SOLO-NZ Press Release: More Media Moronry in Wake of Wannabe Terrorists’ Let-Off

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Submitted by Lindsay Perigo on Thu, 2007-11-08 23:33

SOLO Press Release: More Media Moronry in Wake of Wannabe Terrorists’ Let-Off

November 9, 2007

The media and the rest of the nation’s Political Correctness Nazis are undulating in a feeding frenzy of phony indignation about hurt feelings and damaged relationships in the wake of the Solicitor-General’s finding that the wannabe terrorists can’t be charged under the Suppression of Terrorism Act, says SOLO Principal Lindsay Perigo.

“While the Sainsburys and Campbells of this world obsess about extracting an apology and/or resignation from the Police Commissioner, they might pause to reflect that the reason cited by Mr Collins is the ‘incoherence’ of the Act, not the guiltlessness of the wannabe Osamas. They might ponder these words from his findings:

‘I wish also to stress that the police have successfully brought to an end what were very disturbing activities. That the police did so without a single shot being fired, injury or loss of life, is a tremendous reflection on the professionalism and integrity of the New Zealand police.’

“Just what were these ‘very disturbing activities’? Did Campbell or Sainsbury even bother to ask? Nope, because they’re not interested. Rather get the wannabes’ whanau on for an orgy of mutual brown-nosing and police-bashing. The sickening sycophancy of our poor men’s John Pilgers towards the likes of Mordi-Fascism, Islamo-Fascism and eco-Fascism was on full display.

“The Campbells and Sainsburys might also reflect that if their pin-ups’ agenda comes to pass, they’ll be among the first to be blown up, or lined up against a wall, notwithstanding their erstwhile sycophancy.

“Meanwhile, thanks to political incompetence, the public remains in the dark about precisely what Iti and his comrades were up to that was so very disturbing. Attorney-General Cullen should rectify this outrage forthwith,” Perigo concludes.

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Yes, but it's not just NZ.

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Yes, but it's not just NZ. Jihad in Europe, the Middle East & Asia ... fascism in the USA, NZ and Australia ... it's a bleak picture, but not a surprising one. Remember that fascism was at least in part a knee-jerk reaction to Communism, which was in itself indisputably evil. I fear that the resurgence of fascism (with, perhaps, a Christian tinge) is a similar reaction to rise of the equally indisputably evil Islamism.

I will expand upon this in a blog post I'm currently writing, but I fear there are dark times ahead for the West.


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is an interesting contrast between the ignorant Tuhoe Terrorist rabble and their behaviour, with their cohorts in America in a previous life - The Black Panthers.

This is a discussion between Black Panther leader Huey Newton and WFB, two people totally opposed to each other, and follows on from what Peter Cresswell and I were discussing on Thursday night about 'intelligent discussions', rather than media sensationalism.

It has taken me most of the afternoon Shocked to locate this old episode of Firing Line in the archives, so I hope you all jolly well watch it! Sticking out tongue

(Here is some background on Mr Newton for those unaware of his movement, or the details of his arrest)

But it is a splendid example of how 'revolutionaries' in America can be civilised and have an intelligent conversation with someone like Buckley....quite a contrast from the swear words, ignorant grunts, slang terms, yelling, name calling and other primitive forms of communication which would occur if someone like Tame Iti were to be interviewed in this country.


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...this sort of closed-book journalism with what goes on in America. Hell, when someone is arrested, especially in a big case, the evidence is all over the front page. The suspect, lawyers, police, witnesses and sometimes even the judge are interviewed and no stone is left unturned.

Some say this smacks of trial by media, but I prefer that approach to the one we have here where if you so much as allude to anything sub judice you're nailed with a contempt order.

To be fair to John Campbell

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Just what were these ‘very disturbing activities’? Did Campbell or Sainsbury even bother to ask?

He did have the police evidence with him, but legally he wasn't allowed to divulge it, and he did refer to it as being disturbing. Also, at the start of TV3 News, they did reveal some of the disturbing activities.

I caught Sainsbury's 'thing'

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I caught Sainsbury's 'thing' (won't dignify it with any sort of journalistic term) on Close Up last night: what a disgrace.

Do you get the feeling NZ politics/society is crumbling/rotting at an ever increasing pace now? I do, indeed, I can see it in everything around me.

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