Farewell to Auckland ...

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Submitted by Lindsay Perigo on Mon, 2006-01-23 01:18

Auckland SOLOists - my current radio gig comes to an end this Friday. I'll be returning to Wellington Saturday. There'll be one last knees-up in my hotel room (lotsa space, furniture & a deck), Rm 413, Barrycourt, Gladstone Rd., Parnell, on Friday evening from 7.30 on. BYO - the cost of in-house alcohol is horrendous. Smiling All welcome.


Julian's back

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“Especially wonderful to see Julian Darby back…”

You saw Julian Darby’s back? You are a very naughty man.

Speaking of tossers, I see that the Rebirth of Reason site, created as a crucible of Objectivist ‘activism’, has decided to do some more talking, this time in Florida, just down the road from Disney World.

The symbolism is apt. No doubt they’ll be droned to torpor with a multi-part treatise on The Active and Passive Virtues, or perhaps something more exciting, such as The Veridicality of Conceptual Discernment.

After that, a Mickey Mouse break will be just more of the same, but a lot more fun. And while we’re on the subject of cartoons, try this as an example: “The title of this site refers to …” Yes, I’m nodding off too. This invitation has all the charisma of a damp tissue. The prospect of rushing to the barricades seems far too energetic.

Why do people think that just because they have an expertise in one area, they must be the fount of all wisdom? Who let this clown loose? Who thought that a buffoon of this magnitude could be a latter-day Objectivist hero?

Enquiring minds really do want to know. Why do Objectivists insist on shooting themselves in the foot? Is it a Roark thing? Who knows? What we do know is that a value has been destroyed, and it will not be easily regained.


A jolly good night

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Thanks to Lindsay and others for organising a true sense of life evening this last Friday night. It was nice to see that the Solists in London do not have a monopoly on singing and good humour. I enjoyed it so much I was the last one to leave. Oh yes, I will miss our regular SOLO meetups in London but I will advise anyone travelling to London to time your trip for when there is a monthly SOLO UK meeting - or best of all - the Christmas Party. Great memories. Thanks guys.



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Thanks to those who attended & made for a great evening. Especially wonderful to see Julian Darby back after so long away. I look forward to your regular appearances on SOLO, Julian! Smiling

I'll be there, assuming I

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I'll be there, assuming I live through my speech tomorrow Smiling

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