Elijah Lineberry, are you a racist?

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Submitted by Jameson on Sun, 2007-11-18 00:01

Ever since things heated up on the Blackwater thread you've posted on many other threads and appear to be avoiding this issue altogether. Stop evading and explain yourself old bean. Specifically, what ethnic group do you want cleansed?


Submitted by Elijah Lineberry on Thu, 2007-11-15 22:40.

"I wish the New Zealand Government would engage the services of Blackwater to 'de-spiv' our great Nation.
Get some chaps over here to clean up the Tuhoe Terrorists, the gangs in South Auckland and all the other low life scum which pollutes these Isles.
To put it bluntly, get them to indulge in a long overdue spot of 'ethnic cleansing'.
I am sure they would not charge us too much, and we could throw in free holidays in Queenstown or Rotorua for their chaps once their mission was completed (which would take all of about 5 minutes as Maori/Pacific Island 'hard men' are actually all girly men)..."

Submitted by Elijah Lineberry on Fri, 2007-11-16 05:32.

"I am sure your friends were the greatest opponents of the British Empire.. re: Rhodesia ...(despite 1001 warnings from Ian Smith and others)...so have only themselves to blame.
I have no sympathy whatsoever!
With regards to my previous post, I am surprised anyone would think I was joking..but..there we are.
The main problem with New Zealand is this:
1. If I was in charge we most certainly would 'de-Spiv' the Country of all the f***wits and troublemakers.
2. We would never do so...(because it would not be right)...and hence, 20 years from now, 2027, we will still be dealing with Maori radicals and terrorists and troublemakers....(scratching our heads wondering how to 'solve these problems')"

Submitted by Elijah Lineberry on Sat, 2007-11-17 01:26.

"I used to term 'spiv' ...meaning petty criminal, and suggested we should line a few of those sorts of chaps up and bump them off."

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Yes, completely nude pirate.

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Yes, completely nude pirate. And whilst standing on the deck, he can tell the sea is cold...and deep!

Scott DeSalvo

Quidquid latine dictum sit, altum viditur!

"... he has gone rogue..."

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Does that mean he's not wearing any underwear? Bloody bounder!

When you've got game...

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...and cast such sweetness at such a deserving target as yourself, the natural reaction of other men is, of course, not to taste the sweetness, but to call it bitter. Of course, the bitterness comes from within, at the realization that they hesitate to praise beauty and the good unashamedly and immediately. Don't be shy, fellows. You can tell Claudia that she is lovely and funny and smart. In fact, most women wouldn't sock you in the jaw for such pronouncements, though the internet is the perfect medium for anonymous generosity and kindness (and also nastiness, which is far more prevalent).

And for the record, Linz, you'll NEVER catch Jack Cocksman! I have it on good authority that he has gone rogue and is now sailing the high seas all Ragnar Danneskold-like!

Scott DeSalvo

Quidquid latine dictum sit, altum viditur!

Lady Livvy

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That wasn't a come on! That was a legitimate question! I mean, with all these Jack Cockspeople sifting about who can really be sure? Smiling

When Flogging Won't Do

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No, the only answer for Elijah: we should exterminate all of "his kind." Smiling (Zeus, I hate those little icons!)

I'm starting to feel a bit

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I'm starting to feel a bit ill. Too much sugar perhaps Smiling

Lord Jameson..

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May I remind you...

Hello Karyn-I-Make-Men-Freeze-From Awe-Cause-I'm-So-Beautiful... is that your real photo? Eye

"Jesus Rand, Superstar!!"

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I'd buy tickets to that... Smiling


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"But I'd bet a good bottle of Scotch that you are more lovely in person than in your alluring Solo Photo, where your vivacious spirit could animate your face, your mind and words could move your lips, and drive a man... to distraction, thereafter leading to all manner of intrigue."

Laughing out loud Laughing out loud Laughing out loud Laughing out loud Laughing out loud Laughing out loud Laughing out loud Laughing out loud Laughing out loud Laughing out loud Laughing out loud Laughing out loud Laughing out loud Laughing out loud Laughing out loud Laughing out loud Laughing out loud Laughing out loud Laughing out loud Laughing out loud Laughing out loud Laughing out loud

(these smilies shouldn't be laughing but the colour's bang on...)

