Ban on fireworks

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Submitted by Elijah Lineberry on Sun, 2007-11-04 18:57

I have just finished listening to Helen Clark on NewstalkZB.

She was questioned on the story in the news about her desire to ban fireworks.

As it says in the Herald, it seems that because she found it difficult to get to sleep on Saturday night she will ban fireworks! Shocked that is it! that is the sole reason!

To put it another way Eye..despite several hundred Labour Party people gathering at their Conference earlier that day, no one bothered inviting her to a bonfire barbeque (and who can blame them with the inevitable disapproving looks about alcohol and junk food consumption?) 'Plain Jane' was tucked up in bed by 9pm as usual Sticking out tongue festering away and thought "right! I will show you people! you want to have fun and not invite me?!?! ha! I will ban it!" Sticking out tongue

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Oh yes, most definately, Mitch Sticking out tongue

Up here the word 'Auckland' is never used, "Civilisation" is substituted instead Sticking out tongue Wellington would be described as "800km South of Civilisation" ...Christchurch as "1500km South of Civilisation" and so on Sticking out tongue

Sounds like

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Auckland is the place to be? Smiling


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You have a generous view of the verb "to sing," Sam.



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it was a jolly splendid occasion.

You were most welcome with the Spanish wine...glad you enjoyed it! Laughing out loud

Fun Polizia

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Heh. But more likely none of those other 200 had an invite to a party themselves Elijah. Remember: socialists don't have friends, they have comrades, because they all hate each other the most. And enjoying yrself is such bourgeois frittering that only a bout of more petty rule making & fun punishment can atone for it.

Glad I got some serious frittering with friends in Sat night. Think I saw you there too. Smiling Think I drank most of your Spanish red. I think you're up on a serious charge of SHARING, old chap. Smiling

But the more serious charge has to be against PC: he can actually sing 'Satellite of Love'.

I think they should ban

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I think they should ban labour party conferences, they are obviously dangerous events - someone could lose an eye.

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