Death to Islam! [Re-Prioritised, Sept 11, 2018, to Mark 9/11.]

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Submitted by Lindsay Perigo on Mon, 2006-02-06 23:49

[Note—June 13, 2016, following the killing of 50+ revellers at an Orlando gay nightclub: I hope LGBT moronnials, the Pink Swastika carriers who support the Islamappeasing agenda of Obama and remain silent, as he does, about Islam's routine killing of gays while loudly propounding a totalitarian PC agenda of their own, will be awakened by yesterday's slaughters to the nature of Islam in particular and tyranny in general.]

No, this is not a call to genocide. I leave that to the Islamo-fascist filth who yearn to perpetrate it: “Death to Israel!” “Death to America!” “Death to the Infidel!” and so on.

They’ve been out in force recently, these squalid savages, these bigoted barbarians, these hysterical humanity-haters, these tawdry terrorists, these god-ridden grotesqueries, these ignoble ignoramuses, these genocidal jihadists … burning flags and embassies because their super-superstitious sensibilities were offended by some cartoons in a Danish newspaper. In London they took advantage of the freedom they so despise, this murderous mass of Muslim maggotry, to infest the streets, sporting signs such as “Freedom Go To Hell!” “Prepare For The REAL Holocaust!” and “Annihilate [massacre, exterminate/butcher/behead] those who would insult Islam!” In the name of humanity, Islam must be put to death. Not by nuking, but by shaming. Not by the sword (though if the maggots leave us no alternative we should not hesitate to use it) but by the word. Human beings worthy of the title must rise up and shout in irresistible unison: “Enough of this primordial primitivism! We who are civilised are revolted by it and shall rebuff it at every turn!” Muslims must discover rationality and decency; Westerners must rediscover them, and, as a matter of urgency, speak up for them! All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for cowards to appease it—and Islam is the locus of evil in the contemporary world.

There’s been far too much appeasement of it. The U.S. State Department, with merely a nod in the direction—rather than a ringing defence—of freedom of the press, has pronounced the cartoons, lampooning Mohammed, “unacceptable” because they cause “offence” to Muslims. Would cartoons ridiculing Stalin have been deemed unacceptable for causing offence to communists? Has the State Department forgotten that there is no such thing as a right not to be offended? That free speech includes the right to say things others will find offensive? CNN has declined to screen the cartoons “out of respect for Islam.” Leaving aside that Islam is not worthy of an iota of respect (while the right to believe in it or any other form of nonsense is worthy of utmost respect), has CNN forgotten that the freedom of publication on which it is so reliant is endangered by such cowardly self-censorship? Even the Danish newspaper that originally published the cartoons—precisely as a challenge to the maggots’ insistence that their feelings be given special consideration—has apologised for causing offence. Freedom, and with it the world, is perishing from an orgy of apologising to a global harem of empty-headed, malevolent umbrage-takers.

Let us not forget that while Muslims are the locus of totalitarianism, they are aided and abetted by an array of allied ayatollahs, woeful witch-doctors of every hue. I quote from the Horror File of the upcoming Free Radical:

“Christian and Muslim church leaders have rallied to stop a South Park episode, that depicts the Virgin Mary bleeding, from going to air. … The episode, which the CanWest channel plans to screen in May, shows a statue of the Virgin Mary bleeding. A cartoon character of Pope Benedict is called to investigate and declares she is menstruating. ‘Chicks bleed all the time’ he says. … Catholic Communications Director Lyndsay Freer said representatives of the Council of Christians and Jews and Council of Christians and Muslims, Anglican Bishops, the Salvation Army and other church leaders have signed the letter requesting that C4 not screen the episode. ‘The letter pointed out it would give offence to a great many people.’ (Dominion Post, January 30, 2006)"

Yes, a global harem of umbrage-takers. Reassuringly, C4 is going to screen the episode regardless of these two-bit totalitarians. And television channels and most major newspapers in New Zealand have not only published the Danish cartoons but defended their right to do so. The Dominion Post, in an editorial that is superior to most of what has come out of mainstream American media on the subject, said:

“Modern society rests on the contest of ideas, the ability to question perceived wisdom and to challenge authority. Without that contest, and without the right to free speech that makes it possible, societies stultify and become entrenched in their beliefs. That freedom to question and to challenge must include the right to be offensive, to affront people’s most heartfelt beliefs, even to disparage that which they hold sacred. Otherwise it is an empty freedom. … There have been earlier cultural confrontations between the West and a resurgent Islam, beginning with the death sentence pronounced in 1989 on author Salmon Rushdie for The Satanic Verses, and including the murder in 2004 of Dutch film-maker Theo van Gogh after he made a film dealing with violence against Islamic women. They are confrontations the West cannot afford to lose. The right to freedom of speech is a precious one that must be defended.”

It cannot be defended—indeed, it can only be betrayed—by apologetic weasel-worders appeasing militant, murderous morons whose savage pseudo-sensibilities have been stirred, not by sticks and stones, but by words. May men of righteous rationality reignite the flame of reason and fight an unapologetic philosophical jihad in its holy name, that it may illumine the globe and save the world from another Dark Ages. Death to Islam—and all forms of tyranny over the minds of men!

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Britonistan's Complicit Cops

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Too Good for Them

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Bruno and Richard -- I agree. And altho' it seems horrific and dangerous to say, a double murder this calculatedly depraved seems to merit consideration of the Torture Penalty. Followed, of course, by quick execution. But a mere administration of the Death Penalty alone to those three moslem devils isn't personally satisfactory to me, and doesn't seem to meet the requirements of justice.

It is certainly barely

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It is certainly barely retribution enough.

Whom God would destroy He first makes feminist

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I'm not sure the word "noble" and "scandinavian" should properly be used in the same sentence... However I agree they can be quite beautiful and they should get down to business.

Feminism is in the way of that. 'Tis to get rid of.

- Long live the Patriarchy and the European Nations.

- Make North Africa and the Middle East Christian Roman Provinces Again.

PS. The savage murderers seem to have been identified and apprehended. I started to watch the gruesome video and stopped midway. What I felt is unfit to be described. What I can say is that the US is good not to have rid itself of the death penalty, which is clearly necessary in cases such as these. In fact it is barely retribution enough. If there is a God, which they at least nominally seem to believe in, He will take care of them thereafter.