Burn for Jesus/Ayn!

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Come to think of it, it was the Clueless Clucks Clan from Gore who alerted me to the true identity and perfidy of Dick Cockjack. Might have to be two burnings. Ooooooooo!!!!

Our first exchange...

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was blunt to say the least... but I didn't mind your tough-ahs(!) approach one bit - aside from you not believing that I wasn't drunk. (When I am, I'm the first to admit it). Smiling

My photo is a little dated now... but thankyou for the eloquent compliments... I'll put a fresh one up as soon as someone takes a decent one of me.

As for being animated... I think I'm the most animated woman I know. Even Lindsay's been telling me to calm down!

We shall exchange again Mr. de Salvo, and I shall look forward to it.
Perhaps I can tempt you into the chat box sometime. Smiling


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I DO SO LOVE a good burning!

Could we pass on the dismembering of the private parts? The very suggestion makes me light-headed (no pun intended).

Scott DeSalvo

Quidquid latine dictum sit, altum viditur!

Evidently ...

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... it's not enough for one or two that we stripped Elijah of his staff positions. We have considered the matter further, and concluded they are right. We've been limp-dicks, and it's time to man up.

Therefore, at dawn tomorrow, Mr. Lineberry will be hung, drawn and quartered at his much-vaunted Remuera property.

But not before he's been flogged as well.

Of course, he'll be required to scream "Gosh!" after every lash.

During his dismembering, he'll be required to aver, "Gosh! Not really the departure a chap had in mind, but there you are. (Ouch! I say, could you chaps go a bit easier down there?)"

When he has finally expired, his disgusting, polluted, fetid flesh will be ceremonially burned. As I speak, white-hooded chaps from Gore are being flown in to jump up and down and holler "SOLO is purged! Objectivism is cleansed!" and wave copies of the hot new evangelical tract, "Jesus Rand, Superstar!!" around.

And of course, Mitch and I will then have our limp dicks cut off altogether, should chaps be able to find them.

Your generosity and kindness

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Your generosity and kindness is appreciated, my dear, the moreso since I was less than kind to you in our first exchange. I have since learned from reading your contributions that you are fair-minded, right-headed, and have a great sense of humor.

I do not play at pretense. I'm no Jack Cocksman, but I do ok. But I'd bet a good bottle of Scotch that you are more lovely in person than in your alluring Solo Photo, where your vivacious spirit could animate your face, your mind and words could move your lips, and drive a man (or woman--I cannot forget about my favorite "Dude" Ashley) to distraction, thereafter leading to all manner of intrigue.

Scott DeSalvo

Quidquid latine dictum sit, altum viditur!


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Anyone who runs screaming from Objectivism or SOLO because of one fellow like Elijah has the wits and fortitude of a little girl who skins her knee playing hopscotch and runs home to Momma.

I like the way you think... and am impressed by your loyalty.

I also have it on good authority that you are far more devilishly handsome than Jack Cocksman. Smiling

Linz did the right thing

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Of course, that's just my opinion. I'm no luminary of say, Jack Cocksman status, but there you have it.

Anyone who runs screaming from Objectivism or SOLO because of one fellow like Elijah has the wits and fortitude of a little girl who skins her knee playing hopscotch and runs home to Momma.

Linz made it clear he doesn't countenance racism, Elijah apologized. I do not care for his (Elijah's) style myself, but he has been exposed, was confronted, and apologized. The proper approach of posters is to either accept the apology and see what comes out of his mouth next, or to just writes him off. Lord knows there is some compelling evidence for choosing option B, not the least examples are: his immediate name calling and context shifting when he is caught, and the contradiction between his statements that the comment were/were not humor or attempts at same.

I like Ross. I like Linz. I hate to see the nastiness since it really has nothing to do with the issue at hand. It's a fight over nothing.

