Civility in the face of evil is no virtue - Bush

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According to the USA Government WEBSITE – Saudi Arabia

Citizens have neither the right nor the legal means to change their government.

Corporal punishments provided by Shariah law included public execution by beheading, amputation, lashing, and other measures deemed appropriate by the judicial authorities, including eye-gouging.

Government policies continued to place severe restrictions on religious freedom
abuse, and killings at the hands of the, or religious police, who work for the Commission to Promote Virtue and Prevent Vice

Religious police (mutawwa'in) enforce strict standards of social behaviour including closing up commercial establishments during the five daily prayer observances, compliance with strict dress codes, dispersing gatherings of women in public places designated for men,

The government blocks access to web sites with religious and political material that the government considered offensive or sensitive.

The government bans books, magazines, and other materials that it considered sexual or pornographic in nature

The government censors most forms of public artistic expression
prohibits cinemas and public musical or theatrical performances, except those that were considered folkloric.

Law does not address freedom of assembly.
The government strictly limits and prohibits all public demonstrations.

Public meetings are segregated by sex.

The government prohibits the establishment of political parties or any type of group that the government considered counter to its regime, or overstepping the bounds of criticism by challenging the king's authority

Members of the royal family and other powerful families are not subject to the same rule of law as ordinary citizens

The government does not provide legal protection for freedom of religion.
Islam is the official religion, and the government requires that all citizens be Muslims.

The public practice of non-Muslim religions is prohibited

The authorities ban government employees from criticising the government.
The government enforced existing laws that gives the state with the authority to "prevent anything that may lead to disunity, sedition, and separation."

All public employees are enjoined from "participating, directly or indirectly, in the preparation of any document, speech or petition, engaging in dialogue with local and foreign media, or participating in any meetings intended to oppose the State's policies."

Jewish or Christian males, are only entitled to receive 50 percent of compensation or damages that a Muslim male would receive. Others religions such as Hindus, Buddhists, and Sikhs are only entitled to receive 1/16 of what a male Muslim would receive.

Judges may discount the testimony of non-practising Muslims or individuals who do not adhere to the official interpretation of Islam.

A non-Muslim's testimony is worth less than that of a Muslim's.

Judges may discount the testimony of persons who are not practicing Muslims.

The government owns and operates most domestic television and radio companies.

Government censors removed any reference from foreign programs and songs to politics, religions other than Islam, pork or pigs, alcohol, and sex.

Proselytizing by non-Muslims, including the distribution of non-Islamic religious materials such as Bibles, is illegal..

Male citizens have the freedom to travel within the country and abroad; however, the government does not allow women these rights.

All women in the country are prohibited from driving motor vehicles and are totally dependent upon men for transportation.

Women must enter city buses by separate rear entrances and sit in specially designated sections.

The law states that women may not be admitted to a hospital for medical treatment without the consent of a male relative.

All women must obtain written permission from a male relative or guardian before the authorities allow them to travel abroad

Women are not permitted either to vote or to stand for office

A woman's testimony is worth only half that of a man's ie: the testimony of one man equals that of two women.

Daughters receive half the inheritance awarded to their brothers.

The religious police have issued the following statement. “They never have, and never will, employ women”.

Women are segregated by gender in the workplace.

Contact with a male supervisor or client is allowed only by telephone or fax machine

Women are segregated throughout any education and they are excluded from studying such subjects as engineering, journalism, and architecture.

In public a woman’s face, hair and body must be entirely covered. A woman is forced to wear an abaya (a black garment that covers the entire body)."
Note: That the “stables for the king's thoroughbred horses are air-conditioned.”

Islamic law permits Muslim men to have as many as four wives. Muslim woman may only have one husband.

Men may divorce without giving cause. However, women must demonstrate legally specified grounds for divorce.

When children reach the age of 9 years they are awarded to the divorced husband or the deceased husband's family.

The US Department of State advises US citizens, that under Saudi law, married women need the permission of their husbands to leave Saudi Arabia and all children require the permission of their fathers to exit the country. This is regardless of any nationality.


The really big news coming out of Bush's boondoggle was “his promise to Saudi King Abdullah, the ruler of the top oil-producing country in the world, of a weapons sale worth some $120 billion”

“It's no secret that the extended Bush family is personally close to Saudi Arabia's ruling family”

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