Top Ten Hottest Women Ever!

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Submitted by atlascott on Thu, 2007-11-08 23:59

It must be done.

From another thread, I got a good look at Raquel Welch. She is in the top 10.

Angelina Jolie aged 25 years. She is definitely on the list.

Off the top of my head, that's good start.

Extra points for obscure. Have at it!

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Do any of the guys on here

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Do any of the guys on here have a list of top ten men?  If you do, do they resemble yourself in any way? 

 I always think the prettiest women are those that share some of my features-- high cheekbones, prominent eyebrows, and full lips.   so--Keira Knightley, Rachel Weisz, and Angelina Jolie.  I think people like Lindsay Lohan and Heidi Klum are rather plain, in contrast.  I don't know why.  maybe i value my own facial traits.  I know my whole face isn't as pretty as those women, but maybe I like seeing reflections of it.

I find men with strong jaws, heavy eyebrows, dark hair, high cheekbones, and lean and tall ( hairy) bodies the most attractive.   my top few men would be Clark Gable, George Clooney, Paul Newman, and Marlon Brando.

I've also found that I have not been attracted to men that find women I think are plain, like Lohan, attractive. 

re: Top ten babes of the IDF

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Hell Yeah! IDF girls all the way! though I have to point out that 2nd down on the left is an American gunner (lost the link). How do I know these things? Computer 'virii' take over my computer and makes me look at them! Tongue

Yes, I would love to butter Nigella's muffins too

My only quibble

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My only quibble in the case of Miss Whelan is that adding some flesh on those bones would be even better. There are other shots of her at other angles that border on her appearing unhealthy or anorexic. For greater hotness in figure, I refer you to the "Beauty" thread.

What an utter knockout.

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It is almost unbelievable to me that they make them this hot.

Scott DeSalvo

Whether you think you can, or think you cannot, you're probably right!!

My current avatar

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Reprise! Enjoy while it lasts . . .


Another of the same lass:

Ha ha

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I like how my RateBeer avatar keeps on changing. I'd upload the original photo I did so that it's permanently on this thread, but I don't know how. In the meantime, just do a Google Image search for "allison stokke" and "megan fox".

Are you speaking of Scott

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Are you speaking of Scott Schiff?

I was hoping to read some of his more recent insights myself.


No heart attack for me, gents.

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Though I have been on a serious weight loss regime this year to ensure that I keep it that way.

Thought this Pres election might do me in.

Cannot argue with any of the more recent positions taken on this thread. And it beats the hell out of reading threads featuring Otani or the Scientologist.

That sounds like s sitcom...

Scott DeSalvo

Quidquid latine dictum sit, altum viditur!

"Where is Scott? Haven't

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"Where is Scott? Haven't seen a post from him for ages?"

I'm thinking he sent his blood pressure over the top with re-readings of this thread!

Obligatory xkcd

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I love vista

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It's so great being able to avoid things like that.

Thank you for Vista Bill Gates.


Never mistake contempt for compassion, or power lust for ambition.

I'd edit it out, but . . .

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I can't now. Sad

What I get for adding a link when quoting from it . . .


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FYI, the links you provided are to a site that attempts to install spyware & adware on your PC.


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Why? OH WHY!?

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YES Chris, I concur that Elisha is lowering her standards by even getting near Paris. Paris is a skank. (I hope Elisha doesn't go down the same trampy road as Paris, Britney, and Lohan)

Lastest 'hot' Cuthbert rumors

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"Paris Hilton is in New York City (NYC) promoting her new film The Hottie & The Nottie, and she has been spotted with Canadian Actress Elisha Cuthbert kissing each other at Tenuje Night Club in Manhattan on Tuesday Night according to some spy reports of a US magazine. Both stars were spied by a spy and seen “all over each other and making out” as told by a US Magazine."

Well, I'm ambivalent on this one. Yeah, it's Elisha making it with Paris, but is Paris really all that hot/appealing? Isn't Elisha going well below her station in the hotness department with this one?

Where is Scott? Haven't seen

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Where is Scott? Haven't seen a post from him for ages.

My favorite blonde

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Speaking of French beauties - Eva Green

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from The Dreamers.

Since there can't be too much of a good thing, there is only benefit in the thread continuing to expand.