And let me state emphatically: anyone who judges RoR and its principal(Drunk on the basis that "he never did anything bad to me" had better check his or her premises, and quickly. The treachery, dishonesty and sheer smug rottenness Linz had to contend with over what is called "the split" but might be better termed "the betrayal" and would be called "the royal screwing" if not for Linz's statesman-like forebearance and brilliant recovery from the schism ad exodus from that ugly as a baboon's ass, internet-circa 1990 website, RoR, is indisputable and as ugly as it comes. Treachery and the smug pleasure that only a villian displays when he believes he has a hero at a disadvantage is the best summary of what Linz faced and as proof of the benevolent universe premises, he has come out with a vastly superior website, which is hands-down the best Objectivism website on the planet for my 2 cents.

I have always enjoyed Landon's posts but I have to tell you: any time someone writes that they spend any time over there, my moral subjectivist alarm goes off. There WAS a clear right and wrong side in that affair, and there, Linz was unequivocally on the side of the right.

Even if he can occcasionally be an AHS-hole. (Kiwi for nasally American pronunciation of asshole). And, yes, it takes one to know one.

Scott DeSalvo

Quidquid latine dictum sit, altum viditur!

"Others where might be

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"Others where might be withholding their judgment but I've read enough. You might be stinking rich, but in my estimation you're are the sort of person SOLO and Libertarianz can do without.

You are a complete an irredeemable fuckwit and I wash my hands of you"

Well done, bravo, and I could not agree more. I am glad to see others kicking this guy's ass over his chosen beliefs.

Scott DeSalvo

Scott DeSalvo

Quidquid latine dictum sit, altum viditur!


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"I am puzzled by the eagerness to give Elijah the benefit of doubt, and accept his "apology". It almost seems like PC in the reverse direction."

You've nailed it in one.

I can't recall a similar situation where statements so morally objectionable have been met with such a limp-dicked response, and then only half-heartedly addressed after "grudge-addicted" people crawl out "from under a rock" to inform the limp-dick that he needs to take off his rose-tinted spectacles.

Lindsay appears to be behaving like a cliquish politician who lamentably censures and demotes a precious subordinate while simultaneously praising them, and while throwing irrelevant names, circumstances and invective into the mix to muddy the waters and deflect attention away from the fiasco.

And I might add ...

Lindsay Perigo's picture

Eli has been a perfect gentleman, and very open, in his private response to me. I wish he'd say the same things in public. I wish he'd said the same things in public, weeks ago.

What pisses me off about these situations is that some supercilious, infantile, grudge-addicted ass like Ross who crawls out from under a rock occasionally to sneer at everyone else's efforts feels vindicated when an essentially good person gets appropriately rebuked and fired for a very, very serious mistake.

There's a lesson here for us all. Own up to our errors. Fully ... and immediately we realise them. Not to do so is not pride - it's the antithesis of pride, and very, very childish. Leonard should have done it long since re the fatwa. Barbara should have done it long since re many of the claims in her biography of Rand, given what was shown incontrovertibly in Valliant's book. Nathaniel should have, but never will, since he's an evil creep. Way down the chain, Kilbourne should have done it long since re his smearing of me. Etc., etc..

Mindless head-butting in defence of the indefensible is no virtue; honest self-appraisal in repudiating the (self-generated) reprehensible is no vice.



Lindsay Perigo's picture

Below is the message I've just sent to Eli. Its import is that he's being stood down from the staff. He remains free to post here, but, lest anyone might have wondered, any racist views her may hold or express are at total odds with what SOLO stands for.



I just want to do you the courtesy of telling you privately first - we're standing you down from staff. Reason being that by your own statements you've raised a *legitimate* concern in people's minds that you might be a racist. It's not a lynch mob that has risen up against you, it's decent folk (well, most of them) who read your words and took them at face value. Which, on a site committed to saying what you mean and meaning what you say, they're entitled to do.

Mitch and I both think - and it's hard for us, not having met you - you got mad as hell for good reason, but said something really stupid, which you were then too proud properly to repudiate. We both find it impossible to believe that someone with your heritage would advocate "ethnic cleansing" and really mean it. Indeed, you've said you didn't. But it wasn't convincing, Eli - your critics are right about that. And there was that previous incident re the Jim Crow laws - you didn't resile from that at all!

