"Sleep is…romantic… nomadic… the journey of life… "

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Submitted by Sandi on Thu, 2008-02-14 02:09

“I forgot about beds and tried to think about sleep. I asked lots of people what sleep meant to them. Invariably the answers contained words like floating, cosy, romantic, rocking, trusting. My design thoughts started with these feelings.”

Sleep…to dream enclosed…cocooned in this haven…wherever that may be…

“Sleep is a voyage through dreams when we wholly give ourselves up in trust, lying curled up in our bed vessel feeling safe and cosy. It can be ten minutes in the office, an hour on the lawn or all night in any place we pull our cradle to.”

Sleep…enfolds…embraces…encircles us…

“A bed is a liferaft that bears us safely through the terrifying storms of nightmares and the blissful calm of gently waking on a summer afternoon.”

- David Trubridge – Designer.

Sigh.....before you get your wallets out, Lumar says that "The designer bed comes for a designer price tag of $25,000"

Besides, there is nowhere to put the Bolli.

I wonder what one could do with a papsan and an inner tube from a retired Massey Ferguson?

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