SOLO-International Press Release: Gore’s U-Turn Given Qualified Welcome

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Submitted by Lindsay Perigo on Thu, 2008-02-28 22:30

SOLO-International Press Release: Gore’s U-Turn Given Qualified Welcome

February 29, 2008

Two cheers for Al Gore on his about-face on man-made Global Warming, says SOLO Principal, Lindsay Perigo.

“Gore’s renunciation of a cause whose Number One cheerleader he has been for so long is a triumph of the scientific spirit. Confronted by mounting evidence that the sceptics were right and he was wrong, Gore has chosen to go with the evidence, and that is admirable.”

Up to a point.

Gore acknowledged Thursday that recent cooling trends — manifest in China’s coldest winter in 100 years, Baghdad’s first snow ever, North America’s greatest snow cover in 50 years, record levels of Antarctic sea ice and record cold in a number of countries in both hemispheres — appear set to continue. He cited the fact that all major global temperature tracking agencies (Hadley, NASA, GISS, UAH, RSS) have released data showing that over the past year, global temperatures have dropped dramatically, from between 0.65C and 0.75C — enough to wipe out most of the warming recorded over the past 100 years. All in one year, and the single fastest temperature change ever recorded, either up or down. Gore quoted Kenneth Tapping, of Canada's National Research Council, who oversees a giant radio telescope focused on the sun and is convinced the earth is destined for a long period of severely cold weather if solar activity does not pick up soon: "The last time the sun was this inactive, Earth suffered the Little Ice Age that lasted about five centuries and ended in 1850."

But here’s the rub: In addition to an end to the Kyoto Treaty, Gore is now calling for a trebling of CO2 emissions by 2015, tax penalties for weak carbon footprints, the mandatory use of coal and the installation of giant heaters above the earth to stop polar bears freezing to death and the oceans turning solid.

“This is the reason for two cheers instead of three,” says Perigo. “From warmist he has morphed into freezist. He still demands measures that would kill industrial civilization while having zero impact on climate change. What he needs fully to absorb from his epiphany is that temperature is driven by the sun’s activity, not man’s ... and the free exercise of man’s resourcefulness, not hysteria-driven, freedom-destroying laws, should be relied upon to ameliorate any inconvenience caused by warming or cooling.

“The truth is actually convenient, for Gore and all of us. It means we can get on with enjoying our lives and our freedom untroubled by the apocalyptic naggings of warmists, freezists and all other party-pooping hysterics,” Perigo concludes.


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You guys are right about

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You guys are right about americans not understanding satire. I looked around the other day for an hour for an Al Gore statement about global cooling.

Someone deserves more tax credits than me. Laughing out loud

Ah, well

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Wishful thinking on my part, duh or otherwise... Smiling One can only hope for reality to strike SOMEONE prominent in the eco-authoritarian environmental movement.


gregster's picture

It wasn't long ago oceanographers were proposing massive underwater pipelines to circulate temperatures in their never-ending futile battle against AGW.

If I remember rightly that wasn't a joke.

April 1st

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I guess you should have waited for April first.


Um ...

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I just got a Skype message from someone who shall remain nameless:

You guys are right about americans not understanding satire. I looked around the other day for an hour for an Al Gore statement about global cooling.

For the benefit of duh Americans for whom duh penny didn't yet drop: this press release is a spoof.

A mark of good parody is that it seems plausible, so I'm flattered that so many took it at face value. I thought the heaters in the sky would give it away, but evidently it's plausible that Gore would propose such a thing. Smiling

Amazing news!

mvardoulis's picture

A triumph for genuine science and a marginal triumph against eco-nazism. Don't let the lack of a US zip code prevent you from voting, dear active and voting SOLO-ists, feel free to use mine as you are all welcome co-residents in my home!


Cold down under in Summer...

Marcus's picture

This just in from Australia...

Summer's end brings snow for Perisher, Thredbo

February 29, 2008

THE final day of summer in the Snowy Mountains has taken on a wintry chill after snow fell last night at the ski resorts of Perisher Blue and Thredbo.

