SOLO-NZ Press Release: “The Price of Liberty Is Eternal Vigilance”

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Submitted by Lance on Tue, 2007-10-16 00:48

SOLO-NZ Press Release: “The Price of Liberty Is Eternal Vigilance”

October 16, 2007

The recent arrests, seizures of semi-automatic weapons, napalm bombs and the reports of 'Al-Qaeda style' training camps, reinforce the old adage that the price of liberty is eternal vigilance, says SOLO spokesman Lance Davey.

“This vigilance must not only encompass the need to be wary of gun-toting lunatics, 'peace activists', enviro-fascists and racist brown supremacists. While keeping an eye on those, we must not let our attention be drawn away from Fascism-Central, the New Zealand parliament.

“That the state has arrested the 'bad guys' does not instantly make them the 'good guys'. It is inevitable that the democratically-elected fascists will capitalise on these events to push for laws that would otherwise never be able to pass muster. We must not lose our heads, and we must not allow agenda-driven MPs to manipulate the masses into supporting anti-freedom legislation.

“New Zealand First MP Ron Mark has already raised the idea of abolishing the right to freedom of association. More calls for more state oppression of individual liberty will follow. People should not allow fear to cloud their judgment.

“Whatever Tame Iti and his ilk were planning and training for was not peaceful protest. The nature of the groups involved—communist, eco-terrorist, brown supremacist, Islamo-fascist—and the reported weapons seizures puts paid to any idea of lawful protest. Groups such as those are fighting for one freedom only, the freedom to oppress others at the point of a gun. These self-described “freedom fighters” are fighters of freedom, not for it. They are enemies of individual liberty. But the enemy of my enemy is not necessarily my friend. This is still Nanny State that we are dealing with here, and she is still, for the most part, an evil old bitch.”

Lance Davey
06 3554398

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Ha, Matty!

Lindsay Perigo's picture

I may hold you to that? Smiling

If this be the price of liberty...

Matty Orchard's picture

Pony up!

Give me liberty or give me death

Lance's picture

Talk about derailing a thread! Hommersekshual waiters, boarding school "romps", sex, drugs and steak & kidney pie!
If this be the price of liberty...


Lindsay Perigo's picture

That makes more sense. My observation, which I reiterated here on some thread or other, is that today's youngsters are so uptight they make the Victorians seems like sluts. (Which they were, but that's another story Smiling)

My love to Diego. Smiling


Elijah Lineberry's picture

was saying that every pupil during 1989 was pissed, stoned and shagging.

Gosh Sticking out tongue ..those were the days!

On the Waiter front, you should pop up to Auckland and go to Circus restaurant in Mt Eden.
The cute Waiter is called Diego, from Brazil (!) very friendly...and he is popping over in about half an hour Eye

Ha, Grace!

Lindsay Perigo's picture

I always test them first. Smiling


Grace's picture

As long as it is not a delicious weakness for fatal waiters.


Lindsay Perigo's picture

If you're saying every pupil post-1989 was drunk, stoned and having threesomes every night, I'm reassured. Smiling My fears about the "Cromwellians" having taken over must be ill-founded. Smiling

(Gawd, I'll get denounced as a whim-worshipper for sure! Smiling)

As for employing a chef—if I'm dining in and alone, I like nothing better than to improvise in the kitchen. I never use recipes. But I wouldn't dream of inflicting my concoctions on anyone else. When having company, we go out!! Smiling Besides, I have a fatal but delicious weakness for waiters. Or rather, a fatal weakness for delicious waiters. Smiling


Elijah Lineberry's picture

that is great news!