Huntington's Clash of Civilizations

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When the Scandinavian ladies met those moslem monsters in the Moroccan countryside, it was an instance of the best of mankind meeting the worst. What a horror! What we all need is some sort of grand social policy wherein the noble Scandinavians have their world population increased by a hundredfold, and the subhuman moslems have their numbers cut by 99%.

Islamosavage Beheaders In Action ....

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... near Marrakesh, where the vile UN Compact on Migration was signed:

Islamosavages Screeching on Melbourne Street Corner

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Civilised humans, behold the spectacle of sub-human savages promoting their stinking, stupid, savage superstition in a civilised country, and be as brave as Avi in your responses:

Your response is

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Your response is dishonest.

You give zero acknowledgment of the difference between the Christian and Islamic mentality while choosing to focus on something that is as meaningful as the size of peoples feet.

"racists" get more than you know

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" if religious ideas have nothing to do with anything. Blank out by the racists. They prefer simplistic answers, somehow thinking they are deeper"

No. The "racists" are just savvy enough to understand that religion is overlay on top of race. Culture (religion, social systems, etc) flows downstream from biology. You non-"racists" or individualists don't understand the interface between genetics and society. You don't understand that the free market utopia you desire is entirely incompatible with the genetics of the third world.

You don't get evolution.

The people of the near and Middle East and Africa would be a serious problem even if Islam never existed. Even if you imported a bunch of non Muslim Africans and Arabs, you would STILL undermine your society with crime and violence.


You know its funny... A friend of mine just got back from Australia. He lived there for a few years. He told me that in some places stores actually leave their doors open for lunch while the store is COMPLETELY UNATENDED with no fear of theft. That is totally IMPOSSIBLE in America today with its non-white populations. That is what white society is: ie high trust. That is what YOU WILL LOSE FOREVER when you allow ANY non-whites into your society.

All white Australia must have been a beautiful place. But you "individualists" are just as eager to destroy it as the egalitarian leftists. What a shame.


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"African and Arab Christians are not committing these crimes."

Africans are responsible for over 50% of American crime. And at only 12% of the US population.

"Sinead O'Connor isn't black, yet she is consumed by the same vile hatred."

Did you not follow the recent midterm US elections. Even Bill Kristol and David Frum (!!) admitted that demographics is destiny. Blacks harbor an envy based hatred of whites and white civilization. If you lived in America you would know that. You Australians and Kiwis don't understand this because your countries have no large scale African population. But, by the mid part of this century you will have a 51% Chinese population. You are going to have Chinese overlords. Tell them race doesn't matter.

Richard, you're making stupid, race blind arguments.

You're no better than a Fox News Republican. And they're really, really dumb.

Exactly Richard...

Olivia's picture if religious ideas have nothing to do with anything. Blank out by the racists. They prefer simplistic answers, somehow thinking they are deeper.

African and Arab Christians

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African and Arab Christians are not committing these crimes. This is an issue with Islam. If there was any hatred towards Whites from this evil scum, then it had nothing to do with his race and everything to do with what ever racist ideas he holds.

Sinead O'Connor isn't black, yet she is consumed by the same vile hatred.

Beyond "Islamic Savagery"

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This is not just "Islamic savagery". This is non-white savagery. These are Africans or Arabs committing these crimes. This is fundamentally a racial issue. Ragging on "Islamo-savagery" is just a cowardly tactic the mainstream Conservatives take because they won't touch race. If formerly white countries only let in European (meaning white) immigrants then there would be NO "Islamic" violence.

But that would involve a touch of "collectivism". We can't have that...

Yet more Islamosavagery in Melbourne, Australia

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Christian woman finally saved from death penalty. Now wait for The Filth to riot:

More Islamosavagery in Melbourne, Australia

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Islamosavages in Oz

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Mosquitoes are biting in Australia:

What a painful, stupid bitch...

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and wasn’t he good in his responses to her bullshit evasions!

I’m glad UKIP has a leader who is clearly calling Islam what it is... a death cult. Good for him!
Brexit was successful largely because of this issue and the fact that Farage has gone shy about it is to his eternal shame.

Gerard Batten defends Tommy

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Gerard Batten

Richard Wiig's picture

The leader of UKIP publicly and unflinchingly calls Islam a totalitarian death cult.

Music of the God Weber

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The first full-on Romantic furnished these programme notes for what was in effect his 3rd piano concerto:

(F minor; Larghetto affetuoso): "A châtelaine sits alone on her balcony, gazing off in the distance. Her knight has gone on a Crusade to the Holy Land. Years have passed, battles have been fought; is he still alive? Will she ever see him again?"
(F minor; Allegro passionato): "Her excited imagination summons a vision of her noble husband lying wounded and forsaken on the battlefield. Could she not fly to his side and die with him? She falls back, unconscious. Then from the distance comes the sound of a trumpet. There in the forest something flashes in the sunlight as it comes nearer and nearer"
(C major: Tempo di marcia): "Knights and squires, with the Crusaders' cross and banners waving, are acclaimed by the crowd. And there her husband is among them! She sinks into his arms."
(F major, Presto giocoso): "Happiness without end! The woods and waves sing a song of love, while a thousand voices proclaim its victory".

So you can savour Romanticism in music and triumph over Islamosavagery simultaneously!

Nellie Nigel Confronted by Authentic Aussie Antifa

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Now For a Real President

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"Islam is a mosquito-bite. The weal thweat to Western Civilisation is Donald Twump."

—Yawon Bwook, ARISIS

Me to Obamuslim on Twit-Witter

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Lindsay Perigo

Replying to @nowthisnews @BarackObama
Obama, you repugnant treasonist. On this day in 2012 you left brave Americans to die on rooftops in Benghazi. Then you lied about why this attack by your fellow-Muslims had occurred. Yes, mid-terms matter: to stop your Islamo-Marxism in its vile tracks! @KrisParonto has you right

1:43 AM - 11 Sep 2018


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Death to Islam Day!

