more favourite 20th century classical pieces - Ravel Piano Concerto, slow movement

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Submitted by Ashley Chan on Sat, 2007-11-03 08:11

Just found a Ravel CD I thought I'd lost (his most famous piece being the Bolero used by Torville adn Dean in the Sarajevo Winter Olympics). I have to say that the 2nd movement (Adagio assai) of his Piano Concerto [not the one for the left hand, the one for both hands) is absolutely have to hear it to believe it. [Note the other movements in the concerto are too non-melodic for my taste, even though I do "get" what Ravel is going on about.]

The CD I have is very very very very scratchy, but does have Ravel conducting Balero (it is claimed) and Marguerite Long (his favourite interpretor and a pupil of Debussy) playing the Piano Concerto again with Ravel supposedly conducting.
[Pearl GEMM CD 9927]
Anyone got a better sounding but just as musical version, or a cleaned up version of the Long performance?

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Hey I have never heard of

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Hey I have never heard of this. But Michael Angeli's piece was really great! Made my spirit alive!

Ah yes, the Adagio assai

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My favorite piece of music from Ravel. What, no one else here even bothered to comment?

Martha Argerich playing:

Goshdarnit, the YouTube link with Argerich I was using to link from my favorites page was removed by the user. Here's another pianist, Michelangeli, performing it.

So sweet, so tender . . .

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