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Prisoners are to be locked in their cells every Friday afternoon because of a government cash squeeze.

Inmates will spend more time in their cells – rather than exercising, working or taking classes – than at any time for almost 40 years.

A prisoner released early as part of a government plan to reduce jail overcrowding went on to batter his girlfriend to death.

He was released in August under the “End of Custody Licence scheme” after serving a sentence for another attack on her.

Justice Secretary Jack Straw said it was "a shameful murder" and "a huge matter of regret" that it had happened.

80,000 await crime victims compensation


The UK has in the last ten years made massive efforts with many African countries to support African-led development. From aid to trade to debt relief to education and health we are committed to put our money and people behind a transformation in African fortunes.

Whether it be £6bn in trade with South Africa, our efforts to restore peace to Sierra Leone, or the £700m of aid announced last week to fight poverty in Uganda, we are investing more in African countries than ever before.


11,000 security staff are working illegally
The number of migrants found to be illegally working in the private security industry is more than double the figure given by the Home Office last month.

Terror suspect who went on run cleared of control order breach

The government's anti-terror strategy suffered a severe blow yesterday when a terrorism suspect who went on the run despite being the subject of a control order was cleared of committing any offence.


Five young boys who were convicted of causing a pensioner’s death by pelting him
with stones (fracturing his cheekbone), had their convictions for manslaughter overturned yesterday

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