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Submitted by Lindsay Perigo on Fri, 2007-11-02 23:34

I'll be in Christchurch this coming Tuesday, Nov 6 for the premiere of We're Here to Help, the story of Dave Henderson's battle with the IRD. Dave was guest speaker at our recent Atlas bash. I'll be staying over in ChCh an extra day and will be receiving at my hotel, Hotel SO, 165 Cashel St, on Wed evening, Nov 7. All Cantabrian SOLOists are hereby summoned! No-shows will be beheaded.

Hotel SO, btw, is the former IRD building that Dave bought and turned into a hotel. Smiling

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Here to help

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Shot along to see it at half two. Only 5 people there, and 3 of them were called Giles. Watching Kiwi movies is a very un-Kiwi thing to do. (:

Loved the title graphics, in the old tax return form style. Loved the Kiwi music.

Just an easy, uncontroversial, exercise in the theme of 'the banality of evil.'

I spent some time yesterday reading the play 'A Man For All Seasons' which puts it thus..

JAILER (Reasonably) You understand my position, sir, there's nothing I can do; I'm a plain, simple man and just want to keep out of trouble.

MORE (Cries out passionately) Oh, Sweet Jesus! These plain, simple men!

I'd have liked to see We're Here To Help be a bit more philosophical the way the older film is. And Dave Henderson said to us in the bar last night he had suggested a bit more polemic. But, no.

My old man thinks the best part of the story is that Dave buys the building and then evicts the IRD from their offices. He's very unhappy that the movie didn't make that point!


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jolly splendid film, and very pleasant evening.

Thank you to those chaps who attended.

The film is good, if rather chilling in parts, and shows the very dark side of 'government' and its abuses of power.


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Cock & Bull, prob 6.40ish. Got my tickets online. You know, in NZ, you too can do the same. Is called the interweb I think.


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oh right..gosh.

Well, must confess it is not the usual establishment I would frequent, but, yes..there we are. Smiling

That would be a pub in

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That would be a pub in Khyber Pass Rd within which working class chaps consume pints of award-winning hand-crafted ale.

Not quite what you were thinking? ;^)


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on Earth is "Cock and Bull"? Shocked

Cock & Bull, 6:30ish?

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Cock & Bull, 6:30ish? Gives us a chance to buy tickets before.


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Sure. Think there's space way down the front. Smiling



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that is splendid, Sam, yes...I shall be in attendance! Smiling

The behaviour of the IRD, and other Government organisations, really annoys me...hence my perfectly reasonable refusal to pay them any money to engage in 'Gangster' activities.

Apart from owning shares in several companies on the 'Unlisted' share trading facility (mentioned in a previous post), I no longer have any investments or activities in New Zealand, as who can be bothered with this sort of thing?

See it!

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Just got back from the premiere in ChCh. Well made, well acted. It's "soft" libertarian in that there's no overt ideological tub-thumping, but you'll seethe with murderous hatred for the IRD scum and the completely capricious nature of thier power-weilding. South Pacific Pictures invited a raft of politicians, but none showed, except Rodney of course.

Since the IRD were in hot pursuit of Henderson at the time of Radio Liberty, of which he was funder and I was manager and breakfast host, this movie brought back a lot of memories.

I can report that Mr Henderson now owns half of Christchurch, including the hotel in which I was guest—the former IRD building. Smiling Messrs Giles, Orchard, Darby and myself joined him for fantastic burgers last night at another of his joints, Fat Freddie's (actually Fat Eddie's, but for some reason we all got habitualised to Fat Freddie's). Having despatched the burgers and many libations, and nearly lost Mr. Henderson, we repaired to the hotel where we conversed for several hours at a decibel level that caused several low-flying planes to crash.

Best of all, this morning Mr Henderson showed up with a dollop of whitebait for me. Fresh W Coast whitebait. Yum yum yum!!

I then jumped into the Darby shuttle and was driven by Hoolian at his usual breakneck speed to the airport. We were a low-flying plane!

A fabulous couple of days. Go see the movie—and spread the word!!


Me too?

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Can I some along and tell you how it ends. Eye

Elijah, opens tonite 7.25,

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Elijah, opens tonite 7.25, at Rialto, Newmarket. I'm going. If yr interested have pm'd you my number. Any others in civilisation welcome to join.



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anyone know where it is playing in Auckland? I am eager to see it!


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You can see an interview with David Henderson just before the premier to the film "We're here to help" which documents his battle with the IRD. Here is a preview of his film.

The main actors in the film were interviewed here.

This film is essential viewing for everyone, not just to illustrate the nature of the system under which we live but also to show what is possible if one never gives up and also why it is important to stand up for the principle of liberty.

A great film about a great man.



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...I may start a separate thread on this, but re We're Here To Help, the story of Dave Henderson's battle with Inland Revenue, does anyone find it ironic that a movie premised on the malevolent actions of the tax authorities should have received production funding of nearly two million taxpayer dollars from NZ on Air and The NZ Film Commission, both state quangos?

Deborak Coddington in The NZ Herald, "Wonders never cease. The New Zealand Film Commission and New Zealand On Air have reportedly given an estimated $1.9 million to the producers of the film of David Henderson's book, Be Very Afraid."

And by ironic, I don't mean in the same way that it would be ironic should Greenpeace ever be convinced to fund an anti-global warming documentary.

Film financing is a complex business with lots of middlemen, and it's unthinkable that Dave Henderson was actually involved in asking for the loot of his fellow taxpayers. That's what production companies are for, but in this particular context it all seems--pun intended--a bit rich.


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Don't think we were, M. MikeE put me in touch with Dave Henderson to get South Pacific Pictures to save a seat for us. Didn't hear back. Guess they're probably busy or something. Fair enough.

We'll bop down to Hotel Henderson and visit the Principal tomorrow shall we? He should be out of bed some time around what the rest of us know as lunch time...some kind of Oscar Wilde cover story to go with it and all..

Catch you then.


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Speaking to Linz through text it sounded as if I was invited to this movie opening, which is strange seeing as no one told me. Something I'll have to straighten out tomorrow although I couldn't have gone anyway, rehearsals and all.

Henry Holderness might not be able to make it tomorrow. He has his final law exams and is pressed for time but I promise I'll keep leaning on him.

Right then

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Failed to infiltrate the premiere, unless Matty Orchard's learned something since last we spoke.

We'll both be along to hang out tomorrow and plot the fate of the nation.

And what a hotel it is.

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And what a hotel it is. Quite ingenious really.

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