Who would you nominate?

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Submitted by Titan on Fri, 2005-12-02 01:45

Here's an interesting hypothetical; If you were able to nominate a Supreme Court Justice, who would you choose? Personally I would nominate an Objectivist, and that Objectivist would be David Mayer.

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The 9th Cir. judge you speak

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The 9th Cir. judge you speak of is Alexander Kozinski. He's extremely pro-freedom and quite intellectual. He was rumored to be on the short list for Supreme Court nomination by W's father but he did not get to nominate any more after Thomas.

Who would you nominate

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Dave Mayer is an excellent choice. I would also nominate Roger Pilon and Bob Leavy both of Cato Institute. Of actual sitting judges I would suggest John Buttrick of Phoenix, Arizona who ran as a Libertarian for Govenor. John attended NBI courses. There is a judge on the 9th Circuit who name I have forgotten who wrote a great anti-trust decinsion which managed to use the titles of several hundred movies

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