Prize Bunny alert...

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Submitted by Elijah Lineberry on Tue, 2007-10-23 17:56

Sir Robert Jones hilariously satires those foolish enough to purchase a Franchise in his novel 'Full Circle' Sticking out tongue

This latest case, where some 'prize bunny' paid $62,000 for a carpet cleaning franchise, is incredibly funny to read Sticking out tongue ..and I have little sympathy for the self proclaimed 'victim'.

I notice the Depositions hearing will hear from 9 complainants, who will all be 'Cyril' types with walk shorts and cardigans screaming in self righteousness at the phone not ringing off the hook the moment they handed over their payments.
The rather obvious reason for this...(their own lack of business acumen, lethargy and underlying foolishness)..will not crop up, and the JPs hearing the case will nod sagely, send the case to Court, and once again allow idiots to blame everyone else rather than take responsibility.

It is not as if any of these complainants made voluntary decisions to purchase franchises is it?

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