WARNING: Photos of topless, naturally perfect-chested female within. You have been forewarned.
More Eva
Eva again


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Yes, I did happen to see her in that little-known Rivette film. Smiling Obviously there's a beauty there -- even more accentuated in the first Mission Impossible just a few years later, with those eyes and those lips. But I wouldn't say she outranks all the rest.

Oh, maybe she does:
That's the idealized Emmanuelle Beart, but did she actually really look like this all the time? As far as I know she only came closest in MI.


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Get your eyes checked, they don't come close to Emmanuelle, your belated tenacity is welcome though. Nice one.

I wouldn't kick Penelope out of the bed now you've got me thinking

Rachel Specter

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RGX Body Spray ad, 30 seconds.

Paz Vega and Penelope Cruz

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While we're on a Latin kick, we might as well mention Paz Vega, whom I had the pleasure of coming to know about via the movie Spangligh, and Penelope Cruz also qualifies for one of the closest-to-perfect faces ever.

Paz, whom I'd characterize as close to a cross between Cruz and Hayek:

As for Keira Knightley and Jenny Agutter

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Keira is rather waifish but her face is well nigh close to perfect.

For Jenny Agutter, the best showcase for her beauty is, of course, Walkabout.

My current avatar

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(Oh, BTW, if someone can Photoshop up a better "campaign poster" than what I managed, by all means....)

My new numero uno---Kate Beckinsale

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New link

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Yeah, true but...

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pretty much I fall in love when a woman shows me her stuff. But crazy is a real turn off. Don't know if Beart is crazy. Others cited here are.

Scott DeSalvo

Quidquid latine dictum sit, altum viditur!


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Beart's a beauty alright. Wouldn't that be great if she was objective too?

Emmanuelle Beart...

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Her left breast alone sells me. And her face is quite beautiful.

Scott DeSalvo

Quidquid latine dictum sit, altum viditur!

Nigella Lawson...

Prima Donna's picture one of the sexiest creatures on earth. Unabashedly sensual, and definitely someone I would invite to a dinner party. Smiling


-- Food Philosophy. Sensuality. Sass.

Top Ten Babes of the IDF

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Where do I sign up?

Top 4

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Nigella "I love a good impaling" (said while coring an apple) Lawson. WOOF!

12 rounds with Maggie? Yes please!

Maria: all class

There's something about Dolly:

oh gosh, the shame ...

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again! ... Bella Bellucci


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I 2nd Monica Bellucci!

Come on everybody the

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Come on everybody the hottest guy thread is catching up!

3 Hot Babes Without SAG Cards...

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Bella Monica Belluci

Jon Coster's picture

Goddess Belucci

And I...

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like your taste in men... Wink


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like your taste in women Glenn!


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... not least because it's the one thing she can't fake with Photoshop or silicon implants and lots of cash.

Thanks, Scott...

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That was an entirely pleasant exercise...


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Ya can't have 'em, they're

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Ya can't have 'em, they're all mine. Smiling

Seriously though, isn't the most erotic part of a woman's body her brain?


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Liz Taylor, Zeta Jones, Lohan et al. look great right up until they start talking. At that point I just want to bang my head against the wall.

For mine, hot is more than a flawless complexion and big breasts. There has to be a palpable intelligence, integrity, and rugged individualism there.

I'm with Peter's choices. His pin-ups aren't just eye-candy, they are soul candy.

I've always had a thing for Helena Bonham Carter

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Most either love her or hate her...

And Liz Taylor...

Lord Baron...

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Would you get off this fashionable lesbian kick and post some gorgeous men, please?!

With pleasure. See new thread coming up ! Smiling


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My Son...reckons Catherine Zeta Jones is the hottest woman in the world

Yes, she is a charming female, but I cannot help feeling sorry for her, as if the World simply passed her by in an instant. Sad

I mean, one minute she was walking down the Aisle to get married, and the next minute she suddenly felt old age creeping up on her Wink Tongue


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That's JACK Cocksucker, to you, pal.

Scott DeSalvo

Quidquid latine dictum sit, altum viditur!


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Gotta admit CZJ is stunning in that photo.

Dont see how Sophie Marceau lost out on a mention (especially in Braveheart as Isabella).