I've spoken to Mitch just now and we both feel we've bent over too far to give you the benefit of the doubt - which is fine for a non-staffer but inappropriate for a staffer. Maybe you *deserve* the benefit of the doubt - if so, I'm sure that'll become apparent over time. But it's the old thing about Caesar's wife - must not only *be* beyond reproach but must be *seen* to be beyond reproach. I'm carrying a torch for Objectivism, which abhorrs racism. I mean it, and I must be seen to mean it. Folk are right to call me on this, just as they were to call you on your statements.

Cocksman thread is relevant

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On the Internet, nobody knows you're a dog

On a site like SOLOpassion, there are 4 things that go to make a person's reputation:

  1. Objectivist or other credentials established in the real world, e.g. Linz
  2. Personal knowledge
  3. Recommendation from someone you have a good opinion off
  4. Posts to the site, the ideas/positions supported

I don't care what a person claims, if I cannot verify the claims independently on the web, they start at dog. Many of us (esp. in the US) rely on 4 to form an opinion of Elijah, and it should be no surprise that he has built up zero credibility. I should add we don't follow NZ politics so may be missing some clever insights.

I dig unPC humor, e.g. South Park, but never got Elijah's jokes (with or without the smileys) and Matty put the finger on the reason - the lack of context of parody. This context may be there in Elijah's head and he is just poor at being funny OR he says what he means with a smiley thrown in for the gullible. His excuses when called on for clarifications make it clear to me it is the latter. I am puzzled by the eagerness to give Elijah the benefit of doubt, and accept his "apology". It almost seems like PC in the reverse direction. I could be missing some context, but I think it is an insult to all good humor in the world to try to pass off the things he says as poor attempts at humor, and seems disingenuous to have him on SOLO staff.

I am posting on the site as I find topics worth discussing and persons worth interacting with. I don't interact with Elijah; but if I had the time to, it would be to call him on every questionable statement he makes and distance myself and Objectivism from them - I commend those who are doing it now.


Landon Erp's picture

I've been working on doing some fairly exhaustive documentation on an article/possible press release for a week or two now. Please don't make me go through the threads to cross reference and make my point about how his approach is hardly a new thing.

What you're doing now is good, but is has a tinge of "too little too late."


Inking is sexy.


Thank you, Dr Goode!

Lindsay Perigo's picture

Point noted. Admirably succinct and KASS. Not bad for a Humean!


Lindsay Perigo's picture


Well, I rather had the impression Eli was appointed to staff before all this blew up!

Nothing can go out on SOLO's behalf in his name without my say-so. Nothing will go out, if at all, until Mitch and I have settled on what to do.

And also if you want to salvage things, take a stand on what this guy has said.

Huh??!! You're kidding, right?! There's never been the slightest doubt as to where I stand on what he said.

For instance, from this very thread yesterday:

'Much of what Eli says is intended to be, and should be taken as, piss-taking. But there's nothing funny about "ethnic cleansing," especially when its user then says he's surprised anyone thought he was joking. All subsequent efforts to clear up just where Eli stands exactly have resulted in further obfuscation. So, Eli, you must see where this is heading. Man up. Admit you overstepped the mark or that you really meant it. In which case it's obvious that your views disqualify you from being on staff and place you 180 degrees away from Objectivism. This time, "Gosh, chaps!" just won't cut it.'

Just my 2c worth

Richard Goode's picture

I didn't join SOLO to rub shoulders with racist filth like Elijah Lineberry.

Primary course of action

Landon Erp's picture

First off I understand and appreciate how this forum works, it welcomes people with different views and often gives them enough rope to hang themselves.

But my primary issue came into effect the first time Lineberry made some of his comments and the first time someone brought it up in a negative light they got told to chill out and many key people stood behind this guy. I don't see any issue if they guy stays around and makes whatever racist comments he wants...


I'm not saying this is something that needs done for every person on the site, but in such obvious cases as Lineberry (or the guy I usually bring up at this point Nick Otani) you should make it a point of not sanctioning the person.

