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Submitted by Rick Giles on Sun, 2007-11-04 03:03

U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement are done chewing on me and have spat me out at last.

I've not had the chance to see what kind and unkind things have been said about me while I've been away. Have been told there's a strong lean towards kind but I'll settle accounts in my usual style after a bit of recovery time.

Glad to be home in New Zealand again. Looking for a shave (I look like Harrison Ford's Richard Kimble just now) and some sleep and to watch 'A Man For All Seasons' in a not-distinterested way. I've been wondering if Dave Henderson's movie was out yet, wanting to live up to his example of fighting for my rights but didn't get to this time. Wouldn't say no to some Canterbury Draught beer.

Special thanks to Melissa, my very best friend.

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UgggggggggggggggHaydenWood. Eye

I'll finish this story up when I get home in a couple days.


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Alighting the Amtrack I walked around for barings,

That's your problem, Barings went bust in 1995

Visa stamps

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This is the part where I use rhetoric to make the INABILITY TO COUNT DAYS seem minor...

Screwed up the date early on and then repeated the mistake to everybody for weeks- up to and beyond the day my visa lapsed.



I confused the detail of my Canadian entry date with my US entry date and those 6 days were REALLY held against me.

Had myself thinking that it was the 27th that I had to get back to Canada, and acted according to that. I had read the wrong stamp. My USA visa waiver actually expired on the 20th.

OE: Overseas experience

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No worries mate.
It's not a holiday, it's the Kiwi OE isn't it? That may need explaining, even to other Kiwis. I believe it is a fact that 500,000 out of our 4,000,000 population is overseas at any given time. We grow up here, go work and live overseas, and then tend to come home to New Zealand again. Young New Zealanders are all over the planet, working their way around and exploring and it takes as long as it takes. The Watercooler podcast guy from the link above took 14 years. Nothing too unusual about 4 years. I had intended to do Europe next year and make it an even five.
Young Kiwis have been doing this sort of thing since 1914. Sad

What about a career? ..or profitmaking undertaking of some sort?

I'm going to touch base in Auckland, see what's avaliable. If I'm quite done seeing the world then I will settle down in NZ and turn to that. Meantime, it's still debrief central station.


As I've been jetting about I've been taking photos of everything. I've also been a fanatical diarist. Sometimes I write my diary, sometimes talk to my vidio camera, and sometimes talk into the dictaphone...

That's (click on the picture link for mp3) the 25th of September, two days before I get put in irons and five days after my 90 day visa waiver had actually run out.

More to come tomorrow...


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indeed, Rick...sorry if I appeared to be interrogating you, it all just seems rather a concern that chaps can be arrested and gaoled in America for no apparent reason.

Indeed a New York solicitor I consulted on the matter seemed most surprised at six weeks without a Court hearing for a fairly minor visa violation.

When you say 2003, do you mean you have been abroad for 4 years? Shocked ..gosh..that is a long time...(I generally think of holidays as lasting a fortnight or so)

What about a career? ..or profitmaking undertaking of some sort?

I will, I will!

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I'm not doing it to disobey you, Elijah. You can imagine how many mates at home and abroad I'm checking in with. I've had to explain to some why I've been a no-show and out of contact for a month. There are responsabilities and business arrangments to repair. Gladly my storage shed in Auckland didn't get turned out. My web page was deleted though, and I think the bank understands. There's also a measure of mental and physical rehabilitation, to be honest. Apart from jet-lag and shaving off a thick beard, all that walking I did with Matty on Wednesday's hurt my poor innocent legs. Haven't done more than walk between the jail's dining area to the sleeping area since late September. My feet feel like they've been mugged!

Also, of course, a higher priority has been to attack L&P, Cookie Time, Raro, Jet Planes, Toffie Pops, Watties Sauce, and all the other specifically Kiwi things I've been missing since setting out in 2003.

Shoot me all the questions you like, I'll lay it all out for as long as there's interest. Least I can do.

Right now I'll start putting together a veritable multi-media experience the whole blasted nonsence...


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I did suggest four days ago, Rick, that you reveal all details but am yet to see anything.

I think Peter is right, ...what happened to involve gaol for so long?


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Happy to answer you on those things Suma. I'd better start at the start though.

On September 27 I arrived at Port Huron crossing via Amtrack. This was the end of the best road trip I've ever had, and also the end of many months of living out of a back pack.

