"The Escape" by Logan Feys

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Meet Mitch Briggs. He's a high school student who has a problem with his teachers, with his peers, with his mother, and with society. They want him to conform. They want him to obey. They can't understand him. He can't understand them.

Mitch's outlook is changed after an unexpected encounter. Mitch discovers that the most powerful force in the world is free will. When he learns how to use it, he makes the boldest, most important choice of his life.

What is the nature of Mitch's choice? And what are its consequences? Find out by reading The Escape, a short story by Logan Feys.

"Enjoyed it immensely." -Lindsay Perigo

"I was positively inspired and moved." -Alex Koroknay-Palicz, President & Executive Director, National Youth Rights Association

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