Cabinet Reshuffle

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Submitted by Elijah Lineberry on Wed, 2007-10-31 05:50

I have been watching the One News coverage of the Cabinet reshuffle.

A few changes, and none for the better as it still involves tax and spend Government departments.

I laughed and laughed at Cosgrove being made Minister of Immigration...(I am sure Lindsay, along with many others 'in the know' get the "in joke" the Prime Minister has played).

Some filthy lesbian has been made a Minister...that alone being a reason to change the Government, as at least Katherine Rich and Judith Collins are 'normal' Shocked

I was most amused at the survey of brain damaged working class people in the street from South Auckland Sticking out tongue ...years of bad skin, bad teeth and bad genes have made most of those interviewed virtually incoherent, but it also showed there was hardly an overwelming endorsement!

Delighted to see the back of O'Connor, that pommy social worker and Maharey (pfft!)

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