Comes a time
when youre driftin'
Comes a time
when you settle down

Alighting the Amtrack I walked around for barings, and was directed to this here bridge....

....After a last USA meal of a very great deal of pizza I stride up to the bridge. I see it's non-pedestrian so I sit on the grass and swear for a bit.

I don't see a taxi stand, I don't see a bus station. I try to use my backpacker's Spider Sense to sniff one out by looking at the sky and the answer comes back nil. So (and this is my actual fundamental flaw) I decided it would be a keen idea to waltz up and ask the welcomming committie on Yank side for their advice. Besides, I was afraid my visa ran out **on** that day- so did that mean I should have been here yesterday? Let's go see.

Off I go to the office on the bridge.

To be continued.....

Hear hear...

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I'm very keen for you to follow up on the possibility of getting your story in the Wall Street Journal!

You will need to get ~every~ minute detail straight before you go to the MSM.

Hey Rick!

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Great to see you back!

The next time you're up in Wellington, be sure to give me a call. It'd be great having you up here sometime!

"Socialism may be dead, but its corpse is still rotting up the place"-Ayn Rand


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And, um, how about clarifying **exactly** what happened to get you chucked in the can for six weeks.

And following from Suma's

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And following from Suma's post, are those other stories you always hear true? Could you sit comfortably on the plane ride home?

Those links are sparse on

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Those links are sparse on details of life in the pen...are you planning to write more on that...if not, here are some things I am curious about.

So, what does a detainee get to do all day long at the detention center. Is there a library where you can check out books to read? Can you have an MP3 player or some such to listen to music? Is it just watching TV or worse just watching the 60 other people (btw, were all of them in there for violating immigration laws) and the mean guards? Or is it like in the movies where inmates are just working out and picking fights?

Rick links

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The first link about me is my own from September 20th. I point out that I should be about to turn up on the radar again and that if I don't then please deploy the New Zealand Special Services to come get me!

There's the Christchurch Star as below (also reprinted in the North Canterbury News) and a follow-up yesterday- which is also online.

There's the Sense of Life Objectivist threads- Rick in Jail and Home and Safe

There's Murray (Hitting Metal With Hammer) telling me off

There's Andrew Sullivan at the Daily Dish

Young mate Callum, in Wellington

Blogmate Mike Heine...Rick Held in US Jail

Auckland friend MikeE, who's the main reason for most of these links and the media stir: Free Rick Giles

I'm on the mighty Kiwiblog

Libertarian champion and statistics-weilding danger woman, Lindsay Mitchell

Not PC makes brief remark http://pc.blogspot.com/2007/11/home-safe.html

My good mate 'Fairfacts Media' has joined the team at No Minister at last, and he's been stiring too...http://nominister.blogspot.com/2007/10/immigration-policy-nz-v-usa.html, http://nominister.blogspot.com/2007/10/free-rick-giles-come-on-helen-you-can.html

Some blogger woman I don't know.


Toby and Dave's Watercooler podcast on Tuesday

Not a bad haul.

You're right there Sandi.

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You're right there Sandi.
Lindsay suggested I might owe a more detailed debrief, so I'll get on to that.

I'm just realising what MikeE's been doing to raise hell too.

As a matter of course I was listening to my favorite Christchurch podcast, just walking down the street to visit the university. Next thing I know they're talking about me! Mike strikes again.
Going to have to compile all the links, there's plenty of them.

The Christchurch Star follow-up story is also online at The Star

My Goodness

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You have had quite a time of it.

I have just read all of the posts regarding your "situation". Obviously, I didn't want to see anything with long sentences (wink)(wink).

Wow, what a family you have here.

I am pleased to see you safe and home.

Gosh, Soloists, what can I say but when the going gets tough.......

Good on ya!

Welcome Home

Glad to have you back.


Apparently theres mention on

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Apparently theres mention on the watercooler:


There's a chance that

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the Wall Street Journal might pick up the story. Rick, I need your contact details!

I've also been asked to pass on any NZ Media coverage that Rick's case might generate. So please keep your eyes peeled and make sure to contact me with URLs and other details if you spot some.



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Hi Rick

Like you, I'd probably also cringe should I have to witness someone making a spectacular hash of it while publicly presenting Objectivism.

I don't yet know how badly Prodos stuffs up on this count, and if its as bad as you say I agree that he should make an effort at achieving more consistency...but from what I've heard of him the man more than makes up for it with enthusiasm.