This has been done admirably well in the past with people like Otani, Tingely, Stolyov. You let them have their say, if they happen to make an excellent point now and then you recognize it....


I'm also not saying my own activity or inactivity will make or break this forum. I'm not saying prolonged sniping is a good standard of what should be done in cases where you don't agree with the standards that have been excercised.

What I am saying is don't be surprised if you see more of this. And also if you want to salvage things, take a stand on what this guy has said.

To put it more plainly. No I don't think he should have a staff position. What he says or does as an individual is his business, how you deal with it is yours.


Inking is sexy.


Ross: King of the Sulks

Jameson's picture

He still hasn't forgiven me for taking the piss out of his logo. Not once in the months since that episode has he replied to me or even acknowledged my participation here.


That you, Ross?

Lindsay Perigo's picture

I thought you were done?

Not gonna be rushed on this. Sorry.

I'm out of town. Will be meeting with Mitch when I get back.

Now, since you're apparently still here, why not apply your considerable talents to something constructive, like an article or a press release, as I've urged upon you so many times?


Ross Elliot's picture

Now you've had a completely irrelevant and specious rant, perhaps you'd like to address the issue at hand. Or would you prefer to continue with the hoary political ploy of changing the subject?

Time and time again, Lineberry has shown his true colors. For some reason you seem to prefer to swallow the farcical excuse that it's unintentional or in jest. And in doing so you become part of the farce. Perhaps you should take your clue from Rand's admonition, "And I mean it".

Or have you stopped believing that people mean what they say?

Thanks Robert!

Lindsay Perigo's picture

That kind of advice I can respect.

And I can tell you for a fact that neither Mitch nor I is clear in his mind about Eli's true beliefs.

It's very hard to get booted from here. Especially in haste. That hasn't changed. We're not going to boot someone just because there's a clamour.

Enjoy Vegas! Smiling

"He employs foreigners"

Jameson's picture

... which only adds to the confusion! Say what you mean and mean what you say, Elijah.

Lindsay uses shock and awe tactics too but you know exactly where he stands. With exception of some Americans and ex-Salient youth everyone knows he's joking when he's being outrageous. With you we're never sure - especially when you say you're NOT joking when apparently you are.

This won’t count for much,

Newberry's picture

This won’t count for much, but I took Elijah’s more provocative statements as an emotional need to storm the ramparts of the Universe after the 3rd scotch; (what is life without drama?) On the other hand, if I were a member here, I could easily be peeved. In the past I have felt put out and somehow responsible for another’s idiotic posts. Of course, I don’t feel that for my own. Eye In any case, I have solved the problem by not being a member anywhere, yet posting everywhere. Since I have done that, the guard dogs, and sub-optimal posts don’t bug me--and I am free to enjoy myself.




Robert's picture

"But I'm unclear - precisely what course of action are you proposing in the matter of Elijah?"

For my own, I'm not suggesting you do anything other than clarify Elijah's true beliefs in your own mind. And because you are lenient that may take some time. To be sure, you must be lenient because that's the only way SOLO will grow into the sanctuary for homeless objectivists that you envisioned.

I, on the other hand, have no such obligation and I haven't seen anything in Elijah's behavior to actually believe that any of his (three?) apologies are genuine.

I shall continue to support & post on SOLO, but I want to make it clear that my support for SOLO in no way extends to Elijah or anything he has said or will say in the future. What I said on the Blackwater thread still stands.

And now I'm off to Vegas for Thanksgiving. Adios until 1 December.

ah yes

Matty Orchard's picture

Needs 'negros' to clean the floor of course.


Olivia's picture

but Elijah does associate with foreigners... he employs several.

It's not really humor

Matty Orchard's picture

Just saying something disgusting and not meaning it isn't really funny...It's not even a bad joke, it's not a joke at all. I, like a lot of people, gave Elijah a lot of lee way and was always willing to give him the benefit of the doubt but time and time again he's persisted with outrageous remarks, only ever backing out of them when facing serious flak...and even then only very half heartedly. It's not as if advocating 'ethnic cleansing' is the 1st thing Eli has done that's over the line.

