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Submitted by Elijah Lineberry on Tue, 2007-11-13 00:19

I have a 'zero tolerance' for anything which prevents, or interferes with, profitmaking undertakings.

Whether it be a law, a tax, a regulation, industrial action, a boycott, a protest...anything at all, I am against it, as profits are all important and should be made.

As a libertarian I have no concerns whatsoever with what particular profitmaking activities are being undertaken.
To me it is all exactly the same, and who are we to interfere or comment if a chap is providing a product or service and people are prepared to pay money for it?

I also do not believe there is such a thing as 'price gouging' in a free market, as it is simply a manifestation of what eager buyers are prepared to pay for a product or service, and should not be criticised.

I am full of encouragement for various lucrative industries who seem to have bad publicity, such as Oil companies, Pharmacuetical companies, Iraq War profiteers, Defence Contractors, Pornographers, Brothelkeepers, Narcotics Traffickers, Fast Food Companies, Corporate Raiders and many others.

I feel we at and the libertarian movement in general need to give greater and more vocal support to various businesses and their profitmaking undertakings.

Which companies do you admire most? Smiling

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may not be long before opportunites abound in Britain.

Commercial property values are falling and set the plummet with the credit crisis making it difficult for chaps to refinance when their loans fall due.

Gosh! what splendid news!

The perfect opportunity to make some 'real' money from purchasing a building or two for a song in 2009. Smiling


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What a splendid idea!

The concept of the 'Mumpreneurs' ...where dear Ladies commence small businesses from home, enabling them to remain in their roles of Wives and Mothers whilst making profits to assist their Husbands, is just splendid. Smiling

It is a great contrast to the traditional "we are a young married couple with young children and have no money" whingeing which most in that category engage in.

The more dear Ladies who can be encouraged to undertake this sort of thing, the better! Smiling

I think the French

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have some device that squirts water up your arse to clean it, what's that thing called? A Jaccuzzi or something? See if you can get Plumbing World to order one in.

Id like to invest in Lewis

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Id like to invest in Lewis Hamilton the Formula 1 driver which is an opertunity thats in the pipeline.Imagine the profit you could have made if you had invested in Michael Jordon early in his career

Met one of the founders of

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Met one of the founders of Sealegs on a biz trip. Excellent guy, vy entrepreneurial, confidently dry. Works some too. Smiling Takes the medium view. Learnt some secrets I cannot disclose. Smiling Might have learnt more had my DC bus driver gotten me to the Air&Space museum near Dulles... but another story.

Sealegs started at a bbq on Milford beach - they wanted to go out in their boat, but what a hassle with a trailer, a few drinks in & all. Had to be a better way. So they sorted one.

I also admire the Rank Group guy... ummm... quite the hardworking genius.

Good heads-up EL.

If Fonterra elects to float

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If Fonterra elects to float shares in it's commodity business (not value added), then I'll look at that with a lot of interest. Despite Woolly Woolerton stating that even if the farmer shareholders voted to float part of 'their' company, then NZ Retards would fight to stop it at the Parliamentary level.

They really just don't get it on a most fundamental level. 

A company in NZ that

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A company in NZ that produced bidets might do well?


We've, well, Pauline, imported one of those Japanese styled bidets that fits onto a standard toilet: heated seat, jets of water, automatic de-odouriser, blow dryers, the works. People spend an age in our toilet. I don't, I use the blokes toilet, that's a normal seat and toilet paper arrangement, in 'my' bathroom.


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forgot to mention Tobacco companies.

Splendid chaps! I see Altria Group are at $72 today Sticking out tongue (plus $33 per share for Kraft) which is not a bad return on the $31 purchase price. Smiling view of all the money to be made I am at a loss to understand the criticism of the tobacco industry.

The company Sealegs International are getting stuck in with export orders according to a story in the NZ Herald.

Nice to see a company just getting on with the job and not moaning about how difficult it is to be a Manufacturer, or the value of the NZ Dollar or other peripheral nonsense.

Problem with Charlie's ...

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... is that the juice is often shit. It's all very well not to nuke it and so on, but gosh, a chap would still like it to taste nice.

Still, you've sold me on Marc Ellis. Smiling

There's a crying need for a product that enables better toilet hygiene than mere toilet paper. Just smearing feces around with permeable paper is a disgrace. Historians will look back and be appalled. I myself observe a thorough and meticulous regime in which toilet paper is merely the first step.

A company in NZ that produced bidets might do well?


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it should be a good investment.

Everything about Charlie's points to it making shareholders a fortune over the next decade or so.

I am also impressed that shares and share options are sold in large quantities to Directors and Executives giving them quite a stake in the company.

However, the only concern I would have is Mr Ellis himself.
I mean...he is a bit loutish on television Shocked ..seems to have a reckless personality...has been known to have 11 or 12 tall drinks in an evening..and so you need to take that into account.

(To put it another way, would you let Marc Ellis throw a large amount of your money away just because he is a nice 'bloke'?)

Apart from those concerns, yes, my suggestion is to snap up as many shares as possible! Smiling


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Fronted by Marc Ellis. Politically Incorrect and proud of it.

I'm actually thinking about buying a few shares in Charlie's. Any advice, Elijah? Smiling

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