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Submitted by Charles Henrikson on Thu, 2006-01-26 16:54

Although there is a link to it from the libertarianz page, Lindsay Perigo's Wikipedia entry is non-existant.

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The fun doesn't stop there ...

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I've worked on the articles for Libz and Bernard Darnton too. PC has a short article (a 'stub' in Wikipedia-speak).

Craig's article is extremely short.


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You started it?!

Yikes! I'd better start being nice to you on those other threads, then?! Eye

My serious thanks to all concerned. Smiling

Great. Good work

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Great. Good work Smiling

Who designed it?

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Kaspar:  Who designed it?

 That's the beauty of the Wikipedia concept (designed by an Objectivist, no less).  No one person 'designed' it.  I started the article originally, Phil Howison and Duncan Bayne have added bits and pieces, but most of the edits have been done by other people.

The irrelevant crud gets removed periodically and vandalism is removed surprisingly quickly.

He has a great Wiki report

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He has a great Wiki report now. Who designed it?


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link to '' with your curriculum vitae is rather impressive. Smiling lived in Wanganui! splendid place! Laughing out loud I loved living there for a year or two, up on Durie Hill...ahhhh, gosh, those were the days. Smiling

Me on Wiki

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I just saw this thread under "Popular Content" and decided to sticky it since it reminded me that my Wiki entry is subject to frequent hostile editing, and this gives me an opportunity to point it out. Previously it was clearly the work of the Namblaphile Peron; latterly I think it's my "fans" at Salient. Smiling In any event, take whatever appears there with a grain of salt. Everything they say about me is a hideous understatement. Smiling


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Would probably be the first Wiki bio to use the word "uncouth," hahaha!

Linz Wiki

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I think they're waiting for B. Branden to write it. Smiling

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