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Wafa is a Syrian American psychiatrist who was born to devout Muslim parents.
She had a life-changing event when at medical school. Her medical professor was murdered right in the middle of her classroom, by members of the Muslim Brotherhood, to cries of Allah Akbar. That event led Wafa to repudiate her religious beliefs.

She is the author of her book An Escaped Prisoner – Why God is a Monster.

“Ladies and gentlemen,

I always feel a need to make fun of myself, to laugh at myself in order to cover up, to repress the sadness that’s deeply implanted in my heart. Especially when it comes to speak about women in Islam.

Now I am free. But I cannot forget my niece. She was forced to marry her cousin when she was ten. He was over forty. Her marriage was valid and legalised under Islamic Sharia, because Muhammad, the prophet of Islam married his second wife when she was six. He was over fifty.

I always remember my niece coming back to her father's house begging him not to send her back to her husband. He would say, in Islam it is shame for a woman to leave her husband's house. God will reward you for obeying him.

(Dr. Sultans voice breaking with emotion)
At the age of twenty-five, my niece committed suicide by setting herself on fire. She was burned to death leaving four children behind her.

In 2002, the Saudi religious police stopped schoolgirls from leaving a blazing building because they weren't wearing the correct Islamic dress. There were about eight hundred female students in the school building when this tragedy took place. And at least fifteen girls were killed according to Saudi newspapers - which I don't believe. I believe the number was much higher.

Because of that and because of many, many human tragedies that I had witnessed in the first three decades of my life, I have decided to fight Islam.

Please pay attention to my statement . . . to fight Islam.

Not the political Islam. Not the militant Islam. Not the radical Islam. Not the Wahabbi Islam. But ISLAM ITSELF.

I truly believe that the West has invented these terms for the sake of being politically correct. (applause)

Growing up in Syria, I have never heard, but Islam. Islam has never been misunderstood. Islam is the problem. But no one is stating the truth.

No one is taking a hard look at the root of terrorism which is the brain washing machine called Islam.

Islam is not up to me, is not up to any Muslim - man or woman. Islam is exactly what the prophet Muhammad did and said.

In order to understand Islam you have to read the biography of Muhammad.

It is very traumatising. It is very shocking. He married his second wife when she was six years old. He was over fifty.

I just came back from France. I debated with a Muslim Pakistani woman. She was the Minister of Women in Pakistan. When I told this fact to my audience, she turned to me and said it is a big lie. She was nine, not six. (audience chuckles).

It sounds like when a police man stops you because you are driving over one hundred miles per hour and you turn to him and say, it is a big lie, I was only driving ninety miles per hour not one hundred miles. She was nine, not six.

He married his second wife, she was his daughter in law. His son was adopted and at that time it wasn't accepted by the pre-Islamic Arabic culture. So he turned to his followers and he said, I was told by God adoption was forbidden. And adoption, believe it or not, has been forbidden in the Islamic culture just to justify his marriage of his daughter in law.

His third wife was Sophia. She was a Jewish woman. It was well documented, well written in our schoolbooks that he attacked her tribe. He killed her father, her brother, and her husband. At the same day, he slept with her.
That's what I call Islam.

You need to know.

You need to understand that Islam is the problem.

I am sick and tired of people here in the West asking me to soften my message.
I am sick and tired of people asking me, "Are you trying to change 1.3 billion people?"

Yes, I am trying! (sustained applause) Yes, I am. It is not a matter of "I am trying" . . .I WILL CHANGE THEM!

I want you to know that the very first value that I learned when I came to this great country, that, you can do the impossible if you truly believe in yourself.
I not only believe in myself, I believe in many million Muslim women, like Nonie Darwish and Ayaan Ali. And we are working hand in hand to change 1.3 billion Muslims.

They have to realise that they have only two choices. . . to change . . . or to be crushed. (applause)

Please, please, don't let your civilised way of thinking interfere with your defending your great country.

Please, please defend your values. Please defend your freedom. Defend the heaven you are living in. Don't take anything for granted. I don't. I enjoy every single moment of my American life.

Just walking down the street by myself , without being accused of being a whore is a bless for me.

Just chatting with my next door male neighbour, without being accused of committing adultery is a bless for me.

Having a cup of coffee at Starbucks by myself is a bless for me.

Please! Please, don't take anything for granted. Please defend this beautiful country!

My dream is to see my country, Syria as free as America - not the other way around. (applause)

When I was in Syria, I cried a lot. Now that I am free, I still cry, and much harder for those women whom I left behind. My dream of one-day having all of them free should be the dream of all humanity.

Thank you so much. God bless you.

God bless America.

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