'I don't associate with foreigners' for instance. That statement isn't funny (at least without and obvious context of parody) It's not dry British humor it's just bullshit.


Olivia's picture

The Cocksman thread is not a big issue. I don't see any relevance to what has just gone on with Elijah's racism. Elijah has had his statement challenged and has retracted. That's a good thing. You seem to want to be contrary.

I would rather Linz be lenient any day.


Mitch's picture

I've seen a couple of comments along these lines over the past few months, but the writers haven't given away much about what exactly they are unhappy with. Can you provide some specifics?

What would you do differently?

P.S. Please don't say "improve the tone" Smiling


Lindsay Perigo's picture

You're free to post where you wish. You know RoR's origins. If you're happy with that, and not happy with SOLO, then clearly SOLO is not for you.

But I'm unclear - precisely what course of action are you proposing in the matter of Elijah? That he be booted from SOLO? That he be removed from staff?

See, being a sideline carper is the easiest thing in the world, and about the most contemptible. If you disagree with the way we're handling this thing, fine. Only, if you're going to make your disagreement public, tell us what you think we should be doing instead. That would be fine too. Same goes for Ross. But smart-ass sniping is just despicable.

Some of us are trying to bring on the revolution. Others who could be at the front line prefer to blow poisoned darts from behind at the ones who are. Fuck them. They're a distraction we don't need.


Landon Erp's picture

You made your decisions a long time ago. Be prepared to see a lot of people who've made a lot of good contributions here and could still be doing so, to back off to the point of being occaisional snipers.

This may change if people eventually see the problem legitimately dealt with, but expect this to be the standard for a while.

I gave my restuaraunt example in another post, but someone gave me a better one. I think you talked about your dissatisfaction with a gym that played excessive rock and techno. That's where I'm sitting right now. I don't like the music that's been played at this gym for a while now, the management seemed very happy with it, many of the other patrons seemed very happy with it. I'm in the minority with my opinion so I have no right to force it on the people who are/were happy with things the way they were. So my best option seems to be working out alone in my own home with my own music.

I'm not leaving mind you, but I'll put it this way. I've supported this site from the start, and I've started posting on RoR for the first time in a year and a half.


Inking is sexy.



Lindsay Perigo's picture

You're done? How will we know? You sulk and pout behind the scenes for reasons you refuse to discuss with me, when you could be doing so much good up front, with your talent, as I've so often urged you. But you'd rather be a smart-ass enigmatic know-it-all popping up oh-so-occasionally to say something oh-so-clever. Twat! Grow the fuck up!

No, Lindsay...

Ross Elliot's picture

...it's you who's being an ass and not a very smart one. This debacle is ripe for satire and ridicule and deserves everything that can be thrown at it.

I told you that the recent Jack Cocksman stupidity was probably a satirical response to Lineberry's pathetic narcissism, and I was correct, and just as many got sucked in by that faker as have been here, now. Man, he must have the fix in good. Others have surely been banned for less, especially staff members, even though not listed on the staff page. Is he undercover?

As yourself why someone like Jason would pop up on this thread and say what he did, and look past the obvious. Then get your blinkers off. But it's your funeral.

I'm done.

Hang on a minute...

Jameson's picture

ELIJAH: "Yes for the 'third' time, I am saying I overstepped the mark with an attempt at humour. For those without honour or decency to accept three apologies...there will not be a fourth."

Where's the third apology? In fact, where are the first two? All I see here is an acknowledgment of you going too far, then questioning my honour and my decency...

I retract my acceptance of an apology not made, Elijah, and ask you once again to reconcile the "I'm not joking/I'm joking" paradox.

Eli ...

Lindsay Perigo's picture

No one owes you an apology. You said something disgusting and were called on it. You then said you hadn't been joking! Like everyone else, I too missed any previous apology by you. Like them, I just got confused by the obfuscation. Thanks for finally clarifying. The staff situation, however, still needs to be revised.

And Ross, if on occasions like this you can still only be a smart-ass, then shut the fuck up.

Ok, time for a...

