Lifting the "Paleo" Rock

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Submitted by James S. Valliant on Mon, 2008-01-21 18:38

Most have focused on the looney 9/11 Conspiracy stuff, but this article from Reason about Ron Paul's friends and supporters will get your skin crawling. It's "Who Wrote Ron Paul's Newsletters?" by Julian Sanchez and David Weigel, January 16, 2008.

[Thanks to my old friend Ashby Manson for the heads up.]

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Note to self

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If in the future, you ever employ ghost writers, read what they write BEFORE it is published.


Paul has been consistent

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Paul has been consistent from what I've seen concerning ending all coercive foreign aid - including to Israel and to various other countries which are often Israel's enemies. Private aid to Israel is done now and it would be incredibly inconsistent and anti-libertarian if Paul were against it; I've not seen anything suggesting he would be, if you see anything concerning that let me know.

A couple interesting things I encountered when briefly looking up Ron Paul's stance on Israel:

An entertaining explanation by an 'anti-Zionist' of why he wouldn't support Ron Paul - including opposing Paul for wanting a gold standard because the Jews control all the gold! Sticking out tongue

During a recent debate, Paul said he defended the 1981 strike Israel did on the Osirak nuclear reactor in Iraq. That airstrike was unilateral, preemptive, and condemned by the UN and even the Reagan administration. I'm rather surprised by Ron Paul's stance here and am not completely sure what to make of it, but in any case I think it goes against a view of him as pacifist or anti-Israel.

Perhaps the question to put

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Perhaps the question to put to him on the matter would be: what is his opinion of those who voluntarily, privately, give time, money, or materiel to Israel?


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A noteworthy problem

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I believe Ron Rothbard and Rockwell did at one time make a VERY questionable attempt to appeal to those with less-than-admirable views on race and religion. While I still appreciate the fact that Dr. Paul brought more attention to the importance of liberty than any other 'major party' candidate, his current lack of interest in supporting Israel for any reason (however "Jeffersonian" his rationalization may be), still occasionally leaves me wondering if he has an anti-Semitic streak or wants to appear as such.

That Paul is in tight with

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That Paul is in tight with Rockwell isn't news - has even given up its tax-exempt org status to advocate Paul for president. The ghost-writing bit is interesting though, and it's pretty lame that he won't explicitly recognize and disown Lew's old articles with those comments.

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