SOLO-NZ Press Release: Nine Questions For National

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SOLO-NZ Press Release: Nine Questions For National

Wednesday, January 30

Lance Davey

John Key, in his ‘Fresh Start for New Zealand’ speech, rightly asks:

1) Why, after eight years of Labour, are we paying the second-highest interest rates in the developed world?
2) Why, under Labour, is the gap between our wages, and wages in Australia and other parts of the world, getting bigger and bigger?
3) Why, under Labour, do we get a tax cut only in election year, when we really needed it years ago?
4) Why are grocery and petrol prices going through the roof?
5) Why can't our hardworking kids afford to buy their own house?
6) Why is one in five Kiwi kids leaving school with grossly inadequate literacy and numeracy skills?
7) Why, when Labour claim they aspire to be carbon-neutral, do our greenhouse gas emissions continue to rise at an alarming rate?
Cool Why hasn't the health system improved when billions of extra dollars have been poured into it?
9) Why is violent crime against innocent New Zealanders continuing to soar and why is Labour unable to do anything about it?

Given National's well earned reputation as Labour-Lite, or at best/worst a centrist mush party—neither here nor there, just go with the flow—I'd like to ask Key:

1) Why, after eight years of Labour, have we heard National whine about high interest rates - but never offer any plausible alternative solutions?
2) How exactly, under National, would the gap between our wages, and wages in Australia and other parts of the world, stop getting bigger and bigger if all they are offering is Labour-Lite?
3) How, under National, would tax cuts be affordable or practical, considering how scared they are of the dreaded "P" (privatisation) word and their unwillingness to take serious steps to roll back the welfare state and cut government spending? I have serious doubts that National will be able to deliver any meaningful level of tax cuts beyond a token gesture.
4) Does National recognise that its stated goals on "reducing carbon emissions" more than Labour will send the price of groceries and petrol through the roof?
5) Is National aware that in a recent report the blame for high housing costs was laid squarely at the feet of over-regulation? Does National remember who introduced the worst of these regulatory laws—the Resource Management Act?
6) Why are four in five New Zealand children forced to endure indoctrination by the state at public schools?
7) Why does National buy into the nonsense of man-made Global Warming anyway?
Cool Would National dare do the right thing and work to privatise health? Or will it keep flogging a dead horse?
9) We know why the number of innocent New Zealanders being punished for victim-less crime is soaring—state interference at the personal level of what you can, can't, must and should not consume is on the rise. But the problem is, it is often backed by National MPs like Jaqui Dean, the daft bint crusading against any "think of the children" cause thrust under her ignorant, self-serving nose. Will National at long last flick these anti-individualist and quasi-socialist statist busybodies from its party and work towards its purported goal of minimising the government and keeping out of our lives?

Lance Davey -


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The National Party

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New Zealand's answer to today's Republican Party with McCain as its champion. Smiling

Excellent read, Lance, way to keep the heat up on the statists in your midst!

Thumbs Up

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Excellent Lance.

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