SOLO-NZ Press Release: Clark-Cullen Fascism On The Way Out

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Submitted by Lindsay Perigo on Sun, 2007-12-16 05:46

Tonight's TV3 poll showing National with enough support to govern alone, and the Greens falling below 5%, is hugely encouraging for kiwi liberty-lovers, says SOLO Principal Lindsay Perigo.

"Labour and the Greens have been pulling out all the stops to pass the fascist Electoral Finance Bill, the work of Labour's obnoxious, liberty-hating deputy-leader Michael Cullen.

"Voters have delivered their verdict.

"But it's important not to become complacent.

"The Orwellian shape of New Zealand should Labour win a fourth term is obvious enough just from today's headlines:

"1) not just smacking but raising of one's voice toward children outlawed (Ministry of Justice discussion paper saying 'psychological abuse' should be criminalised);

"2) inventor of a worm-driven composting toilet having to prove to the Auckland Regional Council the worms are not traumatised or stressed by eating human faeces (this has already happened—the project eventually went ahead after a 'vermiculture consultant' declared the worms fit and happy);

"3) child-killers bribed by Clark and Cullen to breed saying a child deserved to be beaten because 'she had an ugly face' (already happened—the Nia Glassie case);

"4) education in the hands of weasel-wording Gramskian child-molesters of the mind intent on inflicting cognitive death-by-marshmallow (already happened—see Education Secretary Karen Sewell on the new curriculum which 'includes common values that are to be encouraged, modelled and explored: excellence; innovation; inquiry and curiosity; diversity; equity; community and participation; ecological sustainability; integrity; and respect').

"These are all emblematic of the Republic of Clarkistan that awaits under Labour.

"National, moreover, has a piss-weak leader with a spine bypass, and as a party has no principles to which it's prepared to pay more than lip-service. Dumping Labour is essential if liberty is to have any hope, but trusting National to restore and preserve it would be as sensible as trusting a vegetarian to run a butchery," Perigo concludes.


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Labour is already working on one...

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... designed to enshrine the Treaty of Waitangi.

Not a joke.


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Perhaps we should encourage a referendum on a constitution. Trouble is we need 10% of voters to put their names to it. So that is about 300,000 people. And even then they are non-binding.Oh and you are not allowed to spend more than $50,000 promoting it. I reckon from there it would take another 10 years for everyone to agree on the wording in English, Maori and Mandarin.

 Mind you we have to start somewhere. Better place to start is at the top with a high profile politician suggesting it and it becoming party policy. A job for John Key.

Very nice Lindsay

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What kind of support is there for your constitution? What are you doing to further its adoption?  Are these tiresome questions? :) 

Excellent Linz

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It still remains listed on Scoops "most read" page.

Ready to rock and roll

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Yall need a constitution.  I'm not finger pointing, we need to abide by ours. 

Is there any impetus behind a constitution for NZ?

How about lowering taxes, reducing regulation, and encouraging foreign investment?

Your per captia gdp is pretty low to offer a lot of social programs. 


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...the wonder is that the bugger said it in the first place.

But he did, and the fact that he actually seems to know the difference between right and wrong makes him infinitely preferable to Clark & Labour.

Although, I wonder if the current climate change circle-jerk in Bali is John Key's idea of a good time. If it is, it contradicts the above speech.

The real Key

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If John Key were to stick by the sentiments he expressed in his August speech to the Natinal Party conference then there may be some hope.

Here's a piece of it.

 "We're sick of Labour telling us what to do. We're sick of being told how to bring up our kids, what to put in school lunchboxes, and that we have to microchip our dogs. We're sick of being told off for buying houses and for eating pies.

But it's more than that.

We are also here because we believe in the principles of the National Party. We believe in individual freedom and individual responsibility. We believe the government should underpin our society but not dominate it. We believe in the importance of families and of home ownership. We believe in an open and competitive economy. We believe in tolerance and respect for all New Zealanders."

Now I know Lindsay doesn't believe John Key will dare repeat that again or admit he believes it, but if he does and his actions go along with that, then perhaps, just perhaps we will have something to cheer about.

 I have sent Mr Key an email asking him to reaffirm his beliefs. I don't expect a reply but I'll keep trying.


Well, that's encouraging...

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...but, see, folks will actually have to *vote* National to get Labour out. Seems there's some resistance.

Shit-eating worms indeed!!!

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Nice work, Lindsay.

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