SOLO-NZ Press Release: Terrorism in NZ Comes from the Top

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Submitted by Lindsay Perigo on Mon, 2007-10-15 04:46

The arrest of members of pseudo-Mordi Sovereignty cells, green groups and "peace" activists for their participation in terrorist training camps in isolated areas of New Zealand's Bay of Plenty should surprise no one, says SOLO (Sense of Life) Principal Lindsay Perigo.

"Especially when Annette 'I jumped for joy after 9/11' Sykes comes out in their defence. We've long known these types had the destruction of western freedoms in their sights.

"The police are to be congratulated on doing their job for once, instead of persecuting marijuana smokers and those who defend themselves from murderous crims.

"My question for Prime Minister Helen Clark is this: what is the difference between what these terrorist-scum aspire to and what you are endorsing when you allow Red Chinese warships to berth here (and New Zealand warships to berth at People's Liberation Army wharves in Red China) and forbid American warships to do so?

"Worse, our frigate Te Kaha is scheduled to engage in a joint exercise with the Red Chinese navy. This at a time when Red China's sponsorship of the disgusting tyranny in Burma has been exposed for the world to see. Are you any less treacherous than Tame Iti, Prime Minister?

"The thwarting of Tame Iti and the other wannabe terrorists is to be applauded. The complicity of New Zealand politicians and media in endorsing Iti's philosophical premises should also be exposed and denounced."

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am with the Solicitor General on this one.

The key legal point is around what is required to be proven in order to secure a guilty verdict.

The grounds, under NZ law, for 'Terrorism' to exist are fairly narrow...(to cut a long story short)...the Crown would need to prove that Tuhoe was an 'ideology'.

To give an analogy, if you are found in possession of flour, eggs, butter, milk, a bowl, a wooden spoon and an oven NZ law requires you to prove the person intended to bake a cake. Simple as that..a cake, nothing else.

Their defence could be they intended to make pikelets or scones...and a Jury must take that possibility into account.

It is a case of badly drafted law and insufficient debate in Parliament, in the heat of the World Trade Center (sic) bombings.

Wouldn't you know?

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The Solicitor-General says charges cannot be brought under the Suppression of Terrorism Act. The media and the wannabe terrorists are having an orgy of "We was wronged" hurt feelings and the like. Because communications leading to the raid were intercepted under warrants obtained under the STA, the public will apparently now never see them. Bollocks to that! Meanwhile, what the media are overlooking is that the reason charges cannot be laid, according to the S-G, is that the Act is "incoherent," not that the wannabe terrorists aren't wannabe terrorists. Why is this part of the S-G's comments not being highlighted?:

"I wish also to stress that the police have successfully brought to an end what were very disturbing activities. That the police did so without a single shot being fired, injury or loss of life, is a tremendous reflection on the professionalism and integrity of the New Zealand police."


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credit where it is due...(which I always do)...that son of Mr Iti...ummmmmm...(who I guess is also called Mr Iti) Shocked...came across rather well on Sainsbury's show.

The chap made some valid points, and was very well spoken and intelligent.

I take his point that the Lockett fellow (and 100001 other people) ponce about claiming to be 'friends' of Mr Iti.

I have experienced similar situations where someone I am supposed to know Puzzled taps me on the shoulder to recount some vaguely recalled wild night on the town...(which lasted 3 days)...event from my "Nostalgia File" and has been claiming to be bosom buddies with me..and out of politeness my response is:

Elijah: "Oh! John! lovely to see you again, I have missed you so much, where have you been hiding?"
John: "Bob"
Elijah: "ummmmmm...Bob! riiiight, yes, of course, lovely to see you again, I have missed you, where have you been hiding?"


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see Mark Sainsbury is going to have "an exclusive interview" with the family of Tame Iti in about 35 minutes time.

Mr Sainsbury is going to ask them the shocking question "Is Tame Iti a terrorist?"

They are going to give the surprising answer of "No" Sticking out tongue

Mr Sainsbury is going to sum up with a "there you have it New Zealand, he is innocent" Sticking out tongue

(gosh, I am so omnipresent I can write the news!) Shocked Eye


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deposit losing candidate for Mayor of Manukau, Willie Jackass was just on the 'Good Morning' show supporting his terrorist mate, criticising the Constabulary.

Thank goodness this idiot lost last Saturday!

He seems to think that "terrorising the local community" (which did not happen) whilst arresting Mr Iti is bad but not arresting Mr Iti, letting events take their course to the conclusion of death and terrorising of White people, is good!

Te Qaeda

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Well its obvious Klark wouldn't want to be upsetting the Mordi's or the Greens. This must be serious.


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must confess...*blushes*...despite various posts I have made on here in the last 36 hours...I would be more inclined to anger and 'proactivity' if it was to be 'Anti-Communist' against the evil Chinese, rather than 'Anti-Maori Terrorist Fascist In Cahoots with Mu-slime' ...(as the grief you get for criticising Maori ratbags is almost not worth it)

Ha, yes I thought you meant

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Ha, yes I thought you meant Clark and Hu Jintao...


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I see what you mean, Lindsay...sorry...I thought you were talking about the NZ and Chinese Navy.

Yes, I hope the events of yesterday will wake a few people up, and, interestingly, the media abroad (especially the UK) are more outraged then the socialist "let's support Tame Iti" Media here at home! Shocked ...(traitors)


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... anecdotal stuff about Mordi teaming up with Islamofascists. My point is, we need folk as committed as they. UINs are ... well, useless. "If you're not part of the solution, you ARE the problem."

What do you know?

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"...what's about to be revealed about what was being planned..."

You know something we don't?

BTW, Dilettantes

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For all the kiwi libz and Oists who've distinguished themselves by their inertia and cowardly silence in recent times, I hope what's about to be revealed about what was being planned by this coalition of fascists will jolt your empty heads out of the sand. And put paid to Hsiekovian Saddamy once and for all. UINs!


(That's a Linzism from libertyloop days meaning Useless, Inert Nothings!)

My god she really is a man!

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My god she really is a man! Before:
< img src="">

< img src="">

Helen 'I Love Totalitarian Asshats' Clark

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< img src="">

Look at the size of that grin on her face... and I just noticed, she really does have man-sized hands.

There've been ...

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... a destroyer and a tanker here in Wgtn these past few days.

Bravo Lindsay

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I was not aware of that our government allowed Chinese WARSHIPS to berth at our ports!!!!

She gloats about her close association with China during an interview on Al Jazeera.


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come on...White Supremacist...that is just being silly.

This incident shows a number of things...

1. We should have a right to bear arms
2. Some people have been 'appeased' too much, and they are out of control
3. The media traitors ..(like Mark Sainsbury is about to show as I write this)...are 'sympathetic' to the arrested.

The arrested are of "mixed

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The arrested are of "mixed ethnicity" Elijah. It apparently includes Eco-Fascists as well according to early reports.


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This is not a white/black issue, and SOLO is not a White Supremacist web site.


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is just disgusting!

These people are out of control! Shocked

What kind of a World are we living in when extremist Communist Maoris are running around the Bay of Plenty planning terrorist activities against White people?!?!

What is even worse is that decent law abiding White people are unable to have weapons to protect themselves! ...(and any suggestion that we should will be greeted with howls of 'racist' by the gullible)

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