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Submitted by Elijah Lineberry on Sun, 2007-11-04 09:28

Last night I was at Peter's Bonfire social event. Had a splendid time!

During the course of the evening I had a discussion with a brilliant philosopher, talker of common sense and all round splendid chap. Laughing out loud

He gave me a 'tap on the shoulder' about solopassion.com, and libertarianism in general, pointing out my highly competitive and at times predatory nature and how that appears to other people.

He asked me "When you put forward arguments and have discussions, are you actually persuading anyone of anything...or, because of your highly competitive nature, are you just 'playing to win'?" Eye

He went on to say that in terms of 'winning' the score would be about 500 - nil (in my favour), but so what? ...people are not being convinced of anything or introduced to 'new ideas' about freedom, they merely feel stupid.

This hit me like a hammer blow! Shocked

It is probably no great secret that I am not accustomed to being 'questioned' or 'opposed' by those I associate with on a day to day basis...and hearing "Yes, Sir" ..."I will get right onto it, Sir" ..."Tremendous idea, Sir" (etc) 1000 times per day does have an effect after a while.
..so for someone to be (brave?) enough to give me a tap on the shoulder to my face was both unprecedented and refreshing!

I must say...gosh...he is right!

I see that no great purpose is served by just winning arguments with people..(and doing so for just for the sport serves even less of a purpose)...when we are trying to change the World and encourage a 'libertarian revolution'.

So yes, time to move to more persuasion and less point scoring from now on! Laughing out loud

Kasper, I salute you! Smiling

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