"Stinking, stupid savage superstition," supported by Obleftivists, Dem-Scum and the rest of The Filth.

New Holiday

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Today needs to be officially changed to Death To Islam Day!

Failed Warrior

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Tommy Robinson is very honest and brave. His integrity and virtue is sky-high. But his philosophical power is dirt-low. He and his allies exert a ton of effort to only achieve an ounce of results.

The last 2600 years has essentially been a philosophical battle between the right-wing conservatives (who irrationally love god), the left-wing progressives (who irrationally love the collective), and the up-wing liberals (who rationally love the individual). But Robinson is utterly unaware that one of these three groups exist. As is virtually everybody else today. So he sides up with the conservatives. And insures his failure. Or, at the least, makes victory for the Good Guys ten or a hundred times harder than it easily could and should be.

Good on Tommy!

Olivia's picture

He's right.
If Farage & co have the courage to combine these two monumental issues of their time, they could be the most powerful party in Britain - and it would be about time too.

Tommy speaks!

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Tommy is back! And he pleads UKIP to become the great populist party it can be. Farage, thank you for Brexit. Now, it's time to deal with the Islam and immigration problem.

Mob Rule

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I find it scary that mob rule is seemingly so predominant at this hearing. Why are the interruptions by the opposition Senators and civilian protesters so tolerated? I don't recall this ever happening before. The situation seems close to chaos and anarchy. No-one should be allowed to disrupt this hearing, or any other. Censure the Senators and clear the room of civilians, if necessary.

Is Antifa-style mob rule now a legitimate form of free speech and political protest in legislative hearings? What next, fist-fights with political opponents? How about Senatorial or civilian gun-fire? Angry

Ugly Wimmin and Islamosavages Try to Stop Kavanaugh Hearing

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Dem-Scum were at their most obnoxious in the first day of the Kavanaugh hearings. It was all cooked up by Dem-Scum the day before:

Guess who was a star-shrieker? No, not Obleftivist Yawon Bwook—just one of his pin-ups:


Bruno's picture

What is Australia thinking!!!??? Horrible news, from supposedly a country with strict immigration laws!


Re: Sicily
Salvini will eventually have to repatriate every single one of these fake refugees. He has shut the borders at sea already (glorious!), now he needs to take care of the interior.

Australia Opens Door to Islamosavages ... Obleftivists Cheer

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In his first international speech, the new Australian Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, told his Indonesian audience that a final free-trade-agreement with Australia will be reached by the upcoming Christmas.

The Prime Minister described it as a “landmark deal” that goes far beyond any historic trade agreement.

This deal will include a “freedom to move” component which will give thousands of Indonesians access to enter Australia.

Indonesia is the largest Muslim country and is home to more Jihadis than anywhere else in the world. Shariah Law is widely practiced in Indonesia and its barbaric punishments are commonly implemented.

The Filth in Sicily

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Can we put these two in a leaky boat with the Pope and push it out to sea?


gregster's picture

pick yer battles better. Commander Wiig imho has gained his stripes by being consistent and coherent.


Richard Wiig's picture

A young Afghani "refugee" shows his gratitude to those who gave him refuge.


Bruno's picture

"Everyone I don't like is a nazzzziiii!" - The Telegraph

Someone in the police or penitentiary system leaks identity of Dinky Savage suspect of murdering German. The Elite Borg fear "far right", "neo nazzzziiii" infiltration. PATHETIC!

More outrage thrown at this man from the globalists, than at this outrageous and despicable murder, committed apparently, wouldn't you know it, by someone who should not be in Germany in the first place.

And if I thought for one

Richard Wiig's picture

And if I thought for one minute that that animal was alive and suffering, I'd be horrified and disgusted by it, and with myself for not seeing it. That's what my sincere feelings would be. The last thing I am is an obleftivist who makes apologies for evil.

You are wrong. The carcass is

Richard Wiig's picture

You are wrong. The carcass is clearly being raised. The whole thing is further off the ground by the end of the video. And I don't say that because I'm batting for any fucking savages. It's just an objective observation about the video.

Yuk x 2

Lindsay Perigo's picture

It has nothing to do with the fork lift. The legs don't move, but the head does. I'll say it one more time, with an embellishment:

Fuck, VeryPC Obleftivists are beyond disgusting.

It wasn't on behalf of

Richard Wiig's picture

It wasn't on behalf of Islamo-savages, Linz. It was just an observation about the video.


Lindsay Perigo's picture

I think I didn't rush to say anything to Pamela Geller because I didn't consider it important enough to do that.

But you thought it important enough to rush to judgement here on behalf of the Islamosavages?!

Fuck, VeryPC Obleftivists are disgusting!!

I have given up saying

Richard Wiig's picture

I have given up saying anything about each and every atrocity. They are coming so thick and fast that I'm saturated in it, and perhaps a bit desensitised. That I said nothing here about the Amsterdam atrocity doesn't matter. What matters is that I don't elevate the possibility of President Trump forcing someone to bake a cake to be a greater threat to Western Civilisation, deserving of more time and attention, than the time and attention given to the threat of Islam and the Leftist filth.

The head is moving because I

Richard Wiig's picture

The head is moving because I think the forklift is being raised. It isn't just the head moving, the whole carcass is moving. There was no rush to pronounce it dead. I looked carefully before making a judgement. I don't support, and never will support, any deliberately slow death of an animal. They might have killed it slowly, but I can't tell that from this video. That's just a plain fact, and I'm not trying to evade or apologise for anything.

I think I didn't rush to say anything to Pamela Geller because I didn't consider it important enough to do that.

That's what you get

Bruno's picture

That's what you get any time you buy "halal" meat (it's actually even worse than those few scenes). "Islamic slaughter" is a thouroughly barbaric practice and should be BANNED in every civilized country.

Ban the slaughter, ban the selling, and ban the import of halal meat. Jail time for illegal trafficking. If there are violent protests which result in damage to property and/or persons (as in all cases should be done), jail and deportation for immigrants.

If it is against their "weligion" to eat anything but, good. Leave! Take example from Iceland which banned male circumcision. Another desert tribe said they would leave. Let them leave. Savage practices must not be tolerated (and circumcision is much, much worse than halal).


