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Submitted by Elijah Lineberry on Sat, 2007-10-13 23:54

One of the oddities of British Politics is the amount of coverage and credibility given to Parties and Politicians of no consequence.

This has led to the seemingly astonishing non-events of:

1. Jeremy Thorpe never became Prime Minister
2. Nor did David Steel, Roy Jenkins, David Owen, Jo Grimond, Paddy Ashdown, Charles Kennedy, Aneurin Bevan or Tony Benn
3. The last Liberal Government ended in 1915
4. They have not won an election since 1910
5. UKIP has no MPs
6. UKIP has no candidates who have not lost their deposits
7. George Galloway is a non entity
8. Respect is not even a party, as such
9. (you get the general idea)

All of the above, along with a myriad of other trivia over the decades, has been met with utter incomprehension by the media, and some minor biographers and historians.

The latest in a long, long line of this bizarre nonsense is the resignation as 'Welsh' Liberal Democrat leader, of a chap called Lembit Opik (yes, that really is his name).

Opik has the interesting distinction of representing a Constituency, Montgomeryshire, which has elected MPs from his party since at least 1784 (!) with only a single exception!
Even in the 1950s when the Liberals were in danger of disappearing altogether, the voters of Montgomeryshire loyally supported them!

Anyway, despite the Liberal Democrats being the Fourth party in Wales in terms of votes, with almost no support at all in Southern Wales outside of Cardiff, it is somehow considered important news to know that:

1. The Liberal Democrats have a Welsh Leader
2. He has resigned
3. They will get a new leader in Wales

This really does fit into the 'Who Cares?' category and I would have thought the BBC had better things to report...like...ummmm...details of the coming Landslide election victory by Gordon Copeland Eye

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ha..gosh, it has been a funny old day, hasn't it? Sticking out tongue

The Liberal Democrat leader, Menzies Campbell has resigned! Sticking out tongue

He is another non-entity who has dragged his party down to various depths in the last year and a half, and will not be missed.

(No doubt the media, minor biographers and historians will be scratching their heads wondering why he was never UK Prime Minister) Eye

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