Pro-capitalist John Stossel vs. Sicko Michael Moore: Whose Body is it Anyway?

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Submitted by Marcus on Fri, 2007-12-07 19:28

Self-confessed pro-Capitalist host of the programme 20/20, John Stossel, takes on "Sicko" film-maker Michael Moore and debunks the myth that Moore advocates that socialized medicine is superior. These clips comprise a podcast preview whereby Stossel challenges Moore in an interview on his claims that the Cuban health system is superior to the US. These programs (aired last september) are well-worth the time to watch. Stossel is brilliant. Moore looks incredibly fat and stupid.

John Stossel questions Michael Moore on Cuban Health Care

This preview is followed by a one hour documentary by Stossel with additional encounters with Moore on the strengths and inadequacies of the present US health system. This is divided into six parts on youtube.

20/20 Sick in America: Whose Body is it Anyway? (1/6)

20/20 Sick in America: Whose Body is it Anyway? (2/6)

20/20 Sick in America: Whose Body is it Anyway? (3/6)

20/20 Sick in America: Whose Body is it Anyway? (4/6)

20/20 Sick in America: Whose Body is it Anyway? (5/6)

20/20 Sick in America: Whose Body is it Anyway? (6/6)

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Wikipedia Entry for Stossel

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The Wikipedia entry for Stossel has an interesting quote from him in relation to what you wrote.

"I started out by viewing the marketplace as a cruel place, where you need intervention by government and lawyers to protect people. But after watching the regulators work, I have come to believe that markets are magical and the best protectors of the consumer. It is my job to explain the beauties of the free market.

I'm a little embarrassed about how long it took me to see the folly of most government intervention. It was probably 15 years before I really woke up to the fact that almost everything government attempts to do, it makes worse."

It also informs us that Stossel has won 19 Emmy Awards.
And that:

"In one year, according to Stossel in his book Give Me A Break, "I got so many Emmys, another winner thanked me in his acceptance speech 'for not having an entry in this category'". According to Stossel, when he was in favor of government intervention and skeptical of business he was deluged with awards, but in 2006 he joked, "They like me less... Once I started applying the same skepticism to government, I stopped winning awards."


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... used to be a Left-of-Center "consumer activist," one of the first on t.v., and the recipient of numerous awards for such activities -- who simply discovered along the way, and time after time, that the government is the biggest threat to the health and the wallet of the average consumer.

Stossel also takes on Global Warming.

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John Stossel is also one of the few US broadcasters brave enough to challenge orthodox thinking on Global Warming.

He had a short piece on 20/20 in October presenting pretty much the same sort of GW sceptical material in Durkin's TGGWS. This was part of a regular 20/20 segment and now a book he has called "Give me a break" (US Soloists correct me if I am wrong).

20/20 Stossel- GMAB - Al Gore Global Warming Debate

I enjoy Stossel alot

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One of the most culture-shifting things Objectivists could do would be to hire the guy to do just these sorts of analyses and have them distributed in as many forms as possible. Stupid Socialist ideas do not long hold water when inspected carefully. And I have alot of faith in the common sense of non-parasites to see common sense and truth.

I'd love to see Stossel do feature-length movies ala Michael Moore addressing issues of the day and addressing how these things can be fixed with a freer market, a smaller government, and more personal freedom.

That said, I currently have a high deductible, self-purchased health insurance plan along with a Health Savings account. Mine works like this: I pay $160.00 per month and have a $2,700.00 deductible. That means any medication, any doctor or hospital or clinic visit is paid for 100% out of my pocket, until in a calendar year, my expenses exceed $2,700.00. After the $2,700.00, 100% of everything is covered by health insurance. In addition, I am offered a free yearly physical and blood panel, at no cost. In 5 years, I have been to the doctor twice. Nothing serious. If it ever is something serious, past 2700.00, I am completely covered. Knowing that I am protected against a serious illness or injury for less than $2000 per year is a bargain. A traditional health care plan with the same insurer at 100% benefits is over $600 per month, and thats for a health male with no wife or kids, and no adverse health history. For women similarly situated, but fertile, it would be in the ballpark of $850/mo.

I have been kicking in $100/month additional into my Health Savings Account. Even though few banks have these accounts, and they charge me a ridiculous $3 to $5 per month service fee, the interest on my untouched balance now exceeds the service fee, so my HSA is growing and compounding nicely. My balance is such that if I stopped contributing now, I'd still have several years worth of deductibles.

The high-deductible plan has worked very well for me.

One other thing I'd like to note. Insurance companies are not nice businesses run by nice businesspeople. Do not for a minute believe that they do not do unbelievable things to people when they know they can get away with it (i.e., when someone is dying of cancer and is destitute). I am contacted on at least a twice-weekly basis by people being utterly screwed by their insurers, but Illinois law is the most permissive towards insurance companies in the US. It is not cost-effective to take the cases, and people cannot afford to pay an hourly rate.

It is at times like these that I usually butt heads with Objectivists. I believe that there are some legitimate government functions beyond waging war and securing borders. All one must do is open one's eyes to what happens at companies who feel beholden to no code but the creation (or theft) of profit. Enron, Ford (famous Pinto case), and the antics of insurance companies are just 3 top of head examples, but there are innumerable examples of why there must be some check on corporate power.

Scott DeSalvo

Quidquid latine dictum sit, altum viditur!


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The alternatives to large insurance companies were especially interesting. Just another example of how original, surprising and innovative the free (or even half-free) market can be.

How delicious!

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Can't wait to review this!!! I love Stossel's razor! Smiling

Thanking you in advance, Marcus.


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done, Marcus! Smiling

Stossel is a good man...a libertarian who stands up to be counted.

"I create nothing. I own"

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