And why should we forget Charlize Theron and finally, the perfect blend of brains and innocent beauty that is Natalie Portman.

To me her best performance was in "Beautiful Girls" a loooong time ago.

and Linz, you are welcome to feast thine eyes on good old Cuba up there with Charlize.


I admit that reason is a small and feeble flame, a flickering torch by stumblers carried in the starless night, -- blown and flared by passion's storm, -- and yet, it is the only light. Extinguish that, and nought remains.- - Robert Green Ingersoll

Claudia, you slapper ...

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Would you get off this fashionable lesbian kick and post some gorgeous men, please?! For Lord Baron's sake? Ross and Cocksucker sure as hell won't! Smiling

My son...

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reckons Catherine Zeta Jones is the hottest woman in the world, so here's his vote:

Biel pic

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aaaand here's Biel!


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...I guess the weather was cold that day. Wink

Late inclusion

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You can't leave out Emmanuelle Beart, impressive in 'La Belle Noiseuse'

In other news...

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CNNs Kiran Chetry:

Huba Huba!

Now how in the world is

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Now how in the world is everyone forgetting the sah-MOKIN' Samantha Fox, who heated up Page 3 in the UK in the '80s? She was HOOOOOTTTTTT!!!!!!!!!! Years later, she still is. She, IMO, is one of the hottest babes of all time.

Marilyn Monroe is definitely also up there.

Wow, so someone else agrees with me about Jessica Alba- yeah, for the most part, I find her to be very cute...but the first time she EVER turned me on was in Fantastic Four 2....never ONCE before that.... so I don' find her mind-blowingly masturbational material 24/7 er nothin' like that.

Maybe Suzanne Somers......

Claudia Cardinale, reprise

Ross Elliot's picture


Ross Elliot's picture have got some deep, strong, nasty thang for those sci-fi chicks.

If you're after Sci-Fi Sexy, then look no further than Jenny Agutter as Jessica 6 in Logan's Run.

And I know, with absolute confidence, that a fellow devotee in southwest Texas will wholeheartedly agree.

Catherine Deneuve

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Classic, haughty French beauty.

By the way, these pics are from The Elliot Collection.

Wait while were on science

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Wait while were on science fiction Marina Sirtis from Startrek The Next Generation

Does anybody remember

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Does anybody remember Servelan the Emperoress of the Federation in Blake 7,she was damm hot

I dunno about Salma...

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...she's starting to look like Erik Estrada in drag.

That's not a vein...

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"Although that wee vein in her forehead has been worrying me for some time."'s a subcutaneous carapace. Just like on the foreheads of those Star Trek aliens. It's for attack and defence.

Actually, she looks pretty good here, but when the light's coming from the side, it'll pucker you up tighter than a snare drum.

Salma & Gwyneth

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A luscious Latina...

And let us not forget the gorgeous, gracious Gwyneth...

never afraid to be openly feminine

... or a little moody

Of course, I'm such a fickle

Mark Hubbard's picture

Of course, I'm such a fickle fool: Kristin Scott Thomas, how could I have spurned her for the others I have named below who were all nothing compared to her. I have been in lust with Kristin since Four Weddings and a Funeral, and think I've seen all her movies now.

Class act. Although that wee vein in her forehead has been worrying me for some time.


Ye gods!

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That picture of Scarlett Johanssen is just INCREDIBLE. Right up there with Salma for me. I remember her as just a cute wee thing in The Horse Whisperer - where Kristin Scott Thomas was the leading hottie.... she'd be hard pressed to hold her own on the screen next to Scarlett now. Formidable beauty... and impeccable style.

Angie in Rio Bravo

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And a pretty good movie.

Here's the video of Dean Martin and Ricky Nelson singing, My Rifle, My Pony and Me, from Rio Bravo. No Angie, but Walter Brennan's on harp, and the Duke looks happy.


Ross Elliot's picture

...ahem, Scott, if you're serious about this you'll find some pics and post them yourself.

And I agree about Lohan. This is a hot woman thread not a skank ho thread. Who's next? Paris? Britney?

And, yes, Scarlett Johansson is becoming lovelier the older she gets. By the time she's 40, she'll be devastating.

Strong start

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But being a contrarian, I'll have to take issue with a few...

Lindsay Lohan!!???!?!?! Nope.

