Sooner or later it had to happen

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Submitted by Elijah Lineberry on Fri, 2007-12-07 09:03

Many of us have strongly criticised the illiterate morons emerging from Universities.

The downside of all this are those University graduates who seek employment as Teachers, and due to being illiterate morons themselves it quickly becomes a case of the 'Blind leading the blind' ...(or the 'Blind leading the criminally insane' depending on the school).

To combat the embarrassment of the Teachers being idiots schools in Britain are simply abolishing anything in the "Too Difficult" category Sticking out tongue ...(too difficult for the teachers that is) Eye

First on the chopping block are classic poems.

When names such as 'Wordsworth' or 'Coleridge' were met with rather blank stares...the schools had to replace them with the likes of Spike Milligan.

Oh so sad...and oh so unsurprising.

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Those Who Think "University" Needs a Capital Letter, For Example

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"Many of us have strongly criticised the illiterate morons emerging from Universities."

Hell, at least a few of us have strongly criticized the illiterate morons who frequent this list.


Grace that is rubbish

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I'd say the opposite is true. All my son's homework ever consisted of during his years at primary school, was poetry and illustrations. Those kids, didn't have a clue about what the queen of England has to do with New Zealand. No idea where Madagascar can be found. They can't multiply to save their lives but Poetry...

Yes, heaps of that. Books full in fact. Now my son is lucky because he's a great writer for his age, loves language and writing poetry. But I am very sorry for those kids that are more technically inclined.

Even now at Intermediate Poetry is still a large part of his homework. I wonder when they finally learn where Irak is. (Don't worry I cover the forgotten subjects at home) 


Global warming is a hoax and spread the word.

Snake in the grass

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For starters doesn't this question belong in the sociology department?

My answer to this bloody stupid question.

"Identify what this grass hill of landscape is from a feminist point of view"

The hill is symbolic of a woman's pubis and the grass represents the pubic hairs. Thus the most important feature of this landscape, is the length that the grass is maintained.

This type of landscape is not only brilliant in its conceptuality of the pubic mound, it is also bears a physical contrast in its make-up, that it can polarise the grass roots of feminism. Wild, wispy long grass, denotes the freedom from conformity and the freedom statement a woman can make by not shaving her pudenda to please a male.

However, a brutally cropped and savaged lawn where bare soil is exposed from lots of plucking, is the nakedness of the woman who lays herself down upon a sacrificial table and opens her legs to a Brazilian. She writhes in agony as her lawn is mown, truncated and violently stripped in the name of feminism.

The spurious placement of snails upon the mound could further enhance the feminist point of view because the trails are purposefully external, numerous and inter-mingled which could be deemed as very offensive to men. And of course then there is the matter of the snake in the grass, but of course these are illegal in NZ. However in a more artistic light, a few eels wrapped in cling film are also an example that could be added as a garnish to this landscape and eaten later.


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have the perfect solution, Kasper ....send him to Eton like everybody else Eye

"I create nothing. I own"

Q: Identify what this grass

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Q: Identify what this grass hill of landscape is from a feminist point of view?

A: A symbol of patriarchal oppression? (Isn't everything from a feminist perspective?)

Sticking out tongue

A question on my mind lately

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A question on my mind lately is, if I ever have kids (i'm planning on it being late), would I have them educated here. I t shudders me to think that I may have to one day. Whether you educate yourself or a system does it, unfortunately a curriculum is compulsory. Recently I talked to a 15 year old who shared with me his homework from geography class. The question was: Identify what this grass hill of landscape is from a feminist point of view?

Fuck we were both lost.


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"anyone know if this sort of thing has started in New Zealand yet?"

Hip Hop and Rap appear to represent the level of poetry in this country.

Sigh, how many children (and adults) are missing out on the
wonderful poetry of Hilaire Belloc

Quite frankly

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I don't think poetry has ever been taught much at primary schools.  There is also a tendency to use NZ poets over the English greats.  A lot of NZ children have little or no exposure to poetry until high school.


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anyone know if this sort of thing has started in New Zealand yet?

"I create nothing. I own"

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