I was however totally puzzled at your silence in regards to the scathing response of a Prodos admirer on your last post... until I heard the news.

Glad you're back to live and fight another day though.


I admit that reason is a small and feeble flame, a flickering torch by stumblers carried in the starless night, -- blown and flared by passion's storm, -- and yet, it is the only light. Extinguish that, and nought remains.- - Robert Green Ingersoll

Departmenf of Bloody Homeland Security

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Thanks Suma. I am thinking a 'rule of law' podcast would benefit from recent inspiration...

Thankyou all very much for covering my back. I would advise anyone considering having themselves summararily incarcerated at the pleasure of George Bush to invest in the same quality of mateship. Especially Melissa and MikeE, and everyone who delt out telephonic pressure on my behalf. Robert Winefield's got some life in him doesn't he? Also thanks to Joe Maurone for writing to me.

Looks like I wont be able to go hang out with JenniferI and Michael Newberry as planned. Not to mention several dozen other people and places to which I intended to pay homage, as Duncan knows.

Don't think there's a book in it, but I'll have a yarn with RobertW et al and see what there is to gain by lashing back. I think there may be since my transgression was so mild. It suggests to me that this is part of a brainless state leviathan existing for its own sake and not in the interests of Americans. Or Kiwis, come to that.

Now I've had the chance to view my passport I think I have the explaination for my mistake. I wonder if pointing this out on the day might have helped.

Anyway, I've already been in the Christchurch Star...

ChchStar00.JPGLinks to story

...and will be again tomorrow after my interview about jail life and "feelings" and a photo shoot on the front lawn.

Rather thrilled to be in New Zealand, not going to be easy to leave this place again. And I can't tell this story to my grandchildren if I don't hurry up and create some!

Also, it's much easier to tell Prodos how wrong he is and how right I am, Hilton, when I'm not running around with a back pack!


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Glad to read that you are back home and safe. I look forward to reading/hearing (perhaps in the next podcast) about your adventures.

Good news.

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Rick, I'm glad to read you've gotten home safely.


-- Food Philosophy. Sensuality. Sass.

Glad to hear you're out!

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As an American, I am mortified to hear that you went thru such garbage. Glad to hear you are home, though, and more or less intact.

Scott DeSalvo

Quidquid latine dictum sit, altum viditur!

Great news!

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Good to see you unleashed on the world once again Rick. Smiling

Are you going to release a 'tell-all' book?


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Rick, have emailed hendo re the premier. You are CCed in on it.

So tell us rick, are the stories tehy tell us about jail true?

Sticking out tongue


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I'm very glad to hear that you're back home. As frustrating as it must be to have to go back to NZ, I'm sure it's a million times better than where you were. I hope that the supportive public reaction to your detainment gives you a little something to smile about. There are a number of people who care about you.


--Dan Edge

Hi Rick  Please ring me on

Fairfacts Media's picture

Hi Rick

 Please ring me on 09-4444-893 for a gossip.

See you up here or see you soon down south when I make it to the Garden City around the 15th.


All the best



 PS I've posted over at No minister. So i expect you to fill in a few details as to what ahppened.

Thought you flounced

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Hi Rick

Glad you're back. Honestly thought you had flounced after your last post, and was honestly concerned about your absence...until I heard the news.

Looking forward to helping out with your next podcast mate...and good to have you back.


I admit that reason is a small and feeble flame, a flickering torch by stumblers carried in the starless night, -- blown and flared by passion's storm, -- and yet, it is the only light. Extinguish that, and nought remains.- - Robert Green Ingersoll

Good to see you are ok, lets

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Good to see you are ok, lets catch up on MSN Asap.

Beers are on me when you are up in Auckland, feel free to crash on my couch if you need somewhere to stay.

Free at last, free at last...

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If you're in Auckland, Rick, I'd like to invite you over for a slap up dinner at the villa... Give us a call on 021733345.

Hope all's well Rick. I

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Hope all's well Rick. I know how long you'd been planning the trip, & I'm sorry for you that it came off the rails like that. Good that you're safe & sound though.


Buy and wear InfidelGear - 100% of all InfidelGear profit goes to SOLO!

Welcome Back...

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... if you can give me some reliable contact details, we may be able to make you infamous...


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you are back already?!?!

oh right...well...delighted you are safe and well.

What 'exactly' happened?

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