Ezra Levant: “I published these cartoons for the MOST OFFENSIVE reasons you can imagine”

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Submitted by Sandi on Mon, 2008-01-14 23:42

Ezra Levant, lawyer, political activist and Canadian publisher, being questioned by the Canadian Human Rights Commission for publishing the Muhammad cartoons.

Here is a clip of his outstanding defence of the freedom of speech and heinous thought-crime laws.

Visit his excellent blog for further clips and a copy of the original complaint. form

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A reasonable argument.


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I had to watch all of his videos, wonderful stuff.  You do find wonderful stuff.


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Government: "Everything is possible I guess" straight from Atlas Shrugged. Ha ha ha

Ezra: "I probably have given 200 interviews with people other than the state where I give a very thoughtfull and nuanced expression of my intent. But the only thing I have to say to the government about why I published it is, that it is my bloody right to do so"

I could have been listening to John Galt himself. What a great practical example.

Listen to this part. It gets better:

Ezra: "I do not seek to be excused from this complaint because I need your test of reasonableness or Laurie Andreachug? the thug from leftbridge? who convicted a christian pastor for having christian views. She is a thug, you're a thug (While pointing at her) Your whole company is a thug."

Ezra: "I do not seek to convince you, because to do so means that I grant you some moral authority"

What a wonderful speaker because it is in front of the government and not in front of a likeminded audience.


Global warming is a hoax carbonhoax.org.nz and spread the word.


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People would rather vote for National in unprincipled undefense of freedom.

Thanks for that sandi

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you always seem to find good stuff.

Whats sad about this is we don't have free speech any more eitheir. Does any one know of any organised test EFB action being organised that I can donate my time and money to.

The world ...

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The world needs more Ezra Levants.

They're here. They just don't get any support.

  Excellent clip. 

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Excellent clip. 


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The world needs more Ezra Levants.

This is how it is done!

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Ezra Levant gave that collectivist junk-heap for brains woman on the CHRC a tongue lashing Ayn Rand would be proud of. This looks to be historic stuff for Canada.

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