Oh come on

Lindsay Perigo's picture

Why is its head moving in the first part of the video?

And yes, why the haste to say it's dead? Richard indeed used to be staunch on this stuff. Now just an Obleftivist VeryPC weasel. If he truly thought the cow was dead, why didn't he raise it with Pam before jumping in so enthusiastically and quickly to defend the Islamosavages?

Nothing to say, note, about the Amsterdam atrocity.

Fuck, Obleftivists are disgusting!


Olivia's picture

it's still moving! And anyway, knowing what these savages are capable of doing to humans, from their wives to the infidel, do you think they're going to give a shit suddenly about animal rights?! And is that the point?

You used to be so staunch on this stuff - what happened?

Born again objectivist? I

Richard Wiig's picture

Born again obleftivist? I have spent some time on farms and seen more than a few home kills for the freezer. That cow was dead. To say it was alive and in agony is just ludicrous.

Trump Stops Aid to Islamosavages ... Obleftivists up in Arms!

Lindsay Perigo's picture

"This is long overdue. For years, the Islamic Republic of Pakistan has taken the money that the United States has given to them for the purpose of fighting jihad terrorists and given large portions of it to those same jihad terrorists. Nothing was done about this in Washington — until Donald Trump became President. At last, we have an American President."

Mosque-itoes Bite in Amsterdam

Lindsay Perigo's picture

Yawon Bwook says, "Nothing to see here. Just a mosquito bite." Richard Wiig, born-again Obleftivist, says, "They were already wounded."

Fuck, Obleftivists are disgusting.

Interesting question

gregster's picture

PC, being vegetarian, would have to rationalise as to why this additional halal method will have to be accepted. Guaranteed there will be no condemnation from Not PC.

Nothing to See Here, Say Canadistan Cops

Lindsay Perigo's picture

Well, cops from Canadistan would say that, wouldn't they? As would VeryPC Obleftivists:

The cow is dead. There's no

Richard Wiig's picture

The cow is dead. There's no evidence in that video that they caused it to suffer in its dying. At least, no evidence that I can see.

The Filth in Action

Lindsay Perigo's picture

Here the sub-human ferals do what they're good at, with humans and animals. This is what sub-human Obleftivists call a "mosquito-bite":

It's a shame that he belongs

Richard Wiig's picture

It's a shame that he belongs to a party that is anything but liberty orientated.

Glory to bars!

Bruno's picture

Thanks to God, Grazie a Dio!

Indeed bars are a wonderful place where normal human beings can meet and connect. The Filth cannot understand it, blinded by their lust for power, they are closer to vampires than humans.

Here is the magnificent speech by Mr. Anning, if I were an Australian he'd have my vote!!


Olivia's picture

Fraser Anning. That's what a real man sounds like. Smiling

Grazie, Bruno!

Lindsay Perigo's picture

And "Phew!" I don't know the Italian for "Phew." Smiling Maybe "Grazie Dio"?

I just love that this guy gets his wisdom from bars across Australia. Bars, where humans with real common sense and real day jobs, as opposed to academics and politicians, enhance their humanity with alcohol. Bars will be banned by The Filth soon enough.

When betrayal has become the norm and The Filth have become preponderant, it's hard for humans to believe that any encounter with other humans is actually real. See the 1984 thread.


Bruno's picture

Great job by Fraser. He handled beautifully the idiotic PC interviewer!!

Linz, I confirm it's true! I saw the same thing!

Bring on the plebiscite!!!!!

"That wasn't real, was it?"

Lindsay Perigo's picture

After years of being disgusted and disillusioned by the treachery of loathsome Islamo-Marxists like Bwook and his Auckland shills, Phascist mayors like Phil Goff and Saddiq Khan, odious Prime Ministers like Teresa May and Malcolm Turnbull and John Key and Jacinda Adern, and two-bit pseuds like David Seymour—and all other constituents of The Filth—I find I have to pinch myself to make sure I'm awake and that this unflinching courage, integrity and decency are real:

Please, someone, click on the link and tell me I didn't imagine it!

Very refreshing...

Olivia's picture

to see a man not repair to apologitis. Good for him.

Fraser Anning

gregster's picture

I'm impressed with what he says there. I would have gone further in saying too many Muslims most resemble Nazis with their anti-semitism, so I score him only 9 of 10. A man with guts.

Aussie Politician Causes The Filth to Melt Down

Lindsay Perigo's picture

End Muslim migration into Australia! (And New Zealand! Bring back the original Trump formulation: "complete and total shutdown until we figure out what the hell is going on.")

No more sympathy from me!

Bruno's picture

The UK has put itself onto the road towards suicide. They now cling to their "gentlemanliness" above more pressing concerns and refuse to run a real nationalist/populist who will secure the country from further islamigration, shut down terrorosques, and remove dinkhadists.

Italy is doing the best out of all the developed and relevant European countries, the future looks bright from here. "God helps those who help themselves", Britons don't help themselves, so be it.

ARISIS I'm sure considers Italy the most deplorable. Bene!

Ban Cars!

Lindsay Perigo's picture

I randomly saw this headline a day ago and assumed someone was being funny. Now I learn it's true:

The real answer: ban and remove Islamosavages, including the repulsive Mayor. But Londonistanis voted for it, so they deserve what they're getting. At least, those who voted for it deserve what they're getting.

Poster Boy for ARISIS

Lindsay Perigo's picture

ARISIS's latest mosqueito has been named: surprise, surprise, it's an Islamosavage:

Alas, not enough of Great Britain is left to stop the rot. It's their own fault, and they deserve what's coming. If this member of The Filth had succeeded in getting into the House of Commons, the Dishonourable Members would have been served some Karma.

Empire in Reverse

Bruno's picture

Maybe, just maybe, it wasn't such a good idea inviting all of this lovely diversity from the colonies and former colonies, Britonistan?

Is enough of Britain still left in Britain? Tick tock... Tick tock...

More mosque-ito bites in Londonistan

Lindsay Perigo's picture

No doubt we'll be told this was someone with "mental health issues."

Islam is a mosquito bite. The weal thweat to Western Civilisation is Donald Twump.

