Merry Christmas!!

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Submitted by James S. Valliant on Thu, 2007-12-20 17:35

The Archbishop of Canterbury has just given Christians the best Christmas present he could have -- that is, short of denouncing his whole bloody religion -- by conceding a reality that scholars have long known: the Nativity Story is just a "legend."

Joy to the World!

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Merry Xmas to one and all...

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Am off to the North Pole... err I mean South Dakota for Xmas. If I see Santa I'll be sure to mention to him how bad Linz has been this year...


Christmas should be

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Christmas should be outlawed.

Given that by 2015 families will have to pay a carbon credit/penalty of $5,000 per Christmas tree felled, you'll probably get your wish soon enough. Well, it'll be that, or the taxes on chocolate and the fat content in a Christmas roast.

That's if we're not under Shariah law by then, courtesy of Scott the Deluded and his apologist mates according to whom Santa's foreign policy is to blame for the rise of Islamofascism, which has quite justified, obviously, the Teleban trying to nuke Rudolf because he might be gay, hell, happy even.

Ah shit. See! There goes the spirit of bloody Christmas splattered all around the floor.

Why ...

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Encourages what?

Encourages the damned fools to enjoy themselves, of course. No sense of the fitness of things. Pull yourself together, Valliant!

Encourages What?

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Benevolence? Smiling

Bah, humbug!

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Christmas should be outlawed. It simply encourages people.

Happiest Ever, In Fact

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Like Rand, I love Christmas, so "Merry Christmas" to you, too!

But have you read the

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But have you read the comments to that article? For example, from Bill D:

Finally! There is some truth finding its way through the Christian myths that have misled its followers for 1500 years.
And if there is a spiritual vacuum that needs to be filled, let it be with the belief systems native to Europe before the Christian invasion. Let it be with Earth-based beliefs such as Druidism, that respected the Great Spirit, the earth and the universe without divisiveness or myths.


Really, the Great Spirit, and this without myths an'all. Damn!

God, we really are in trouble Smiling


[Have loved reading your philosophical posts since I've been here James, so, regardless of the myth, Merry Christmas. And to all.]

About time too!

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Ha ha, I bet they had to say it was a legend, else the UK Health & Safety police would be re-writing policies on keeping babies in fodder bins.

Yes James, quite right, a wonderful Christmas gift indeed.

The Gift That Keeps On Giving

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Leading American conservative radio personality, Rush Limbaugh, has just used his highly-rated show to give the leading Protestant cleric in the English-speaking world a lecture on cosmology, miracles and consistency. Rush urged the Prelate and theologian that, while he could of course say anything he likes about the Bible, "just don't call it 'Christianity.'"

I'm guessing that the Archbishop will still insist on calling himself a "Christian."

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