"..that never were are parking cars and pumping gas.."

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Submitted by Elijah Lineberry on Tue, 2007-10-16 19:35

When I read this in the NZ Herald this morning, I was reminded of the song "Do You Know The Way To San Jose`" by Burt Bacharach, which has a wonderful line in it "..and all the stars that never were, are parking cars and pumping gas...

The article basically says the game is up for Geneva Finance...(once again you heard it here first, folks)..and I wonder how many honest, honourable borrowers Geneva Finance turned down for loans?

I wonder if Geneva Finance would be standing on the edge of a cliff today had they approved those loan propositions?

All the loans 'that never were' may have made Geneva Finance a successful leader in New Zealand Finance...(so to speak).

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is a good example of people 'doing the right thing' regardless of how long it takes.

What a splendid chap! Smiling


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doubt there is any connection between Geneva Finance in New Zealand and the similarly named company in Perth.

Geneva Finance in NZ was set up by Peter Francis, formerly of Chase Corporation...and that cost investors the best part of $1 Billion dollars a couple of decades back Eye

Needless to say Mr Francis will not be doing the honourable thing and promising every investor will receive all their money back, even if it takes him 20 years to do so.

I do not know if Ronald Friedman is the brother of this other chap.


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Is Geneva Finance (NZ) under the umbrella of Geneva Finance Group?

And are there any connections to Geneva Finance in Perth who
went into receivership in 1990?

Also do you know if Ronald Friedman is the brother of Robert N. Friedman, Chief Executive Officer of Loehmann's?


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