SOLO-US Press Release—What Are the Odds?

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SOLO-US Press Release: What Are The Odds?

By Michael Vardoulis

Nov 16, 2007

"Governor Deval Patrick's moves to ban on-line gambling buried deep in the very same bill that would allow three casinos to be licensed in the state of Massachusetts smack of fascism and cronyism," says SOLO-US spokesman Michael Vardoulis.

"Patrick's bill effectively grants a state monopoly by not only outlawing competition, but by criminalising an act of free association: online gambling.

“In an age when people can freely communicate and trade across international boundaries in a matter of seconds, it would not be enough for Patrick's bill to ban on-line casinos from operating in Massachusetts; no, his bill would make criminals of Massachusetts residents for participating in a victimless voluntary exchange.

"If offline gambling is 'okay'—and frankly the state has no place legislating whether it is or not anyway—then it’s very short odds that the reason online gambling would be prohibited and punishable by up to two years in prison (!!) is the protection of state-granted monopolies.

"Such disgusting control-freakery and cronyism as Governor Patrick’s should have no place in the Land of the Free, least of all in the state known as the Cradle of Liberty,” Vardoulis concludes.

Michael Vardoulis


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Socialism American Style

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"Taxxachusetts" is already one of the most Socialist states in the US, after California. It's the main reason why people are moving to NH-despite the fact that they're going to do the same thing all over again. *sigh*

"Socialism may be dead, but its corpse is still rotting up the place"-Ayn Rand


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think the issue is simple.

The 3 casinos are owned by Corporations who will no doubt establish Political Action Committees and give enormous donations to the Democratic Party.

The online gambling chaps, however, would be harder to monitor and...horror...may not play by the long established 'rules' of Massachusetts, so the Governor is 'hedging his bets', so to speak.

Giving credit where it is due, at least Michael Dukakis (for all his 'wetness' and faults) never engaged in that sort of corrupt nonsense...(hence never being US President).

Happy to report ...

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.... the Boston Herald is on our distribution list. Smiling

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