SOLO-NZ Press Release—Congratulations Police and Dom-Post ... Shame on TV3!

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Submitted by Lindsay Perigo on Tue, 2007-11-13 21:03

"The Dominion Post's decision to take the 'publish and be damned' approach I yesterday urged on TV3 toward the evidence on which the police anti-terror raids were based is vindicated by the evidence thus revealed," says SOLO Principal Lindsay Perigo. "So are the raids themselves. And TV3 are exposed yet again as the abject fellow-travellers of those whom I have so rightly been calling the 'wannabe terrorists.'

"As the Dom-Post's editorial trenchantly observes:

'Solicitor-General David Collins, Qc, has spoken of "very disturbing activities." The material in the affidavit the police submitted to obtain search warrants more than confirms that description. Some will continue to dismiss much of what was intercepted as the empty talk of people with delusions of guerrilla grandeur. They will say the police should not have taken seriously those who allegedly discussed assassinating National Party leader John Key should he become prime minister at the next election. They will still argue that the police were over-reacting when suspects allegedly discussed creating urban and rural warfare, killing police, removing Pakeha farmers, and committing actions so brutal people would think al Qaeda had arrived. However, they will find it harder to dismiss what the affidavit says the police surveillance uncovered - trainees at camps in the Ureweras ambushing vehicles and carrying out military-style drills with live rounds, taking part in "terrifying" counter-interrogation training including holding guns to participants' backs and accusing a suspect of being a police informant, throwing Molotov cocktails, posting sentries and carrying out military drills. That is more than empty talk. Police needed to treat that seriously and needed to investigate. To do anything less would have been to fail in their duty to protect New Zealanders. We believe that the police were right to act.'

"To the Dom-Post, so often in the fellow-travellers' camp itself, I say bravo! To the police, so often violating rights rather than protecting them (for instance, the right to defend oneself with a firearm), the heartiest possible bravo and thanks for doing the job they're supposed to be doing for once, and doing it so well and proactively," Perigo concludes.


Lindsay Perigo 021 255 8715

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bwaahahha lol. . .. hmm pie

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bwaahahha lol.
hmm pie yum

...and linux is unAmerican!

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oh god lol , yup i imagine

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oh god lol Laughing out loud, yup i imagine something quite like that. btw gimp is for terrorists!

Like this ;)

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Made with GIMP
GIMP > Photoshop

Nice one Linz!

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It's crazy to think that people doubted the terrorists intentions. Thing is I reckon there'll be people walking round with Che Guevara styled t-shirts soon with Tame Iti on them. With some joke slogan. They'll probably be mainly pakeha too

Go Ron Mark!

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Just saw him on Socialism at Seven... he was excellent. Wants an apology to the police also.


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friend of mine who works there, Neville..(he is the cute, blond waiter who looks like a slag, not the fat Maori one)..says they get a lot of TV3 chaps in there.

He has told me some hilarious stories of Campbell being ignored by everyone, and appearing so crestfallen he (embarrassingly) starts random conversations with people, (who are trying to eat), until someone says "are you John Campbell?" Sticking out tongue which he expresses astonishment anyone recognises him Eye and ...yes..gosh...apparently it is hilarious to watch him in action.

Neville says the nicest chap is that newsreader, McRoberts, who is always in disguise! dark glasses order not to be recognised.

Better still...

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Ignore him and piss him off even more.

Well done Linz

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Ahem: "Rev the shit out of them"



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Lindsay, you need to pop along to The French Cafe, on Symonds Street, at lunchtime to catch Mr Campbell poncing about ordering gateaux and expecting all the other patrons to know who he is Sticking out tongue

A perfect opportunity to take him to task for his socialist limp dick-ism.

Quisling Comrade Campbell ...

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.... just came on screen, looking very tired and harried, asking "Is it time for an apology to the police?"

I sent this e-mail to him:


"Is it time for an apology to the police?"


"Is it time for TV3 to apologise for its cowardice/complicity in not
publishing the evidence?"


"Is it time for TV3 to drop its Chomksyite, pro-terrorist agenda?"



Not holding my breath for a response. Smiling

Still #1 ...

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.... over the hikoi even. Smiling

High Five Linz

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At Ya!!

Crikey! :-)

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Now this one's the most read!

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