—Yawon Bwook, ARISIS

Down Memory Lane

Lindsay Perigo's picture

Sean calls evil "evil" to its face. This needs to happen more often:

Mama Merkel will take you back

Bruno's picture

"Break up America" is exactly what I've been saying. i want California to leave the Union, with that out of the way I see no other major concerns. Mass deport all illegals, however many million there are. Drastically cut immigration, etc...

I never said import hundreds of millions of chinese. I said take away the best from China, since if they have half a brain these best will hate China as much as Cuban-Americans hate Cuba and they will up our productivity while draining theirs.

If you want to keep them out, that's fine, but give a rational reason. "High IQ Chinese bureaucrats" is the worst argument I've ever heard. There will be vastly many more homebred Americans with higher IQs, which determines little as to positions of power anyhow. Positions of power go to whoever fights for them hard enough, and the latter are usually only slightly more intelligent than the general population. As Trump said during the campaign, the country is run by morons.

As to these "geographical explanations" for Germany's collectivism, spare me. Unified Germany, just as unified Italy, were historical mistakes. That is the crux. Massive centralized power was the only way to keep such "nations" together. Both "countries" flourished when they were dominated by very small political entities. They have, qua unified countries, managed to make mainly disasters later on, as evidenced by both idiotic "world wars" (European self-destruction).

But anyway, if you hate America, just leave. I'm sure Merkel-run Germany will have you back Smiling I highly doubt the USA will fragment as you say. Trump is too good. We just need someone to keep doing the Lord's work in 2024.

PS. Europe doesn't need me to make them do anything, the "Nordics" especially, they're acting idiotically quite well on their own. Fortunately, Italy is smarter and has chosen Salvini. Cheers to Austria as well with Kurz. In Eastern Europe, the Slavs of course want nothing even remotely do with "diversity", and neither do the Magyars. Good for them.

"genius ashkenazi"

Bruno's picture

From the post on "The myth of Jewish intelligence", by Vox Day, someone worthy listening to on the "alt-right", who calls Richard Spencer and his ilk alt-retards non-coincidentally.

Allow me to demonstrate why it is a bad idea to try to bullshit those who are considerably smarter than you are. We are often told that Jews are the smartest ethnic group in the world and that this explains their current position of cultural and socio-economic dominance in the United States. However, the core claim is observably false, and readily and conclusively disproved.


Doug Bandler The Second's picture

"The best way to hurt China and ensure a new American (and European hopefully) century is to drain China of all its best, whilst ensuring that our trade policies work to our exclusive interest. Low skilled immigration is an evil scheme with no national interest in mind whatsoever, it is a special interest policy designed to enrich the upper classes and destroy our low skilled brethren."

Why would you want an "American Century"? America is the most destructive force on this planet. It is a multi-ethnic empire (getting browner by the day) led by Leftists and Neo-cons, both heavily influenced by Jews who have their own tribal interests at heart (and a malevolence against heritage Americans), intent on displacing and then ultimately blending the White race out of existence (ie globalism). The best thing would be for America to dissolve and North America to be partitioned into racial, linguistic and ideological territories (even among whites there is too much ideological diversity to contain in one nation).

Importing how many Chinese? A few hundred million? Oh that will do wonders for "America" and the European people because those people aren't ethno-nationalist in the least. They're just ready to convert to individualism by the million. Jawdropping! Chinese should stay in China and the diaspora Chinese in North America should be encouraged to return (the same for the diaspora Indians). Bruno, do you really want a country run by high IQ tribalistic Chinese bureaucrats? Because that's what you will get if you continue to let the Chinese enter the West. Is a multi-racial state possible? Maybe, but on a much smaller scale (and in some version of IQ nationalism like Singapore). Not in a country with 330 + million people. That's delusional.

America as a multi-ethnic empire is such a science experiment that I would say to any libertarian or Randian that wants it: you be a lab rat in that science experiment. Don't think you are going to force that on the rest of the white race without violent opposition.

Also, America was not only a white ethno-state at its founding but an Anglo-Puritan one. When the founders (especially Jefferson) spoke of their "posterity" who do you think they were referring to? To direct descendant that's who. They weren't even referring to Italians and the Irish let alone Arabs, Africans and Amerindians. America is no longer loyal to its Founder's intention. From demographics to the original intent of a federated union of States, America has radically transformed away from every founding virtue and premise it was constructed under.

The Objectivist reverence for America is ridiculous. This country is an atrocity and the greatest threat to the values you people say you hold. You people are barely any better than the open borders Neo-Cons (little Benny Shapiro). You have a slightly different utopian ideology, otherwise more or less the same.

Oh and yes the Germans were more collectivist than the British. They were a landed nation not an island naval empire protected by the sea. That's the reason for their collectivism and their duty centered ethics. I don't like alt-right fascism either but at least they are biologically grounded. libertarians and especially Randians are blank slater uber utopians.

Not to understand that Rand knew NOTHING about science, history or human nature (aside from the evil psychologies of communists) is to reveal that you are still an adolescent. Rand had a few insights but that's all she has. Rothbard was the polymath genius Ashkenazi. Not without his faults either but he was the theorist. And a technician as well.

Break up America, followed by creating white ethno-states. Then try to incorporate as much liberty and individualism as possible without compromising racial homogeneity. That's about all you can hope for. Saving America is a worthless crusade.

India doesn't want to become Muslim

Bruno's picture

India just took steps to strip four million people of their citizenship, the majority of whom are Muslim. Immigrants now fear deportation and are left uncertain about their fates.

Indian officials released a draft citizenship list on Monday for the northeastern state of Assam, which borders Bangladesh. The list, called the National Register of Citizens, stipulates that 28.9 million of the current residents are citizens, but leaves off the names of four million people.

The residents in question moved to Assam in 1971 when Bangladesh was at war with Pakistan. Around 10 million undocumented immigrants from Bangladesh flowed into India at the time, and they soon met intense backlash from locals.

Representatives of India’s government said that no one would face “immediate deportation or be arrested,” and they would be given time to appeal the decision. But many people with a suddenly uncertain immigration status were concerned about their fate.