A light dusting of snow blanketed the NSW ski resorts overnight as temperatures dropped to a low of minus 3.8 degrees Celcius at Perisher and minus 3 degrees at Thredbo.

Intermittent light snow flurries continued to fall into the morning on Mount Perisher.

Weather forecasters are already predicting a bumper snow season for 2008, according to resort management. Temperatures are expected to remain low with persistent precipitation throughout winter.

"We have barely had a summer this year," said Gary Grant, Perisher Blue's general manager of marketing. "It's felt as though it's remained cold since the end of the 2007 season, apart from a few warm days, there air has always had a nip in it."

I see it now has 18

Lindsay Perigo's picture

I see it now has 18 votes.


And it's still #1 on Scoop this morning.

Al will have to respond now! Smiling

I was 7 of 9...

Marcus's picture, but seriously I couldn't register for Real Clear Politics because I don't have a US zip code.

I was #8

James S. Valliant's picture


11th vote

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Brilliant, Lindsay... beautifully penned.

I was one of those who received a barrage of threatening letters from NaZis on Air for unpaid license fees. I demanded my day in court to prove they were invoicing me for a service that I hadn't commissioned, but the bastards never complied.

"NZ in Print"... freakin' hilarious! Smiling

#1 sitewide on Scoop

Lindsay Perigo's picture

... and I just heard from George Reisman checking that it was satirical. Smiling

Reminds me of something. We have a thing in NZ, a government body called NZ on Air. It shells out taxpayer money to local outfits to produce television programmes it deems worthy. It used to collect a dedicated fee from anyone who owned a television set before we freedom-fighters got that abolished. One day, as part of an ongoing campaign against this monstrosity, which I called NaZis on Air (don't tell Dinther), I went on my radio show and announced that a new statutory body was being set up called NZ in Print, which would collect a levy from every New Zealander and use it to set up a govt-run daily newspaper. "This'll point up how ridiculous and indefensible NaZis on Air is," I thought. Problem was, listeners believed me till I told them I was pulling their tits. "NZ in Print" just didn't seem that unlikely in our Nanny State environment!

10th vote

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Now it gets interesting. Presuming this intellectual pygmy Gore has clout, I look forward to the ridiculous responses of the Greens and writers who have jumped with this loopy science.

Will the warmists say cooling is also manmade climate change and carry on anti-business as usual? I tend to think so. So not much changes.

But if Gore, who more than most has a vested interest in AGW, can take this embarrassment perhaps others could too.

If this gains traction then the fun has just begun. And pitiful John Key was certainly premature. Now what becomes of poor old haggard Helen Clark and little Kevin Rudd fresh from their mutual lovefest bullshitting session?

Clark: “We are absolutely delighted that Australia has ratified Kyoto. It puts us on the same page in the work we must now do in the intense international diplomacy around reaching the post-2012 agreement. It makes a huge difference to New Zealand to have Australia in and for us to be able to combine diplomatic effort and muscle in the international negotiations.” ( )

Do I get

Suma's picture

tax credits for the carbon footprint of my search for Gore's aboutface article Sticking out tongue

Great one Linz

HWH's picture

I had a similar idea as you will see from my "Facts on Global Cooling" post on Marcus's GGWS thread this morning, and after posting I saw this post and had to smile.

Great minds think alike.

I admit that reason is a small and feeble flame, a flickering torch by stumblers carried in the starless night, -- blown and flared by passion's storm, -- and yet, it is the only light. Extinguish that, and nought remains.- - Robert Green Ingersoll

Priceless Linz!

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“From warmist he has morphed into freezist."

Perhaps the Govt will pay us to fly long distances and burn our rubbish too? Smiling


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I bet you enjoyed writing that as much as SOLOists are going to enjoy reading it.

I shall leave the final words to the man himself.

"A zebra does not change its spots”

- Al Gore

Submitted to Real Clear

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Submitted to Real Clear Politics go there now to vote for the article. Unfortunately you can't link directly to the SOLO submission, only the "reader's articles" page, so you may need to search for it.

10 votes gets the SOLO submission bumped to the front page and drives traffic back to here.

You need to register to vote, if you haven't already done so you can register here.

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