Muslims Are Goat-Fuckers

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Submitted by Lance on Fri, 2007-11-02 05:35

Writing that piece on Theo van Gogh this morning was tricky. Do I apologetically acknowledge some of the real nasty shit that he said? Or do I white-wash it, and pretend it never happened?

I did neither in the end. His words are his, and I am not responsible for them. In the bigger picture, it didn't matter what he said.

It also got me thinking on the nature of satire, irony, tongue in cheek and what have you. My reaction to an overtly PC 'tut tut' is to respond louder, brasher and even more obnoxious, gladly overstepping the mark to make a point. Especially if free expression is on the line.

You don't like me pointing out that some Muslims are terrorists, specifically citing their religion as sanction for their actions? You don't think I should say that some, and not an amount as small as you think, are bent on world subjugation to Islam? What's that? I shouldn't upset them because that's what leads to the violence? Fuck you then, MUSLIMS ARE GOAT FUCKERS! Yep, that's right, all of 'em! You heard me, FUCK YOU AND YOUR MUSLIM GOAT-MOLESTING FRIENDS! DIE IN A FIRE GOAT-FUCKERS!

Now, does anyone who knows me really think I feel that way? I hope not, an actual belief in that sort of bile is just... Barf!. But what have I really done? I have accused adherents to a particular way of thinking, a particular, consciously chosen religion, of bestiality. That's all! This is no different to:
Communists are pig-fuckers!
Marxists rape felines!
Maoists molest monkeys!
Anarchists suck donkey-dick!
Christians blow bulls!

Now while that might get me a torrent of hate mail from the respective groups, and even some PC tut tutting, NOT A ONE OF THEM would land me an accusation of "phobia" of any kind, or an accusation of racism. What Theo said, wasn't actually all that bad, and I'm starting to see what may have led him to say it... fucking goat-fuckers!

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In 1978 the iranian ayatollah

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In 1978 the iranian ayatollah khamenei was released from prison in France have been serving time for sodomizing cats. This while in exile from Iran by the Shah. This was in time for him to return to iran for the student uprising by the present leader of iran and the take over of the US Embassy.

Fuck religion! All

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Jawdropping! Fuck religion! All religion should be confined to religious outlets ! Any mention of religion in a public place should result in prison for the perpetrator... Religion is a private matter. Afraid I go zen on this one... Any religion no religion!

Not your finest work

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Lance, while I support your right to freedom of expression, this post comes over as childish and irrational. If you want to push the boundaries of political correctness w.r.t. Islam, why not try something like "Mohammed was a child rapist?" That's provably true, and has a real and direct impact on Islamic jurisprudence even today (witness the support for child 'marriage' in many Islamic countries).

Your saying "Muslims are goat-fuckers" just screams 'irrational prejudice' and paints SOLO in a bad light.

On a related note, it's interesting to see people criticizing your post as racist. It'd certainly be collectivist (if it were your real opinion, not humour) but last I checked, Islam was a religion, not an ethnic group. Prejudice against Muslims is no more racist than, say, prejudice against Communists.

I'm bumping this back up

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I'm bumping this back up especially for MSK. I bet he creamed his pants when this one went up originally.

Now he gets to trot it out every time as a "You think that's bad - check out this! Gasp, shock, horror, bigotry!" The context doesn't matter, MSK knows what it really means apparently.

So bumping this back to the top as a cheery "fuck you" to MSK and as a friendly wave to those people he sends this way.

Quoting myself from the original topic

I look forward to seeing this quoted elsewhere, completely out of context, as an example of how SOLO harbours hate-mongers. Like my dear old gran used to say: "Fuck 'em if they can't take a joke"


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in Dubai they are a very advanced society Wink with grave concerns about the road toll?

As such they are well aware of the problems with Women driving and have done the only sensible thing....namely, to ban it! Tongue

If that is so, gosh...I think I will emigrate there! Tongue

They Must Fuck Them - I've seem more of them in cars than women!

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To be honest Lance. The last time I was in Dubai, I sat on a corner and watched the traffic one afternoon for about 50 minutes.

I never once saw an actual female driver. However I did see many goats drive by. A lot of them in Mercedes vehicles.

On one of the few occasions that I actually saw women in vehicles, they were relegated to the back seat whilst the goat held pole position in the front.

I suppose they were the nanny's ? (snort - snigger)

It was so depressingly

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It was so depressingly predictable... Sad

Lance here's one

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This guy's response to my email on his Solo/objectivism critique:

"Hi Greg,

Thanks for your email - the post does naturally contain rhetoric and following hearing from Duncan, I did not realise that SOLO allowed non-Objectivists to post, which admittedly does slightly lessen my concern (working under the assumption you subscribe to Objectivism, and not to racist filth like and other similar posts on SOLO).

If I am correct in assuming that you are not a racist nor have a radical hatred of Muslims or any other religious group, I have no problem with your movement besides it's stance on collectivism and economics.

Kindest regards,
Oliver Woods"

Fuck the Muslims!

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The silent ones are cringeing and stupid. Their beliefs are stupid-on-stilts. As I said in my Salient article, "All Muslims believe nonsense. Some Muslims do terror." Fuck 'em all, as they bend towards Mecca. The hell with their pathetic "sensibilities."

Deliberate offense: I think it would not be counter-productive..

Richard Wiig's picture all. If EVERY infidel had donned a Muhammad Bomb Head T-Shirt when that shit hit the fan, thus deliberately offending the entirety of the followers of Islam, it would have been very productive indeed. The followers of Islam would have known right there and then that you don't fuck with the West lightly. It would have been very demoralising for them, and rightly so. However, because so very few cared to do that, because it's so much more important to be polite and not offend, they think that the West is a pushover. They just might be right.

I think it is OK, in terms

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I think it is OK, in terms of the right to free expression... but I also think it is mean-spirited and mostly counter-productive. The "goat-fucker" example would take a bit more provocation to get out of me than I have stated, and would generally be a "spur of the moment" response to PC drivel and stupidity. While I adhere to no one having the right to not be offended, I wouldn't take pleasure in deliberately hurting the feelings of decent people. 'Muslims' being such a wide ranging target of course, there'd be some bewildered people wondering what they had done to warrant such abuse.

Lance -Now I'm confused

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Lance -

Now I'm confused about your perspective. Do you think it is ok to deliberately offend and provoke for your cause or not?




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Lance, when you say things like:

Communists are pig-fuckers!
Marxists rape felines!

...I am right behind you! Laughing out loud

And quite right, too! Smiling

I look forward to seeing

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I look forward to seeing this quoted elsewhere, completely out of context, as an example of how SOLO harbours hate-mongers. Like my dear old gran used to say: "Fuck 'em if they can't take a joke"

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