Ross Elliot's picture

...group hug. Where's that Jack Cocksman? He deserves a squeeze as well.

Tea and scones, anyone?


I accept your acknowledgment, Elijah

Jameson's picture

on the point that you overstepped the mark on your 'ethnic cleansing' remark. However, this does not explain the fact you clearly stated it was NOT said in humour.

I also accept...

Jameson's picture

your apology... but please explain the contradiction.

Thank you Elijah...

Olivia's picture

I appreciate you acknowledging this.


Elijah Lineberry's picture

are welcome, Grace Smiling

Although, presumably I will be waiting until the identity of John Galt is revealed before receiving my apology...Sticking out tongue

Thank you for your apology

Grace's picture

Actually this is the first time I see it clearly stated.


Elijah Lineberry's picture

for the 'third' time, I am saying I overstepped the mark with an attempt at humour.

For those without honour or decency to accept three apologies...there will not be a fourth.

Oh yes, you too, Ben!

Lindsay Perigo's picture

Didn't mean to ignore you.Smiling

Though a word of advice - if you want to avoid a beating from the Headmaster (a truly messy experience), watch your spelling. Smiling

Thanks, Lindsay...

Jameson's picture

Needed to be said.

Welcome also, Ben... Don't write us off because of one bad egg. You and Mike make very fair points. Keep it up - the revolution is in your hands, for your generation and your children's...

Cutting to the quick as always, James. Smiling

A few things ...

Lindsay Perigo's picture

... clearly need reiterating at this point:

1) SOLO welcomes non- and anti-Objectivists who wish to inquire/debate in good faith. Objectivists can't expect to win the contest of ideas if they don't engage in it.

2) Eli's status is problematic right now because he's a staff member who's said some seemingly unconscionable things, though he cannot post anything in his staff capacity (SOLO-UK press releases) other than through me.

3) Huge latitude is granted for humour, especially of the non-PC variety (unlike the situation at say, Salient, where no humour of any kind is even understood, let alone permitted - what's wrong with the young folk??!!). Much of what Eli says is intended to be, and should be taken as, piss-taking. But there's nothing funny about "ethnic cleansing," especially when its user then says he's surprised anyone thought he was joking. All subsequent efforts to clear up just where Eli stands exactly have resulted in further obfuscation. So, Eli, you must see where this is heading. Man up. Admit you overstepped the mark or that you really meant it. In which case it's obvious that your views disqualify you from being on staff and place you 180 degrees away from Objectivism. This time, "Gosh, chaps!" just won't cut it.

4) I've probably erred on the side of leniency here, but I always will.


PS - Welcome, Mike! Smiling

Welcome, Sir!

Jameson's picture

You have just elevated your standing in the world, joining us in this non-anon open forum! Kudos!!


Hi Glenn

Mike Gardner's picture

Thanks for this thread and for inviting me to SOLO from the Salient website.

I'm going to more or less post what I said on Salient re Lineberry.

I don't think Objectivism is a receptacle for every frayed end and loose nut at  the political fringes, which include neo-nazis and white nationalists. Most of these extremists, I think, are resurgent John Birch Society types whom Buckley ostrasised when he pulled together the American Conservative movement proper. These are the people who believe in a cabal of elites to introduce a new world order of 'eternal life' for the few and slavery for the masses. That is, an eugenicist holocaust.
I have been reading this site for a while, and have been horrified at Lineberry's remarks about 'lower classes', his rude  comments to Robert Winefield etc.
I am still learning about Objectivism, but I think it is about welcoming  people and showing them a truer and better way to live,not being an irrational racist and bigot.





 Elijah I too thought your

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 Elijah I too thought your statement was complete bigotary crap you are a dick head for both saying and then trying to defend that kind of statement.

I only joined solo recently and I shore as hell didn't join it to be associated with racist bigots. I have directed varous people to this web site including left wing people in an atempt to demonstrait that capitalisem and racisim don't go hand in hand. Your statements have imbarrased both me and every one else at this forum and undermined what solo is ment to stand for.

