SOLO-NZ Press Release: Most Sickening Waitangi Day Ever

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Submitted by Lindsay Perigo on Wed, 2008-02-06 22:43

SOLO-NZ Press Release: Most Sickening Waitangi Day Ever

February 7, 2008

Yesterday’s Waitangi Day celebrations, acclaimed by the media as the most peaceful in a long while, were actually the most sickening ever, says SOLO Principal Lindsay Perigo.

“They plainly confirmed the voluntary servitude of the media to Mordi separatists and the dearth of decency among mainstream politicians. In fact, the only one who came through with her dignity intact was Helen Clark.

“First was the revolting spectacle of John Key, now double-jointed from all his recent flip-flopping, brown-nosing one of the specimens implicated in the proposal to assassinate him. Craven cowardice doesn’t come any more craven and cowardly than this.

“Then came the brown-nosing of the same wannabe terrorist and his family and other co-conspirators by TVNZ’s Close Up programme, which had paid some of the expenses of these creatures. Close-Up was simply wall-to-wall Harawira/Iti, including nauseating genuflection by reporter Janes and presenter Sainsbury, with not even a token attempt at balance or devil’s advocacy,” says Perigo, himself a former TVNZ presenter.

“Where was the voice pointing out that the terror raids were 100% justified, as shown by evidence published in defiance of the Solicitor-General?

“Where was the voice saying that the only ‘sovereignty’ that matters is individual sovereignty, for which western values allow and which Mordi tribalism quashes?

“Where was the voice telling Maori that blaming whites for their disproportionate criminality no longer cuts it, that the ethic of self-responsibility is as applicable to Maori selves as to Pakeha selves?

“That voice was nowhere to be heard because the media have shut it down and the politicians who should be part of it have betrayed it. That includes National and Act.

“Things have come to a pretty pass when the Fourth Estate and opposition parties not only do not probe and expose evil, but also lick its every last orifice.

“February 6, 2008, was truly a day of shame and a day for vomit,” Perigo concludes.

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Miss Hide's wadical tax pwoposals ...

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Fwom Scoop:

Tax Cuts? Must Be Election Year - Rodney Hide

Thursday, 7 February 2008, 4:04 pm
Press Release: ACT New Zealand
Tax Cuts? Must Be Election Year - Rodney Hide

ACT Leader Rodney Hide today said that it was heartening to see that the upcoming election has helped Finance Minister Dr Michael Cullen to overcome his ideological opposition to tax cuts and enabled him to actually begin talking about them.

"This is great news for New Zealanders because - especially given that, in the nine years it has had to cut taxes, Labour has done nothing but put them up," Mr Hide said.

"The first tax that Dr Cullen should cut is the 39 percent tax rate - an increase that was never necessary to begin with. The fact is that this envy tax serves no purpose, raises money the Government doesn't need and simply serves to punish people trying to get ahead for being successful.

The only real way to get tax cuts is to bring Government spending under control. To date, ACT - with its Taxpayer Rights Bill - is the only Party in Parliament with an actual plan for holding Government spending," Mr Hide said.


Note, *hold* not *slash* government spending.

Talking of Scoop, this press release from me has been #1 on NZ Politics for several hours and is #4 on sitewide most read.

I liked Hide better when he

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I liked Hide better when he was fat and angry. Guess he lost his appetite as well as the weight.

Miss Hide ...

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... has let it be known she's going to run a very soft campaign so as not to frighten the horses in Epsom. She deserves to go down in a giggly heap.

I don't know who's worst anymore

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I hate Clark's views but I'm even more disgusted with Key's complete lack of them. Act needs to stop being so soft. There lack of attacks on national lately have been sad it's no wonder there polling at 0.5%.

Spot On Lindsay

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And I would hasten to bet that that your words speak for a huge number of New Zealanders who feel exactly the same way.

I was thoroughly disgusted with TV One and Close Up's coverage last night and as for John Key; New Zealanders have been given a full glimpse at a pusillanimous, cowering, weak kneed,
ineffectual, big girl's blouse.

Yes, ironic wasn't it.

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Yes, ironic wasn't it. Clark came out of the day far better than Key. I really can't think what the hell Key thinks he is doing. He seems utterly incapable of thinking or philosophising (hysterical laugh).

I wonder if Glenn is still going to give him a vote after that display Smiling

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