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Submitted by Andrew Bissell on Tue, 2006-01-24 06:14

No, it’s not what you’re thinking. Thanks to some very generous donations, SOLOPassion is happy to announce that we can now offer a cash payment of US$30 for articles published exclusively on the site. Since we are committed to exploring the frontiers of the cutting edge of the emerging possibilities of technological newfangledom, we will transfer the money using Paypal, so you’ll have it the moment your article goes up. Here’s your chance to retire some of those outstanding gambling debts (use your digits to save your digits), or eat a meal that offers greater nutritional value than Ramen noodles! 

Whether they deal with tales of personal triumph or the minutiae of international affairs, articles will need a hefty dose of rational passion and passionate reason to meet the standards for paid publication. So, pour your heart, soul, and mind into your work, and add some monetary profits to the intellectual and spiritual profits you earn at SOLO. 

Happy writing!


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Length & Scrutiny

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Kenneth—articles should be around 1000-1500 words, punchy & polemical. They do indeed have to pass muster—with editor Andrew Bissell. You've made me realise that we don't have a list of article guidelines as such—the "Posting Guidelines" that appear on the Submit Article page are in fact aimed at general postings, as a nod in the direction of encouraging folk to be nice to each other. Smiling I'll rectify this soon (the absence of article guidelines, that is, though I should probably nip this niceness nonsense in the bud as well Smiling).

Is there a minimum length

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Is there a minimum length for an article to qualify? Must it pass editorial scrutiny?

I think that recipes should

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I think that recipes should pass some sort of review before payment is made. I volunteer to be on the taste-test panel...

Cream Sauce Pasted on the FreeRad?

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I'm delighted to think folk would find it so stimulating.

Andrew, how much you pay for

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Andrew, how much you pay for an interesting recipe? :-)

And, If I post a recipe on how to make cream sauce, will it be posted on the free radical. wow!!!

Ciro D'Agostino


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I don't know how you guys pulled this off, but a massive well done! This is a huge coup and I am thrilled that SOLO is progressing so well.

Now, if I can just find time to drum up some articles...

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