If you want to be bigot and in gauge in  "us" and "them" discussions then I suggest you to it some were else like at the pub (though no doubt you wouldn't have the courage to say such thing in that enviroment and if you did there's a good chance you would't "get away with it").

To summerize admit your mistake say sorry and sort your shit out or piss of. I know i'm new here but I don't believe there's a place for racist fucks at solo.


"All initiation of force is a violation of someone else's rights, whether initiated by an individual or the state, for the benefit of an individual or group of individuals, even if it's supposed to be for the ben

Just Wondering

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My question, Elijah: How exactly do you propose to "de-spiv the country of all troublemakers" -- even in your ideal world? What, precisely, do you want done that the government would "never do"? How do you think the undesirables should be dealt with? Okay, not "ethnic cleansing," but what? Expulsion? Jail? Trashing? Execution? Or just a good, solid tongue-lashing from Linz? What were you driving at there?

I always get nervous when someone suggests "getting rid of" some group. And it involves more than merely worrying about the exact parameters of the membership of the group in question, whoever the heck you mean here...

Wasn't trying to be funny.

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Wasn't trying to be funny. Just paraphrasing into a short exchange what is actually happening here in case it isn't clear for everyone.

Elijah says one thing, one thing that happens to be vile by any standard. When challenged on it he claims he meant something else entirely and that we are all hysterical socialists for thinking he may have actually meant what he said. Puzzled Baffled? I am.


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Funny, but not helpful... his ACTUAL quotes are far more disgusting. He's accusing us of misrepresentation - let's not give him the excuse to evade the charge of racism.

"This terrorism stuff is

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"This terrorism stuff is really bad, let's all the kill brown people!"


"Well gosh, of course by brown people I mean, criminals! I don't mean all negros gosh! Don't be such a socialist!"

Disclaimer: These aren't actual quotes.

"In the Name of the Best Within Us..."

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Please stay true to Rand's (or Galt's) statement, Elijah. I don't think you're going to be here much longer keeping this up. Let's make SOLO look intelligent, not racist.

"Socialism may be dead, but its corpse is still rotting up the place"-Ayn Rand

This is dishonest bullshit!

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Weasel words and bog-paper hole pluggers. You mentioned ethnic cleansing in the same breath as Maoris and Pacific Islanders and those living in "South Auckland"...

Now you're suggesting we thought you meant you were talking about Hispanics?!!!

Jesus, Elijah, you're disappearing into a very large hole...


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do not advocate 'ethnic cleansing' of any ethnic group.

I do, however, think there are criminal organisations in NZ which Blackwater could sort out...(as the Police seem incapable of the least little task).

There also seems confusion as to the term "Spiv" ...which is a term for petty criminal, and popularised during, and immediately after WW2, referring to a black marketeer...an 'East End Wideboy'.

Arthur Daley, from the television programme 'Minder' being a classic example.

I think a lot of people misread the word as being 'spic'...hence the problems.

This is what comes from irrational behaviour, rather than reading what someone actually writes.

Elijah the faux-shock 'gosh'

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Elijah the faux-shock 'gosh' routine is getting old... you know exactly what you said and how it would be taken. It's not mass-hysteria for others to turn around and ask WTF? You advocated ethnic cleansing for god's sake. You obviously did it to get a rise, and frankly the responses aren't hysterical or unreasonable.

You're getting your jollies from saying stupid things and then back-pedalling while accusing others of over reactions and 'socialist programming' or whatever the hell you want to call it.

I like you Elijah, as far as I know you on here. But whatever this is, whether it is some kind of underlying irrational racism, or some fucked-up game you play to get your jollies (that would be my vote), it's getting old!

You Must have Missed it.

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Elijah can't answer this question. According to him racism doesn't even exist.

The rotten little prick said so in Lance's post on multiculturalism and racism. He went on to support Southern segregation laws as perfectly legitimate. He is a weasel, so he'll use weasel words here, but of course he is a racist among several other things. He reminds me of the villain in Hitchcock's film "Rope".

- Jason

Not good enough...

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Stand by your statements, Elijah... you used the phrase 'ethnic cleansing' popularised by sadistic barbarians like Hitler. This is anything but "silly."


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How silly.

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