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Submitted by Mark Hubbard on Thu, 2007-10-25 19:40

Just a note to say the Education and Objectivism links from the store all go to 'page not found' links?

I'm trying to source a copy of Peikoff's 1976 lecture series (or similar in book form), 'The Philosophy of Objectivism'. I'd rather buy through SOLO so the site gets the profit, however, if not possible, can anybody refer me to another retail source? [I realise I could Google and probably find it anywhere, such as Amazon, but would rather be supporting an organisation promoting Objectivism.]

While I'm on it, is there a reading list page in SOLO somewhere?


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I've asked about these missing pages before. I think it is simply because no one has written them yet.



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ha Sticking out tongue ...just my wee joke for the morning Sticking out tongue ...(yes Lance and Lindsay, it was not a serious post)

(I am presuming everyone got the joke?)

I would be spending a very

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I would be spending a very long time on the Democrats site looking for that material, Elijah, with no hope of finding it Smiling


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you can try Eye Sticking out tongue

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