Elle MacPherson is beautiful, but HOT? She goes in the same category as Jessica Alba for me--gorgeous, but not sexy hot.

I think Claudia is on top of it with Selma Hayek. Matty hit the target with my girl Jessica Biel.

Peter mostly hits the target with his selections.

Marnee gets obscure and 70's TV reference award for Erin Gray, but she's too bony. Buck Rogers! Awesome!

A great obscure one (for me) is Aishwarya Rai. I Google Imaged her. What a knockout.

Here's another contribution, under 'improving with age'--Scarlett Johansson. Never much cared for her, but yes, she's a great beauty and smoking hot!

Jennifer Connolly unfortunately fell off the list when she decided to "Hollywood Up" and lose about 25 pounds and now looks emaciated, gaunt, terrible.

Scott DeSalvo

Quidquid latine dictum sit, altum viditur!

My top 3 as of right now...

Erik's picture no particular order; Jessica Biel, Lindsay Lohan, Aishwarya Rai

Too thin?

Ross Elliot's picture

It would take five Twiggys to make one Angie. Goodness.

I'll admit that when she played the lead in Policewoman, she was older and the years had not been too kind.

But, too thin?

I never did 'get' Angie

Mark Hubbard's picture

I never did 'get' Angie Dickinson, or Twiggy. Too thin.

Angie Dickinson

Ross Elliot's picture

Anita O'Day

Peter Cresswell's picture

Oh yeah. I remember seeing that Newport concert on the big screen here a couple of years ago down at the Viaduct. I know just what you mean. Smiling

Col. Wilma Deering

Marnee's picture

Or I mean, Erin Gray. The blonde, butt-kicking badass one.

I also meant to add that she has the best laugh, ever.

Anita O'Day

Ross Elliot's picture

Newport Jazz festival, 1958.

Oh, the mouth, that dress, those gloves, the hat, those shoes.


Part of her performance at Newport, YouTube. Check out those 50s hepcats.

Winslett reminds me of the

Mark Hubbard's picture

Winslett reminds me of the best of all: Cate Blanchett. That face is incredible.

And my perennial favorite...

Ross Elliot's picture

...the delightful, the delovely, Kate Winslet.

Oh, let's just swim in her beauty... I may have to hurt myself.

Hah! She'll never find

Mark Hubbard's picture

Hah! She'll never find Timaru Ross, and I have the sun and the sea to offer her.

Back off, Hubbard! She's mine!!

Ross Elliot's picture

Debra Stephenson. Oh, sweet Jesus, she is built!

After a week on the road,

Mark Hubbard's picture

After a week on the road, off and on, a good topic to come back to.

 Seven of Nine, definitely.

The ex of the bloke who runs the underwear factory on Coronation Street. 

Top hotties

Peter Cresswell's picture

I posted a selection of top hotties back on International Womens' Day. Here they are:

International Women's Day is an ideal opportunity to honour international women, don't you think -- you know, real women, women who make you feel like this:

* * * * *
So let's see, who makes you feel that way? Sophia Loren?

Katarina Witt?
Maureen O'Hara?
Hedy Lamarr?
Soprano Anna Moffo?
Claudia Cardinale?
Gina Lollabrigida?
Elle McPherson?

Rita Hayworth?
Ursula Andress?
Isabelle Adjani?
Or, perhaps (my own top favourite) Diana Rigg...

No, there's no contemporary airheads in this list -- I prefer real women, not braindead stick insects. How 'bout you?
[Hat tip Weekend Women by Kim du Toit]

PS: Why not pick your Dagny out of that line-up? Smiling

Jessica Biel

Matty Orchard's picture

Gotta put Ms. Biel on the list.

Ones I'd do.

Olivia's picture

Salma Hayek
Salma Hayek
& Salma Hayek... she's sexy, voluptuous, fiery, has a gorgeous accent and has THE most perfect breasts.

I also am very partial to Demi Moore.. especially when she's all buffed like in GI Jane. Again, perfect breasts and husky voice Smiling

Also... I adore Juliette Binoche. Her face is so open and pretty. I've got a thing about women who look spectacular with short hair. Too many of them hide behind long locks which dampen down their natural features.

Angelina Jolie looks AMAZING with cropped hair. Not so keen on her with long.... too common.

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