Rudy and Marion

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Submitted by Elijah Lineberry on Thu, 2007-11-08 21:16

There has been a bizarre endorsement for Rudy Giuliani from Christian Conservative Leader Marion (! Tongue snigger) Robertson.

Marion has perhaps decided to shrug his shoulders because there are no candidates who meet his Conservative Christian standards, and to back Rudy as Frontrunner.

One amusing part of the article is where Marion had a 'conversion', not on the Road to Damascus, but a flight from Israel! Tongue

This, together with Hillary making a huge cockup over illegal immigrant Driver Licenses causing her popularity to fall sharply, has made it an interesting week on the Campaign trail.

(All we would need to top it off would be for New Hampshire to announce the Primary is in December!)

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currently, my top choice is

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currently, my top choice is Rudy Giuliani. I like that he's NOT a social conservative, but that we'll likely get some tax cuts, and he'll nuke Iran- and he'll be able to communicate it well, too. I don't like some of his other ideas, but then again how often do I like the MAJORITY of ideas of ANY politician( other than Reagan)?

Fred Thompson is my second top-choice. Granted, the man looks like an aged Richard Nixon, and sadly backs the McCain-Feingold Act, but I think he'd be a pretty strong opponent, and would deregulate, cut taxes, and nuke Iran. But one thing I must say "southern fried Reagan" he ain't.

Duncan Hunter is THE biggest stretch for me- I'd go for him...but I also realize he's basically George Bush III when it comes to fiscal spending.

Now, I gotta say it about that guy, Tancredo- take a look at a picture of him and tell me: would YOU buy a used car from that face? I sure as hell wouldn't.

Thompson ...

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... is a blithering weasel-worder.


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dear ...Rudy's best friend has been charged with being the biggest crook in town.

What a shame Tongue

Hopefully this will destroy Rudy and be a substantial boost to Fred Thompson! Laughing out loud

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