Short Skirts, Boots & Hotpants

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Submitted by Ross Elliot on Mon, 2007-11-05 00:09

This'll sort the men from the homos...

Here's a wonderful site dedicated to 60s & 70s style. Kudos to its creator.

Don't miss the boots section. Eye

A few teasers to whet your appetite:

Raquel supporting the troops...

I do miss marching teams, oh, how I miss them...

Boldness always carries the day...

If airlines would just return to a more rational
uniform policy, all their woes would vanish...

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  We have to admit that

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We have to admit that they have great leages. I would love to see some of them on some lap dance club they will have great success for sure.

Your so right about

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the dressing down thing. My girl friend loves wearing nice outfits but thinks she has no were to wear them. 


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This site is truly outstanding. I don't know if it is my location or the current state of society that the women I see apparently look down on the idea of "dressing up" and instead will appear at no matter what type of function looking like they might dropping in on their way to a dive bar to see a band. Some women I know are under the impression that going all out in one's appearance reeks of "trying too hard" or perhaps caring too much - I'd love to know when trying hard and caring went out...I didn't get the memo. I can very much appreciate a woman in jeans and a tee shirt given the appropriate setting, but oh, how I love to see a woman looking glamorous. Thanks, Ross.

"The single journey through consciousness should be participated in as fully as possible by the individual no matter how dangerous or cruel or terror-filled that experience may be."

Is it ...

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... your Mum then?

I'll see what I can do.

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I'll see what I can do. Smiling

Hah! Of course not! My dad's

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Hah! Of course not! My dad's legs weren't good enough to wear minis. ;-P


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is that yr Dad?



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...I hope you have plans to get yourself up the road to Maranello to the Ferrari factory for an intimate look at how those Italians put sex on wheels?

When you do, post the pics. Smiling

I want to take a plane...

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...but in the 1960's--what dolls!

And anyone with a pulse who does not put Racquel Welch in the top ten all time hottest chicks ever, well, you're wrong. What a beauty!

Scott DeSalvo

Quidquid latine dictum sit, altum viditur!


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Apparently that site does not discriminate based on sex or sexuality. I also came across these... Smiling

Not really my cup of tea, but I thought I'd post it to allay the fears of critics who would slam SOLO as homophobic... ;-P

Mama mia!

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Of course, it would be an Italian site! Smiling

Thanks Ross!

Thanks Ross

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Ross Elliot's picture's easy.

Here's the text of my post above:

...I may have stumbled upon a new fetish--air hostesses of the 60s. Southwest Airlines again. Bless their firm silky thighs and all who fly between them.

<img src="">

The complicated looking bit at the bottom is an HTML image tag. Between the quotes is the location, or URL, of the image I want to display. Just put <img src= before the left quote and > after the right quote and you're good to go.

Now, to get the actual location of an image from a web page:

Using Firefox, just right-click the image and select "Copy Image Location".

Using Internet Explorer, right-click the image and select "Properties". A box will popup. Drag over the text to the right of the "Address (URL)" field and right-click, then select "Copy". Done.

Now you can paste that location between your quotes.

Example, to display the SOLO logo, you would need this piece of code:

<img src="">

And it looks like this:

Practice a few times and use the Preview button to check your work. If you don't see your image make sure you've copied the full image location and that the code outside the quotes is all there.


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How do you insert those images?

Oh, my...

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...I may have stumbled upon a new fetish--air hostesses of the 60s. Southwest Airlines again. Bless their firm silky thighs and all who fly between them.

Oh my!

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Look at the butt on that soldier to Raquel's left! Yum!

Back then, men showed off their quads, hamstrings and glutes too. Isn't it strange how a new prudery has taken over? Not to mention extremely dull.

Stirling work

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Stirling work Ross. I know how difficult this sort of exploitation is to stomach, yet someone needs to step up. It's just asking for exposure. And that's SOLO: facing facts - no matter how upsetting. [salute]

Great Ross...

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I just love sixties gear... a very flattering era for the female form... unlike the ugly eighties.


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