January Summary

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January Summary

January Summary: The Poem!

(All complaints about the following slaughter of meter and form will be ignored.)

An interesting month was Janu'ry and all 'cross the forum
Accusations were flying 'bout the lack of decorum
Said Hudgins: "Twon't do, I un-invite you! -
I don't want to offend 'em (just bore 'em)."

Babs espoused once again her "booze-addled" theorem
Surprisingly certain, since she is nowhere near 'im
I've seen it right here, he's full of good cheer
But when it came to quaffing we creamed 'im.

MSK pointed and said "They're diddling their hits!"
Figures now shown blew his theory to bits
They've turned it around, it doesn't look sound
For MSK's numbers don't fit.

Said Callum: "It's obvious, those German's we'll blame,
It's those dead philosophers and their sick little game."
Said Goode "Au contraire, there is nothing there,
Your theory you had best explain."

Jim Valliant rode in, all dress-ed in black
And slayed the twitterings of philos'phy on crack
Hutchings ran frightened, But Goode kept on fightin'
Though his ground he never made back.

Lance put fingers to keyboard, these tidbits he'd saved
To mash it all out, from in his batcave
Said he: "This poetry's all right, I'll quit prose tonight!"
And 1000 English poets spun in their grave.

Monthly SOLO Awards:

Pick on Someone Your Own Age Award (AKA Kant Did It!): Richard Goode, PhD., for use of Argument from Intimidation against a 14-year-old.

David and Goliath Award: Callum McPetrie, for not being intimidated.

"Mad as Hell and Not Going to Take It Any More" Award: James Heaps-Nelson, for his self-respectful response to being called a liar on Lying.

The "Just Because You're Paranoid Doesn't Mean That Valliant and Perigo Aren't Really Trying to Take Over TAS" Award: Robert "The Truth Is Out There" Campbell.

Al Gore Award for Recycling: Babs Branden. Can't she come up with a smear that's original?

Best Nose Job: Webmaster William. Put him in the movies!

Best B&B: Lance and Grace. See Linz’s customer review.

KASS SOLOist of the Month Award (awarded by Linz): Chris Cathcart, for prolific postings, astute observations and this gem:

You ever think to say "Fuck you!" to those who eminently deserve it, Dr. Hudgins? It would be such a blessed relief to see those words come off your keyboard just once in a blue moon. We'd actually be able to tell that you really cared for once. Do I piss you off with this very pointed criticism? Out with it, then! Call me an asshole if you have to! I want you to. Just give us something, for crying out loud."

Upcoming changes to the SOLO Cafepress store:

SOLO branded coffee mugs, and other bits and pieces to be added soon. Suggestions/requests are very, very welcome.

NZ-SOLOists: Don't forget the new addition of the Fishpond section to the SOLO-Store. Fishpond is a NZ based online book store with a hearty selection of Ayn Rand novels and non-fiction. Purchasing books through the links in the SOLO-Store helps to support SOLO. If there is a relevant book you'd like to purchase, let us know and we'll see about adding it (that goes for the Amazon section too)

Shameless plug #34

Speaking of books, if like me and some others you've had your interest piqued in the subject thanks to the events of this month, then you can purchase The Passion of Ayn Rand’s Critics through the SOLO-Store on both Amazon and Fishpond.

Keep KASSing SOLOists!

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