Shafiuddin Ahmed, a Muslim teacher in Assam, told the New York Times that he was not included in the citizenship list, although several of his family members were included. He said he feared being torn apart from his family.

“What will happen to me?” Ahmed said. “They may send me to a detention center. How will my family eat and live? I have all these uncertainties in my mind.”

The Indian government wants to expel undocumented immigrants in Assam
This latest move by the government is part of a larger backlash against immigrants: The ruling right-wing nationalist party, headed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, has vowed to rid the country of so-called illegal foreigners.

Residents of Assam have also protested against ethnic minorities there, blaming them for taking jobs and using up limited resources. In the 1980s, a violent group of local Assamese residents killed about 1,800 newcomers.

This also isn’t the first time the government has tried to kick out undocumented immigrants in Assam. An early draft of the list released last year left off 13 million people. Although that number has been reduced, questions of identity, immigration, and belonging in India remain a major flashpoint.

Since the list was released, many have spoken out against the government’s efforts to push out ethnic minorities, promising to protest and mobilize. “They are trying to isolate Muslims, the number that has come out is high and it is surprising,” Ripun Bora, the state chief of the opposition Congress party, told Reuters. “We are going to fight it out.”


Lindsay Perigo's picture

Ayn Rand will be remembered for a thousand years and beyond, and her name will be as common as that of Aristotle, Newton and Darwin. One day, there will be a new nation of Atlantis based on her model, where it will only be the Atlases of the world to be citizens. That day is unfortunately far away and a dream as of now, but if our evolution as a species continues it shall one day be realized.

"If" of course is the key word. Galling to realise that the most obstinate opponents of such evolution are the snakes in our midst who think that any talk of "evolution" is tantamount to determinism while they issue apologetics for the most vicious superstition among all the contenders, Islam. I refer, of course, to Obleftivists.

Ayn Rand will get her due, indeed, long after we're gone. And in spite of the sub-humans at ARISIS who currently pretend to speak in her name.

Meanwhile, non-moronnial millennials such as you are reasons for optimism!



Lindsay Perigo's picture

Where is the old Catholic Church when we need it?! Pope Francis is an Islamo-Marxist, part of Liberation Theology. The Vatican will be swarming with mullahs before you can say "pedophile."

Salvini effect: New Invasion of Andalusia

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Visitors to the beach, looking for a quiet spot to catch the sun, were surprised when a dinghy containing around 30 African migrants that had departed from Morocco and through the strait of Gibraltar, landed on the beach.

In a new video posted online, the dinghy sails towards Tarifa nudist beat near the port of Algeciras, the largest city on the rock of Gibraltar.

The moment followed the migrants being approached by a coastguard boat, the migrants disembark and run towards woodland in an attempt to avoid capture by the police.

The video shows stunned beach dwellers startled as a group of migrants run past them, disturbing the peace as they frantically run for cover.

But instead of the coastguard guiding the boat to safety - and the hands of Spanish immigration authorities – the migrants made a break for it and rushed inland.

Algeciras, located about 20km away from the coast, has become a new focus for European refugees in the last few weeks, following Italy and Malta's crackdown on the number of migrants who are granted passage.

Just under 16 kilometres of sea separates Morocco from the Spanish coast.

A ferry links Algeciras with the exclave Ceuta, whose heavily fortified border was stormed on Thursday by migrants armed with DIY flame-throwers.

Talking to German newspaper Spiegel Online, Mayor of Algeciras, Jose Ignacio Landluce, said: "Just on Friday, at least 774 migrants arrived, in the days before it was around 400.

As Salvini closes the ports of Italy, the invasion moves farther to the West. Muslim Spain had been called al-Andalus. The new wave of illegal aliens makes its way to modern day Andalusia. Just like the Mexicans moving into Southwest USA, these people don't seem to have received the memo: this is Western territory now.

Objectivist Community Weaknesses

Kyrel Zantonavitch's picture

The biggest failure of the Objectivist community is, obviously, its evasion of the nagging, loathsome, and quietly ultra-destructive issue of Randroidism and cultism. But -- this evil is slowly fading away anyway.

The second biggest failure -- which drives Doug, myself, and many other high-quality people nuts -- is very possibly their failure to note the considerable and important Natural and Nurtural differences between the races, genders, and sexualities (among others). This dishonesty, cowardice, and evasion began with Rand. Cult Objectivists deliberately rarely deal with this significant reality.

White people, historically and even currently, are stunningly great. Especially Anglo-Saxons. This needs to be noted.

But the rest of the world is fairly rapidly catching up, as expected, and this also should be noted.

And the current anti-"bigotry" movements are loathsome beyond compare. Being called a "racist" and "sexist" today is usually a badge of honor.

But a big part of white and Anglo-Saxon greatness, historically and currently, is the universalism of their beliefs. They speak and act for all people -- not just whites. They're for everybody, i.e. pro-individualism. This unbigoted universalism promotes blacks, women, gays, etc. at full throttle. This idea and policy needs to continue. "White pride", "white power", "white supremacy", "white consciousness", "ethno-nationalism", etc. isn't the answer. Nor is alt-rightism, extreme conservativsm, paleo-conservatism, etc.

Ultimately, in my view, up-wing liberalism continues to slowly, quietly rise intellectually. Conservatism and progressivism are becoming ever more a joke. They're so intellectually empty!

Pseudo-science and philosophical doubletalk are fading today. So is religion. Altruism and self-sacrifice are also in decline. No-one much speaks the language of fascism or socialism anymore. Even the politically worst people on earth couch their language in that of capitalism and liberty. Abstract, ugly, and loser art are going away. There are so many hopeful signs these days! Smiling

I'm a pure liberal. I plan to win. Even if it happens long after I'm dead. All you non-pure liberals are going to lose. Even if you crank yourself all the way up to 95% liberal, that still isn't good enough. You're going to be crushed. Sorry -- but it's gonna happen. Sticking out tongue

Looking Forward

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The American nation has always been racially conscious, until recently anyhow, and yet it had a very individualistic culture. The same goes for the entire Anglosphere as a matter of fact. The "alt-right" that advocates for collectivism is simply wrong, and their ideas belong to the German tradition, the tradition of failure after failure after failure.

