reclaim our natural (and peaceful) rights which existed prior to any government bestowing them upon us!" insists Vardoulis. "Thomas Paine began his 'American Crisis' with the sentence, 'These are the times that try men's souls,' and that applies as much today as it did in 1776. May we Americans be tried, therefore, and NOT found wanting!"


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