SOLO-NZ Press Release—Campbell and the Greens Reveal Their True Colour: Red!

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Submitted by Lindsay Perigo on Wed, 2007-11-14 06:45

"America-hating Noam Chomsky's Number One devotee in this country, TV3's John Campbell, and the Taleban's Number One devotee here, Green MP Keith Locke, have united, appropriately, in panic-stricken apoplexy against the publication of evidence of terrorist plotting by Mordi-Fascists and Islamo-Fascists in New Zealand," says SOLO Principal Lindsay Perigo.

"Campbell, who refused to publish the evidence when it was handed to him on a platter, affects to dismiss its significance because of the small number of people involved.

"Locke is demanding that Crown Law prosecute the Dominion Post for publishing the evidence concerning what his soulmates were up to.

"The evil of both men, and what they represent, is now plain for all to see, if it were not already.

"Both would claim to be 'civil libertarians.' 'Civil libertarians' are not to be confused with actual libertarians. Genuine libertarians believe in freedom. They know that freedom doesn't include the right to plot and commit murderous atrocities. 'Civil libertarians' enthusiastically endorse that very 'right'—and the 'right' of its low-life practitioners to be free from legitimate surveillance and exposure by the state, whose job it is to protect genuine freedom.

"Campbell and Locke are communists, pure and simple. Their ilk infest the media and Parliament. The greatest good to come from the terror raids may not be the stopping of the terrorists in their tracks, excellent and noble though that certainly be, but the exposure of their vile apologists for what they are," Perigo concludes.


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Once again...

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Campbell's a Tomato Soup can. Can't fault the wit. But I think we need something else.

We now have ...

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.... our own little corner on Scoop



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Campbell is redder than Tomato soup and just as wet. Quite frankly the only substantive point he's likely to make is on a discussion on the use of hairspray.


Rick Giles's picture

Full marks for name-calling and anger but how about some rational argument if we've room?

Campbell and Locke might have points worth rebutting. By rebutting I mean something a bit more intellectual than "they're reds!"

The New Zealand legal system, ie the Solicitor General, has ruled that this information not come out. It has not been released, it has been leaked by Fairfax. That's contempt for the rule of law.

While you may all be right to give The Law the finger and pop your champane corks, I'm not so sure. Please tell a poor fool what he's missing and why this is so great and why Campbell and Locke are so clearly in bed with the devil.

"We are in bondage to the law so that we might be free." Cicero


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can see Red John having a piece about it on his show...

I can hear him now "Our Comrade, Brother Bunkle, has been caught up in a conspiracy by the Boss Class Courts and Police. All loyal socialist brothers should support her at this difficult time..." Sticking out tongue

Ha Ha she must have fallen

michael fasher's picture

Ha Ha she must have fallen on hard times,thats classic


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see various other Socialists are showing their true colours. Sticking out tongue

Hardly a surprise as they are committed to confiscating anything made by a capitalist enterprise.

Ron Mark? He's on the list

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Ron Mark? He's on the list of 'first against the wall' for me. He's a despicable little creep, he opposed the repeal of seditious offences, and is capitalising on all of this to push for a 'ban' on 'gangs'. I wouldn't believe or trust a single tainted word that oozed forth from the flapping lips of that disgusting little toad.

I was flicking between

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I was flicking between Campbell and Paul Henry on One. I could see where Campbell was going the minute he first brought up the 'small numbers involved': couldn't believe it, but knew how the rest of his monologue would go. It was so blatantly despicable, I was quite shocked (though don't know why I should be anymore).

 My overall impression was that Ron Mark should have been interviewing Sharples. Sometimes he can be so good, pity he's in the wrong party.

Those phony pacifiusts are

michael fasher's picture

Those phony pacifiusts are the most disgusting creeps Ive encountered,I actually like the out and out death to America islamofacists better,the honesty of an true islamofacist is far more refreshing then the fucking smarmy creepyness of "peace activists"

My fingers are burning as I type

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You rock men list...blah blah blah......

Always! :-)

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Always on fire. And the evil bastards are playing right into our hands right now. We must seize the moment! Carpe Diem!! Smiling

On fire Linz!

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On fire Linz!

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