Furthermore, the nations of Europe do not reason by "race" but by nationality. Salvini wants Italy for Italians, and Orban wants Hungary for Hungarians. Only very multi-racial and multicultural countries think in racial terms. The latter is a much weaker perspective.

I think America has enough Mexicans and other non-European-derived people as it is, probably too many already. But it is not a "white" nation anymore. Accept the fact and move forward. Trump is doing great. If Hillary had won, the argument for separation and secession would have been more reasonable. As of now, things are getting better and you should support the President's uniting message.

If Trump fails, nobody will need to "intellectually accept" racial consciousness. Whites will see themselves as such out of simple self-defense, against a New Left that hates them with a vile passion. The sense I am getting from the news is that many Hispanics and Blacks (men especially) support Trump and are rejecting the tribalism of the Left.

Even a relatively small slice of the Black vote going to Republicans will wreck the chances of Democratic victories, and the White working class is moving towards Trump and his new Republican party thanks to his anti-mass-immigration and pro-fair-trade policies. There is no metaphysical necessity by which the country need fall apart in the near future if the Trump agenda passes through the swamp and into law.

If there is something that needs separation it is not the races but the state of Mexifornia. Eliminate California and you have basically resolved your worst demographic fears. As I've said since the beginning: Go Calexit!

Western culture can be embraced by men of all races, it just takes more effort if you come from a different background, since you must break from your own culture of birth. A selective immigration policy works by this assumption and makes sure to do two things: positively refrain from venturing into irresponsible demographic shifts, and positively reject savages of any and all backgrounds.

Immigration policy falls under the same category as that of war and international trade: foreign policy. All of the latter must work exclusively by reference to the national long-term self-interest. From other countries only the best should be imported. Unlike the altruistic tripe peddlers about "brain drains" being bad for the dirt world, I don't give a damn.

The best way to hurt China and ensure a new American (and European hopefully) century is to drain China of all its best, whilst ensuring that our trade policies work to our exclusive interest. Low skilled immigration is an evil scheme with no national interest in mind whatsoever, it is a special interest policy designed to enrich the upper classes and destroy our low skilled brethren.

As for Islam and other obscenities, they must be treated exactly the same way communism used to be treated during the cold war. Islamic advocates who are foreigners should be completely banned and repatriated. Islamic citizens should be kept under control of the relevant authorities, and any and all attempts of Islamic subversion must be heavily punished.

Citizenship laws should be restricted severely in all cases, anchor baby citizenship should be abolished, and specifically cultural tests of assimilation should be put in place in order to ascertain whether the immigrant is eligible. Switzerland is excellent in this regard.

Ayn Rand will be remembered for a thousand years and beyond, and her name will be as common as that of Aristotle, Newton and Darwin. One day, there will be a new nation of Atlantis based on her model, where it will only be the Atlases of the world to be citizens. That day is unfortunately far away and a dream as of now, but if our evolution as a species continues it shall one day be realized.


Stefan and Lauren discuss the no-go zone

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Follow up to the Australistan video:

Count me one who's colour-blind

Lindsay Perigo's picture

In fact, if I were 900 years younger I'd ask this black boy to marry me:

On the other hand, this Albanian Islamotrash is white. Doesn't mean it's not trash:

Western Civilisation is best. Colour is irrelevant. Most westerners are white, for sure. But it's not the pigmentation that is determinant.

Yawon Bwook, George Sowos, Bill Clinton, Robert Mueller, Rod Rosenstein et al are white. They are among the most evil subhumans on the planet. Their colour has nothing to do with it. They had no choice over that. They have total choice over their orgiastic embrace of evil.

Doug, Doug, Doug

gregster's picture

“Southern is too much of a libertarian. And too much of a mainstream Conservative (ie. "alt-light" ala Alex Jones and Paul Joseph Watson”

“milquetoast conservative”

Regular SOLO readers will identify the contrast between the courageous efforts of you-tubers like Lauren Southern, and Paul Watson, and Doug Bandler The Second’s swipes from an anonymous keyboard.

“Show me the Objectivist that is getting banned from London or New Zealand”

I can’t think offhand of anyone who has been banned from New Zealand (and there are 1.6 billion who should be). They can keep their Caliphate somewhere like California and the similarly un-enlightened backwaters of Europe. Those who have explicitly asked to be pillaged.

“So Lauren has some courage. Her South African video was laudable.”

OK, good, yes she does. And she’s a stirrer too. I’m sure you could tackle her Doug II. A little negging goes a long way. I bet you’ve got her picture.

“The solution, if there is one, is for white people to rediscover ethnic and racial awareness and separate from the multi-racialists and form their own nations freed from the dysfunction of the black and brown races. Only when the genetic foundations are preserved and territory secured can whites then move towards some purified libertarian model (god knows when that will be if ever).”

Some of us would just simplify that to say capitalism is the cure, government was the cause, and race had little to do with it. Doug II, I’m not sure if you’re white, but I suspect so, but if you were born in the desert you too would be many generations behind in mental development. That you were not born in the desert begs the questions as to how your conclusions are so primitive, and of the New Left Anti-Intellectual.

“..(Rand will be forgotten).”

You’re leading that charge.

Re Libertarianism (Oism included)

Doug Bandler The Second's picture

Libertarianism is currently an inchoate movement. At its best, the Austrian movement of Mises, Rothbard and Hoppe is at the level of a research program that has value to add to political philosophy. However, Rothbard and Hoppe's anarchist project, a noble idea as they envision it, is not realistic in today's multi-racial world. That is its greatest shortcoming that it has no method of winning over a territory and holding that territory from hostile aggression (by both non-whites and treacherous whites including you know who).

At it worst, libertarianism is a refuge for (mostly) unsuccessful (and largely autistic) white males to engage in utopian fantasies and attempt to feel superior to the rest of the world. Libertarians share similar psychological pathologies with leftists although without the cultural support.

Objectivists are the *worst* of the libertarian variants. They are cultural leftists, Christianity hating (in a psychologically unhealthy way), militantly race blind, anti-science (ie blank slate), pro-NeoCon imperialism, pro-Zionist with all the bloodlust you would expect from a Jewish dominated movement (luckily the Austrians are spared this as Mises and Rothbard were among the better Jews) and insanely open borders. The stereotype of the Randroid who never matured past their teen years is spot on.

