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Submitted by Lance on Fri, 2007-12-14 02:26

Think before you post: Is there an op-ed or press release in this? SOLO has a massive contact list of UK, US, NZ and Aus media outlets and politicians. You got something to say? Then say it reeeeeeeeeeeeeeally loud!

Quoting Lindsay:

Here are some guidelines:

1) You have the option of a press release or an op-ed. Op-eds are longer, but should still not exceed 800 words—the length of my Salient op-eds, for example. Op-eds don't need to put the spokesman's statements in quotes; they can be a straightforward opinion piece in that person's name.

2) Press releases should be brief (3 or 4 pithy paras), punchy, direct and colourful. KASS, in other words. No outlet is going to publish weasel words! Pr's (and op-eds) should have their recipients sitting up and taking notice. Media are bombarded by folk jostling for attention; KASSless limp-dick stuff won't cut it.

3) Write immediately the urge grabs you, in the emotion of the moment. If a news item gets you mad as hell, write about it at that moment while your blood is boiling. You can always tone it down if it's over the top, but it's hard to KASS something up when your emotions have cooled. Same on the positive side, with something that makes your heart sing. SING AWAY!! We are SOLOists. We embrace emotion, as long as it's rationally-based!

4) Though it's objectively optional, if you want to avoid a Linz-whipping: full-stops and commas inside quote marks when the issue arises. Read any piece by Rand and follow her lead. And take the trouble to learn the difference between a full-stop, a colon, a semi-colon and a comma. And also brush up on your apostrophes. This is objectively mandatory!

5) There's no "party line" to which you must adhere, as long as what you write is consistent with Objectivism and the Credo.

6) Send your proposed pr's and op-eds to me at editor@freeradical.co.nz.

Lindsay will then edit and fix the doubtless many puncktuashin and speeling errors and post the finished piece on SOLO under your blog, and I will send it out via SOLO's media centre.

Location is not vital; if you're in the US and you notice a UK issue feel free to write it up!

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