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Submitted by Melior on Sat, 2006-01-21 10:56

Under the SOLhOq banner I was able to send email to individuals by their name in a search window.  This would take me to an index of all of their input, from whence I could find a contact link.  I cannot find that link or anything similar in this new format.  Please help me?--I wish to connect with Ms (the X Mrs. Nathaniel Branden) whom I did contact before under the old  SOLhOq format.

I am a simple man--the internet "experts" whether they are really "experts' or not is irrelevant to me. This media is not of my generation.  It is too bad the internet wasn't discovered, like the laser, 100 years before its time.   If it had been I know people who would have been young enough, brave enough , and educated enough to prevent the existing FREEMASONRIC ECONMICAL [ELSWORTH TOOHEY] system from succeeding. 

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Please explain

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What does a "simple man" mean by a "FREEMASONRIC ECONMICAL SYSTEM?" Did you mean "Economical" or "Ecumenical?"

I guess you mean by that statement that this wonderful tool (the Internet) will bind us to orthodoxy rather than free us from it?

And how was the laser discovered 100 years before its time?

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