Laura Southern started out as a typical civic nationalist mainstream libertarian. She has seen the incredibly fast speed of the racial dispossession of Whites in Canada. And she's only 23. She's in transition from a race blind worldview to ethnic nationalism. She's temporarily perched in the "alt-light" conservative camp largely because if she goes any further to the right she will be totally banned from YouTube (ala Chris Cantwell) and thus be marginalized. Where she is she can monetize her "citizen journalism" and reap status benefits. She's a pretty young blond afterall, ie a "tradthot", and she has thousands of beta male viewers who worship her. That's enticing.

Still, I admire her. Even as a milquetoast conservative she has touched (implicitly) the subject of race and she is getting banned from countries (think about that). Show me the Objectivist that is getting banned from London or New Zealand. (Why would they get banned, they say nothing that challenges the power structure.) So Lauren has some courage. Her South African video was laudable.

But the bottom line Kyrel is that the solution is not in some worldwide libertarian movement that captures the US and Europe and creates Minarchist utopias all over the globe; ie the Randian dream. The solution, if there is one, is for white people to rediscover ethnic and racial awareness and separate from the multi-racialists and form their own nations freed from the dysfunction of the black and brown races. Only when the genetic foundations are preserved and territory secured can whites then move towards some purified libertarian model (god knows when that will be if ever). And then the Rothbardian / Hoppean project might be of value (Rand will be forgotten).

But multi-racial individualism, especially Rand's insane version, has no future. The younger generations of white males are going to move very far right. Racial identity will be paramount (its inevitable in a multi-racial empire like America). Libertarian economics will be a secondary concern.

Political Conservatism vs. Political Freedom

Kyrel Zantonavitch's picture

I personally am pro-Individual. I'm also pro-good. I support every good and innocent Individual in the West and across the the globe; I oppose every bad and guilty one. But the philosophy of conservatism is beyond hopeless. Lauren Southern is anti-Progressivism and anti-Islamic in a way which is almost entirely worthless. Her ideology of conservatism is without truth or ultimate power. She doesn't self-identify as libertarian, capitalist, or pro-freedom because she isn't.

Pressing matters

Bruno's picture

Are you pro-West or pro-Globe?

The West's foreign policy, towards rival civilizations on the one hand and the global primitives on the other, is the pressing matter.

Only pure self-interest is acceptable. No more "white man's burden".

Our civiltà first. Which includes our borders, our people, our law.

Lauren stands clearly on the correct side of this equation: pro-West.

Conservatism vs. Small "l" Libertarianism

Kyrel Zantonavitch's picture

Doug -- I know hardly anything about Laura Southern. Her videos are pretty boring to me. Still, I've seen bits and pieces of about 5 or 10, maybe, and I've briefly read a few articles about her. She evidently self-identifies as a conservative. The general public certainly identifies her as a conservative. All her comments on her videos that I can recall indicate her politics are conservative. At best she's an "extreme" or "alt" conservative. That's still totally lame.

It should be obvious, I think, but a libertarian is defined as one who supports political freedom. Capital "L" Libertarianism and libertarianism are hugely different. Small "l" libertarianism has no intellectual baggage attached. It's not legitimate to assign this belief-system various foolish and depraved views and then say: "There! Small "l" libertarianism is wrong." By definition, it's 100% right. It supports liberty, justice, and individual rights 100%.

You write: "[Totalitarians] don't fear libertarianism. They know that libertarians won't kill their enemies. Ethno-nationalists, however, will."

Those are three errors. Everyone fears a true libertarian like myself and Ayn Rand. True libertarians kill their enemies faster and better than anyone. Ethno-nationalists, however, are all cucks -- to use your term. They're all intellectual and personal sissy-boy faggots, weaklings, and failures. They're pretend libertarians. They're mere posers in the fight for liberty. They know they should be freedom-fighters -- but they're not. They retreat into impotent Hitlerite nonsense and sissified racism. They will never win the battle for political liberty. Nor will conservatives of any stripe.

For 2600 years the world has been engaged in a ferocious philosophical and cultural battle between right-wing conservatism, left-wing progressivism, and up-wing liberalism. This also includes politics. Ultimately, the up-wing liberals need to win. The fatuous and depraved right-wing conservatives and left-wing progressives -- who are fundamentally identical -- need to be crushed. Liberalism provides the best lifestyle and overall guide for the individual. It gives him the best chance at greatness and happiness. It creates the best society too.

Everyone should embrace philosophical and cultural liberalism. Everyone should reject philosophical and cultural conservativism and progressivism.


Lindsay Perigo's picture


Doug Bandler The Second's picture

Southern is an utter conservative -- not a libertarian. She's intellectually worthless and sure to lose.

Libertarians are uber open borders, the very thing that is killing the (formerly) White West.

The problem is that Southern is too much of a libertarian. And too much of a mainstream Conservative (ie. "alt-light" ala Alex Jones and Paul Joseph Watson). Her failure is that she is not explicitly White identarian. She is still getting banned from various countries because she is dabbling, just dabbling, with ethno-nationalism. And that is what the reigning power elite, a mixture of leftists and neo-cons, truly fear; re-assertive white racial awareness. They don't fear libertarianism. They know that libertarians won't kill their enemies. Ethno-nationalists, however, will.


Kyrel Zantonavitch's picture

That Laura-Southern-in-Australia video is god-awful. The evil, savage Progressives, Moslems, and Multi-Culturalists seem to be truly ascendant there. But Southern is remarkably weak, philosophically. How could you be more inarticulate and impotent in your advocacy of liberty -- assuming she actually advocates that? Southern is an utter conservative -- not a libertarian. She's intellectually worthless and sure to lose.

That's what they're attempting here

Lindsay Perigo's picture

Vile Islamosavages and their stupid, stinking savage superstition, sanctioned by evil Yawon Bwook and his NZ shills. Sub-humans!! To hear Lauren being shut down by a cop with an Ozzie accent is chilling.

Australian Shariah Zone

Bruno's picture

Conquered land in Australistan:

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