I am delighted to hear you stirred things up a bit! Laughing out loud

I used to encourage the same thing...and as the School Masters were all dullards and 'middle class' Puzzled was easy to get away with by simply 'pulling rank' Eye

(and in any event, chaps wearing walk shorts and cardigans deserve a good slap across the mouth to remind them of who is Boss and their non-entity place in the scheme of things)

As I mentioned once before on here Sticking out tongue ...the prospectus for the 2008 for the new chums at my school, John McLashan College in Dunedin, has more information about drugs, alcohol and 'improper sexual activity' than it does about the (optional extra?) academic aspects of the school Sticking out tongue...and...risibly, apparently on the sex, drugs and alcohol is against the rules and banned! Sticking out tongue ..(oh yes, sure it is) Eye

My bitchy intention is to attend the next reunion, read out those parts of the prospectus, and offer $50,000 in cash if anyone can name a pupil...a single pupil Sticking out tongue from, say, 1989...who was sober, not stoned, and not 'sated' after an all night any point during the year! Sticking out tongue

I spent a year (almost) at

Lance's picture

I spent a year (almost) at boarding school, I'll not say which one, beyond that it starts with Auckland and ends in Boys Grammar. It was one of many fine state and private educational institutes that either expelled me, or politely asked me to leave of my own accord on threat of expulsion. I had a habit of upsetting them I guess... Puzzled


Elijah Lineberry's picture

ha bloody ha, Lance Sticking out tongue

Yes, it is true...the sons of the 'Southern Landed Gentry' (in New Zealand) are herded together at a Dunedin private school to turn them into poofs and 'Gentlemen'.

Worked brilliantly in my case Sticking out tongue

My boarding school years "In

Lance's picture

My boarding school years

"In a moment of earth-shattering insight, it all became painfully clear..."


Elijah Lineberry's picture

I missing something important on the 'goth' front? Puzzled

It is no particular secret I avoid like the plague various contemporary aphorisms and entertainers..but..ummmmm...???

(I genuinely have no idea what you are referring to)

Pleased you popped out for a bite to eat, although, why do you not employ a cook? they are very cost effective and it means you never have to eat food which is...ummmmmm...unusual.

My boarding school years of being served up endless meals of roast lamb, sausages, battered fish, steak and kidney pies all with boiled vegetables, along with 'heavy' puddings...has completely insulated me against any sort of 'haute cuisine' in favour of very, very basic meals Sticking out tongue

Whaah Elaaaaaaah!

Lindsay Perigo's picture

That scarf business sounds odd...perhaps she is a Victoria University student?

That's it! It was the editor of Salient in drag!!

(I shall not even ask what a 'goth' is)

Someone who's even more of a dinosaur than I. How improbable. And delightful. Smiling

Oh, and I just went out again. Daylight Saving has kicked in, it's a gorgeous day in the capital, and the eateries are spilling over. Unclouded exaltation! Smiling


Elijah Lineberry's picture

am not watching it, either, as it simply makes me angry to see Socialist Treachery by the media in full flight.

However, I gather that some people are glued to it as we speak, so much so I was told that my dinner will be 'slightly delayed'.

That scarf business sounds odd...perhaps she is a Victoria University student? (I shall not even ask what a 'goth' is)

I often have a staff member tagging along when I am out and about, apart from the possibility of bumping into someone who visits this site regularly and is horrified at my comments about poor people, negroes, females, socialists et al means I have someone to carry things! such a delight! Smiling

Crap-free day

Lindsay Perigo's picture

I am purposely not watching the news tonight. Listening to Rach instead. Sometimes one needs a break from it for the sake of one's sanity. If there are significant developments in this home-grown terrorism business, I'm sure someone will post here.

As I like to say, I seldom go out, since going out seriously raises one's chances of meeting people. But I had to go out today to replenish supplies. As I traversed the walkway leading to Dixon St., I was accosted by a scatty female in "Goth" outfit who whacked me with her scarf. Two other wittering wenches with her screeched their approval. I've absolutely no idea what that was about. I rounded on these aliens, boomed at them, and they fled.

Still, not a good idea, going out.


Elijah Lineberry's picture

was not wetting myself.

I was, however, feeling 100% vindicated Eye ...(which is my usual state)...and bemused at how silly this communist was at being seemingly unaware that he was White, too.


Lindsay Perigo's picture

Well one of the ringleaders was eavesdropped on and heard to say, "White people are going to die in this country." I thought of Elijah wetting himself. Smiling

Funny thing was, this character was whiter than white himself.

Someone's coming up on Campbell saying the raid was overdue.

Keep Them rolling Out

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Superb Lance.

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