Simone de Beauvoir. A philosophical derriere?

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Submitted by Marcus on Sat, 2008-01-26 22:41

The Times has reported that the beautiful bottom (vintage 1952) of the late philosopher Simone de Beauvoir appeared on the cover of "Le Nouvel Observateur" to celebrate her 100th anniversary. I am not familiar with the philosophy of de Beauvoir, but the two labels she has been associated with - namely feminist and existentialist make me cringe - not helped by her current followers reaction.

"The reaction of de Beauvoir’s admirers to the Nouvel Obs piece and its accompanying photograph was pained. A small demonstration of the feminist group Les Chiennes de Garde assembled outside the magazine’s offices, waving placards calling for Jean Daniel, the proprietor, to publish pictures of his own bare buttocks as well as those of various male philosophers. “My first thought on seeing the magazine,” said Florence Montreynaud, an authority on the relationship between de Beauvoir and her life’s companion, the philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre, “was that they would never have considered putting a picture of Sartre’s bottom on the front of Le Nouvel Observateur.”

However the article also points out the following which make me think that the above activists have got her all wrong:

"The picture, a naked back view, was taken in 1952 by the American photographer Art Shay, when de Beauvoir was visiting her lover, the American writer Nelson Algren. Chay, now 85, insists that he didn’t snatch the picture, that de Beauvoir heard the shutter click, turned round, laughing, and said: “Naughty boy!” “She wasn’t bothered,” recalls the aged snapper. “Like Nelson, she had very loose morals.”

You see. This woman had spunk!

Even better - on her philosophical underside - de Beauvoir's Wikipedia entry says of her most famous work - "the Second Sex":

"Beauvoir asserted that women are as capable of choice as men, and thus can choose to elevate themselves, moving beyond the 'immanence' to which they were previously resigned and reaching 'transcendence', a position in which one takes responsibility for oneself and the world, where one chooses one's freedom."

So I ask you - with a healthy behind and attitude like that – could Simone de Beauvoir have been all that bad?

Any opinions SOLOists?

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This is why I love Solo

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This is why I love Solo Thrust...god I fucking love it.

No wonder Sartre had a lazy eye-my eyes would do some permanently funky shit too if I feasted them on that great ass. Granted I realize Sartre's eyes were fucked up before he feasted them on that ass, but that's because he was an existentialist.

"How do you know what kind of bottom Ayn Rand had?"

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Exactly. That's the problem Eye

LeonidWas her philosophy

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Was her philosophy as good as her body?
"If only Ayn Rand had a bottom like that, then today the world would be a much better place "
Marcus,bottom doesn't make the world a better place. It's actually a top.BTW,how do you know what kind of bottom Ayn Rand had? Don't forget,she married with Hollywood actor!

If only Ayn Rand had a bottom like that :-)

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"...she was a commie existentialist..."

And to think of all those young teenage radicals who hang up Che on their bedroom walls! Cheez! They've got it all ass backwards! If I had known about this photo at the age of sixteen! If only Ayn Rand had a bottom like that, then today the world would be a much better place Smiling


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Hurrah for the pro-sex part. : )

Why can't we get more intellectual symbols of female sexuality, damn it? Smart guys are turned on no end by brains, and the bodies attached to them.

Instead we have a brainless faux-porn-star pop-star esthetic that's supposed to be sexy even when they're insane.


I Hate to Do It...

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... but she was a commie existentialist, ya know -- and Sartre's lover -- but, yes, sexually adventurous with other women and threesomes, etc. One of her important works is The Ethics of Ambiguity. She pioneered the pro-sex feminism embodied today by Camille Paglia.


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It's a very pleasant sight, and all the more, knowing that she had such a mind. ; )

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