Why is this not published in NZ news papers?

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For crying out aloud, this story hits Australian newspapers but not here?

New Zealand deports 101-year-old Briton.

As the country welcomes a 102-year-old immigrant, a 101-year-old widower is told that he must return home.

"A 102-year-old retired dentist from Hampshire and his 87-year-old wife will pass into their newly adopted country of New Zealand this weekend with a smile at passport control and, presumably, a little welcoming party.

Soon to be going out the other way, with a grimace, will be New Zealand's second-oldest immigrant, a 101-year-old British widower who has been told that he must leave the land of the long white cloud.

As Eric King-Turner and his New Zealand-born wife, Doris, haul their luggage off a cruise ship from Southampton, the other centenarian, who has not been named, will be packing his bags as he prepares to bid farewell to his adopted 63-year-old son and his daughter-in-law. The retired research chemist arrived on a visitor's permit in July 2006 with the intention of spending his twilight years with his only living relatives.

He told immigration officials that he no longer wanted to live alone in Britain, and his son thought the sensible and responsible option was for his father to live with him and his wife. “I no longer have any property or assets outside of New Zealand; the centre of gravity of my immediate family is very clearly in New Zealand,” he said.

Neither would he be a burden on the welfare system, with “adequate financial resources” to support himself with savings of NZ$363,000 and an annual pension of nearly NZ$83,000."


The problem must be that this man can support himself.

Helen and her government would rather give your money to the charity of HER choice.

Remember this......

"Figures released by the Minister of Immigration show that 53 Zimbabweans accepted under the Special Zimbabwe Residence Policy have tested positive for HIV/AIDS.

The Government let in hundreds of Zimbabweans without testing them for HIV/AIDS, despite Zimbabwe having one of the world highest rates of HIV/AIDS infection."

Who is their funding their medical bills?

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