Friends of Dorothy Become Enemies of Liberty

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Submitted by Lindsay Perigo on Thu, 2007-10-18 21:44

Apparently the UK is planning a law against homophobic remarks, making them punishable by up to seven years in jail. SOLOists-UK: your mission is stop this nonsense in its tracks. Here's something to help out in this emergency.

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sticks and stones may break

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sticks and stones may break my bones but words may never hurt me


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"lets face it, comedy and satire is already on its last legs."

Oh, ye have little faith. Please check out the new South Park episode I linked to on my blog. That applies to the rest of you to. You are missing out on brilliance people!


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It will be the DEATH of comedy. Although, lets face it, comedy and satire is already on its last legs.

Alf Garnet
Syd James
Kenneth Williams
Dick Emery
Benny Hill
to say but a few and of course Carrol O'Conner & Jean Stapleton who I quote as an Eulogy to the death of Quality Comedy.

Archie bunker: I'm gonna go into town and get me a good Jew

Mike Stivic: Do you always have to label people?
Why can't you just get a lawyer?
Why does it have to be a Jewish lawyer?

Archie Bunker: Because if I'm going to sue an "A-rab," I want a guy that's full o'hate!


Mike Stivic: You think that just because a guy wears
glasses, he's a queer.

Archie Bunker: No, a guy who wears glasses is a four-eyes.
A guy who's a fag is a queer


Archie Bunker: I'm gonna wallop her behind and make it look
like two Jap flags.


Edith Bunker: What's a Toyota Hatchback?

Archie Bunker: It's got slanted headlights and it'll bomb
you without warning.


Mike: The kids all made fun of you, huh?

Archie: Yeah, they all made fun of me. Except for
this one little black kid named Winston.

Mike: A black kid liked you?

Archie: No, the black kid beat the hell out of me.

Mike: Why? He must have had a reason.

Archie: Well he said that I said he was a "nigger".
Mike: Did you?

Archie: Sure. That's what all them people were
called in them days. Everybody we knew
called them people niggers. It's all my old
man called'em there. What the hell was I
supposed to do? I didn't know what to call
them. I couldn't call him a Wop.
cause Wop is what we called the Dagos.


Archie Bunker: Now wait a minute, Meathead, I never said
your black beauties was lazy. You don't
believe me, look it up.

Gloria Stivic: He's prejudice, there's no hope for him at

Archie Bunker: I ain't prejudice, any man deserves my
respect and he's gonna get it regardless of
his color.

Mike Stivic: Then why are you calling them black

Archie Bunker: Now that's where I got you, wise guy,
there's a black guy who works down at the
building with me, he's got a bumper sticker
on his car that says 'Black is Beautiful"
so what's the matter with black beauties?

Edith Bunker: It's nicer than when he called them coons.


Archie Bunker: In my day we didn't have no Anglo Americans
or African Americans, we was all Americans
so if a guy was a jig or a spick, it was his
own business”


“I enjoy being Jewish, but I hate fundamentalism in all its forms. Jews, Catholics, Baptists, I think all fundamentalists are potty and capable of destroying the world.”

Warren Mitchell, actor (Alf Garnett)

Will they ban books too? I

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Will they ban books too? I guess this would be out...

Oh, for the love of...

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This is so ridiculous. This is why Political Correctness is harmful; it ends up sinking in to law. Everyone who believes in preserving free speech - and realizes that in order to so you have to tolerate the intolerant - becomes a bigot whenever they speak out against laws like this. It’s like the symbolic banning of the word ‘nigger’ in NYC or that big deal with Hate Crimes legislation.

I recently saw a movie called ‘The Laramie Project’ about the brutal murder of Matthew Shepard in the late 90s. It was a great film but they just couldn’t resist ending on the note of ‘We need to introduce hate crime legislation!’ why? Don’t we already have laws against assault and murder? Surely enforcing them equally sends an even stronger message. It always puzzled me that people saw the Matthew Shepard case as an example of why we need hate crime laws. Of the two kids that killed him one was given two consecutive life sentences because he pleaded guilty and the other was only spared the death penalty because the parents took mercy on him. In other words they were prosecuted to the full extent of the law. I would have thought it was an example of why hate crimes weren’t needed….

Oh right…free speech sorry.

Well spotted Lineberry

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Eye Well spotted Lineberry Sticking out tongue


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ha Sticking out tongue "..reflecting views of constituents.." Sticking out tongue touche`

I am actually appalled at this childish proposal and have been strongly critical of it on the OUT! website for about a week.

Homophobia is yet another thing I do not believe exists. Eye

"It is a measure of how far

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"It is a measure of how far we have come as a society in the last 10 years that we are now appalled by hatred and invective directed at people on the basis of their sexuality. It is time for the law to recognise this."


Why not just ban "inciting hatred" against everyone! It's amazing, why has no one thought to legislate and mandate niceness before?

Us: "You're banning free speech."

Them: "Mutter mutter... fire in a theatre... mutter mutter."

Us: "But 'incitement' and 'hatred', do you have any idea how loosely those terms can be applied?"

Them: "Mutter mutter... reflecting views of constituents... mutter mutter... best for everyone... mutter mutter... only bigots would object... mutter mutter."

Us: "But wouldn't this run afoul of discrimination on the basis of religion?"

Them: "Oh shi... mutter mutter."


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At least politicians are the same slimy opportunistic animal throughout the world. What a BRAVE NEW WORLD Mr. Straw is building for us! Totalitarian windbag!!! SOLO-UK I hope you have a field day with this one!!! Smiling

From the linked article:

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This week, the Government announced that it is to introduce a new law
which will make 'homophobic' comments a serious criminal offence,
punishable by up to seven years in prison.

The Justice Secretary, Jack Straw, tried to present this as another
milestone on the road to equality.

Well, I can tell you, Jack, it is nothing of the sort. If enacted, it
will amount to a disastrous attack on one of our most basic liberties,
the right to free speech.

It is a charter for nosy-parkers and bully-boys, for prigs who find
offence at every turn and bores who want to impose their narrow,
self-righteous opinions on the rest of us.

I despair at the mood of edict issuing, word-censoring dreariness that
seems to have overtaken the leaders of the gay rights movement.

They, more than anyone, should be on the side of flamboyance,
eccentricity, laughter and earthiness.

Instead, they are acting like old commissars of some Eastern bloc
regime or a bunch of Victorian moral puritans, clamping down on
politically incorrect words.

My, doesn't this perfectly describe the chaps and chapesses at Salient?!

Mind you, there's not much "flamboyance, eccentricity, laughter and earthiness" anywhere these days, as the article shows so depressingly, and bugger all within Objectivism. Flamboyance, eccentricity, laughter and earthiness are no doubt unfortunate and sub-optimal.

Viva SOLO, possums! Smiling

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