Bad Faith

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Submitted by NickOtani on Mon, 2007-12-31 05:26

From the guidelines for posters on, Lindsey Perigo said, “When posting, remember the “Three Gs”—good faith, good will and good humour. If the second two are rendered impossible, the first is still a minimum requirement.” By “good faith,” we can assume Lindsey means, “honesty in intention.” Elizabeth Stirling, Liz, posted in atlascott’s blog, a post entitled “Entertaining Bad Faith” where she says, “Nick's plain meanness, in his baseless reputation bashing of Leonid is just awful. Where is the honesty of intention in that? Couple Kevin and Nick's deliberate refusal to confront facts or choices with the intent to deceive and we have SOLO playing host to BAD FAITH.” I did answer this accusation and denied bad faith, pointing to the malicious intentions made earlier by Leonid and others against me, but this was apparently ignored. Lindsey came on and said he would talk with Lance and see about doing something about this by the end of the week. So, even though I am absolutely opposed to posting and living in bad faith and have definitely not done so, I may be on the verge of getting kicked off another board on the grounds that I am violating the posting guidelines by not posting in good faith. Let me say in my own defense, as futile as it may be for me to do so, I am not violating the guidelines. I am not guilty of bad faith.

I said, in another post, “Just as there is a qualitative pleasure with being wise, as Mill was pointing out, there is also a qualitative pleasure with being authentic. One would rather train hard and win the race honestly than take a bus to the finish line and fool everybody into thinking one won the race honestly. One would rather actually do great things than be a brain in a vat getting its sensory nerves stimulated to make it think it accomplished great things. And, stealing another person’s just reward is faking reality. Initiating the use of force to gain an advantage is faking reality, not earning it authentically.”

I believe in being authentic, being real. I am not dishonest. I do not try to deceive. I do not believe in faking reality, being in bad faith. Objectivists who dislike me may accuse me of this, but it is all they can do. They can’t debate me on the issues or prove their accusations. It’s a personal attack, and it is not in good faith.

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