Today's Reprise—A poem for the New SOLO

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Submitted by Casey on Thu, 2005-12-01 21:07

The Mirror

O, this world that turns and ages with us,
Sprouting green and stretching tall.
We see its seeds elongate and divide:
Unrepeatable things,
That come to flower and fruition,
And go to seed and pass away,
Forever known to us, forever gone.
Bereft we feel as the world is disposed
Awoken and reposed,
And as the world ages, so do we
And the caress of its passing
Wears grooves into us,
Like the rivulets on the granite face
Of mountains in the sky that have seen
Thick stands of tulips risen in the valley fall
As the giant places of our youth grow small;
This world that is made of granite and flesh
Grows sad as its shoulders sag
From the shape that first impressed.

What a body of earth and bone
What flesh of ocean and stone
What an aging king on a crumbling throne
What a kingdom of sand the wind has blown
What friends have left us all alone --
What a mirror is the world we own.

We cannot hold one thing forever.
The peach tree clutches but its blossoms fall.
A childhood friend seldom survives
The tide of time, the season’s call.
The world grows old when stubborn we hold
What must pass and fall from our hands.

O, this world that turns and grows with us
When last we let the dry rose fall
It touches the soil beneath our feet
And between our toes, behold!
New blades reach
And a flower never seen before
Sparkles dewdrops new and round
For when we stop seeing the mountain
Through our stubborn child’s eye,
At last release the shape and shade
Its first impression made,
We see a tall new mountain
In a bright new sky.

What a body of earth and bone
What flesh of ocean and stone
What a newborn king on a new-hewn throne
What a jungle of new things overgrown
What friendship shines where friendship shone
What a mirror is the world we own.

— Casey Fahy

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Casey, just so you know I

Lanza Morio's picture

Casey, just so you know I wanted to come back with a joke about Kant but it turns out that philosopher jokes just don't work for me. Smiling

Carlos, my little cookie

Ashley's picture

Yes, that's how I feel about rugby now that I don't have satellite tv anymore.

Damn! I wish you guys

Ross Elliot's picture

Damn! I wish you guys wouldn't go on about college football. The Pacific rim feed of ESPN doesn't carry it, only the NFL. It used to but not anymore and po' me's missin' that great action. [whimper]

Atlas Shrugged

Casey's picture

Lance, there's even a line in the song that could be pro- or anti-Atlas Shrugged, depending on how you look at it: "Don't carry the world upon your shoulders..."

But we all know Penn State

Ryan Brubaker's picture

But we all know Penn State deserves a shot at the championship. So they have 1 loss instead of being undefeated like USC and Texas. Not everyone can be perfect you know. You can't expect perfection from everyone because that makes it unfair to the teams who lose. All teams should be viewed as equal and have a shot at the championship...especially Penn State. Joe Paterno doesn't have many, if any, more years left in coaching so the voters should also take that into account.

Oops...I forgot I was posting this to an Objectivist website. I guess I let my alumni pride get in the way of A is A.


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The 'Horns are mowin' down everybody. Texas-USC should be a hell of a game. This place shuts down when a game is on. I was at Starbucks at kick off and the place went from 25 customers to 1 in 10 minutes.

I moved down here from Maryland a year and a half ago so I'm not too wrapped up in it yet.

Hook'em Horns

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Lance Moore! I was thinking that someone on SOLO lives in Austin earlier when I was watching Texas spank Colorado's ass. But I couldn't think who it was.

Casey, I agree with John

Lanza Morio's picture

Casey, I agree with John about the last line. It's especially well-focused.

Also enjoyed your Burt Bacharach story on the other thread. Hey Jude hits me right where I live.

Than, John

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Glad you liked it.

Thanks, Ashley

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I'm not a poet, but sometimes the muse moves me. Eye


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What strong imagery! I love this, Casey. Thank you.

Very nice

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This is wonderful Casey. I enjoyed reading it and was moved in particular by the last line.



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Very a propos, Casey. Bravo, & thanks!

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